Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I am so thankful to be living in the Land of the Free, and I would like to take this time to thank our military for protecting and defending our country.  May God Bless you all.
This little chick is glad the holiday weekend is over!  I am pooped!  I came home today, hit the bed with the lap top and in about 10 minutes I was out like a light.  I slept 2 and a half hours so I will probably be up awhile but that is okay as tonight the Retirement lists come out for Stampin' UP! and our new catalog sneak peeks!  I am sure many demonstrators will be staying up late tonight as it is one of the most exciting days of the stamping year!
Speaking of stamper's Sue and Shari were in the stall today with their husbands.  I discovered that where they stay when they are up here is their mother's place which is right down the road from Nancy's house, on 11th Ave. between Cypress and Hwy 21.  They are a part of a group that I sometimes get together with that are stampers from all over the state.  I haven't seen them for awhile and it was good to see them!
Lady Di spent most of the day with me today, and we had a lot of fun.  She bought a bike today from Breeze for her grandson Tanner.  Breeze comes riding over on it and we got quite the laugh at that to see this 70 year old man riding a little banana bike.  He is such a nut!  And later on he walked up behind Di and scared her to death.  I don't know how many times she has about jumped out of her skin as she doesn't hear him coming.  LOL  It is pretty funny to watch, although I worry that one of these days she is going to have a heart attack.  I don't think he was really trying to scare her today, but he walks pretty quietly and doesn't say anything as he comes up.

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