Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Antonio plays Santa!

Jenna called this morning and Mason and her had just got home from a breakfast Christmas party at Olive Garden.  It was mainly for the kids she said.  Antonio ended up being Santa Claus for it.  She said that he was practicing his "HO HO" last night, trying to do it so Mason wouldn't hear him and "give it away" today.  She said he was so funny to listen too!  I can just imagine, as Antonio is a very animated person so I am sure it was quite humorous.   I asked her if Mason recognized him in the Santa suit and she said no.  That he wasn't really interested in Santa.  That he wanted to get down right away and toddle around and meet all the babies and kids that were there.  He is very social!  She said she did get a few cute pictures of him on Santa's lap!  Edith, Jenna and Antonio's sister-in-law put this picture on face book, so I snagged it to show you.  This is Edith sitting with Santa in this photo.  Mason was excited when he got to see his Dad in his chef coat and he went toddling over to him.  Mason received a puzzle and a few little toys so he was tickled, and he fell asleep on the ride home as he had tired himself out!

I know it is has been a long "spell" since I have posted.  I spent two weeks in Milwaukee with the kids and had the flu while I was there along with everyone else!  I have been busy doing craft shows and this week I have my Tastefully Simple and crafts set up at Curves.  I have been crocheting up a storm for orders and haven't had time to take pictures, but it has been items that you have seen before, only I have been making things in certain colors for special orders.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!  Love, Elaine

Monday, November 28, 2011

I made 18 of these snowman candy wrappers today.  It was a fun project.  It is hard to tell in this picture but the scarves are green and are made of fleece.  The hats were made out of a blazer that I recycled.
I had my mini card carrier class tonight and it was a lot of fun.  We had a great time visiting while everyone was working.
I am a tired camper so I am going to scoot to bed.  Have a great day and thank you to everyone that has been leaving comments.  It makes my day when I get one.  Sometimes when you are doing a blog, and you don't receive any comments, you feel like you are talking to yourself!  LOL

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tommorrow nights class

Card carrier that we will be making tomorrow night.
 Hello!  Tomorrow night I will be teaching this class.  It is a mini tote filled with 6 matching cards with envelopes. The class is featuring the stamp set With All My Heart and the matching punch. The class starts at 5:30pm and will be held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Adams.  Cost of the class is $10.00.  Let me know if you would like to come!  Elaine

Side view of carrier.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby hat

A very busy day at the craft show.  Sales were very good and I am a happy camper!  I was tickled to see some familiar faces today.  It is always good to see old friends.....and I love making new ones too!  I am off to hit the hay for awhile.  It's been a very long day, and I am starting to get a headache.  If you get a chance, stop over at the New Beginnings Church on County Highway E by the Haystack at Westfield.  They have wonderful roast beef sandwiches for sale, really nice plates of Christmas cookies, and a real nice assortment of vendors.  I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Elaine
Size 0 - 3 month baby cloche hat

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby bear hat

  We had a fun thanksgiving day today.  Lenore brought 3 different gingerbread house kits that we decorated and it was so much fun.  I enjoyed the quality time with Brooke and Ben.  I am headed off to bed now.  Big day tomorrow and Saturday with selling at the craft show in Westfield during the Taste Tour.  I will be at the New Beginnings church near the Haystack on Hwy E.  They will be selling food and will have a bake sale going on too!  Stop out and see me!  Elaine

Baby Bear Hat size 12 to 24 months

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ear warmers 2

I set up my space today for the Taste Tour.  Man...what a job.  It took me 4 hours to get it how I wanted it to be, and I am bringing back with me a few things on Friday morning to tweak it a bit.   They didn't have the heat on, and man am I hurting.  My muscles can't take the cold, and the combination of bending and lifting, plus the cold is not good.  So I am hurting, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  I will survive...I always do!!!   I am going to go crawl under the covers and try and warm up!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pretty little baby hat

Size 0 - 3 month baby cloche hat

I have been busy getting ready for the craft show on Friday.  I found out today, that I will be able to go set up tomorrow, so I am going to go do that.  It will be good to have it done before Thanksgiving and to not be worrying about it!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New ear warmers

These are the new ear warmers I have been making.  I have a big stack of them done in many different colors.  They button in the back by your neck, and are adjustable.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby cloche hat with brown flower

This is one of the hats I made yesterday.  It fits a newborn to size 3 month baby.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green baby hat

Wow...has it been some weekend.  It was another busy day at the Taste Tour in Westfield.  I made lots of new friends, the vendors were all like family by the end of the weekend!  A lot of them plan on coming over to the flea market this summer to sell so I will get to see them again there and one of the gals from Berlin plans on coming over and we will go for lunch and to the thrift shops.  That will be fun.  I took two orders this weekend for headbands and need to get those finished up.  The one just needs a button sew on and that will be done.  I stopped at Pamida on the way home and picked up some yarn so that I can start on the other one.  I will drop it off in Westfield on my way to Milwaukee.  I am looking forward to having tomorrow off to relax and sleep in!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Earflapper Hat

Can you see snoopy little Taffy's paw's on the right side of this photo?  She sure likes to be in the middle of things!
I imagine you have been wondering if crocheting won out last night or sleep?  And most of you who know the "night owl" Elaine are going to say crocheting.  WRONG!  I was losing so much steam that by the time I left the computer, I knew I had to go to bed as I was running on empty.  So I was in bed by 9 and was asleep by 9:30 and I didn't get up till about 9:30  this morning!  I was tuckered out I guess!  I did get some crocheting done today though.  I am getting a very nice selection of different color headbands made.  I spent most of the morning cleaning, and had the furnace man here.  I have a good sounding furnace now-but a much lighter wallet.  :-(  Oh well....that's the way it goes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gone bummin..

This little beanie I was working on last time I was at Jenna's house.  I put it on Mason's head to see if it would fit and it was a little tight.  He took it off his head, and handed it back to me.  Almost like he was trying to tell me that it didn't fit right and that I could have it back.  Too funny.

I went to the Rapids this afternoon to grocery shop at Aldi's.  I am all stocked up again.  I also found a bunch of yarn at the thrift shops, and made a quick trip into Walmart.  Now I am off to crochet, although I really feel like I could lay down and go to sleep!  We will see what wins........crocheting or sleep!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BIG News!

Yellow Baby Cloche Hat size Newborn to 3 months
 Hello!!!!  Today was a day that I have been waiting for a long time.  Jenna had her ultra sound today that determined the sex of the baby she is carrying.   AND........drum roll..........we are getting a girl!!!!  WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!  Can you tell I am excited!?!?!?
From day one, Antonio has said that this baby is a girl.  Jenna wasn't sure.  She said that his being so positive about it being a girl had her "radar" off and she didn't know.  We both thought maybe it was a boy.  That was on my last visit there.  We have been talking about it the past couple of days, and I said to her that I think that we didn't want to get our hopes up, and we would love a healthy baby boy too.  She said yeah Mom, that really is how I feel.  BUT....I said to her yesterday, tomorrow is the big day, you will be calling to tell me that you are having a girl.....and sure enough....that came true!  So, we are all thrilled!  I can't wait to start making little girl things!  Wouldn't this hat look pretty on a little girl!!!!  :-D

Sunday, November 13, 2011


These are flower pins that I put together on Friday.  I had been making the flowers and throwing them in a box.  I did the assembly work while watching movies on Net Flix.  I love having the little TV in the craft room.  It sure makes the time fly!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Cloche Hats

I have made 3 hats like this one.  One is for newborn to 3 months, 3 months to 6 months, and 6 months to 12 months.  I am currently working on one in yellow that will be size 3 to 6 months.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Mittens

This is the first pair of mittens I made last week and after I got them done, I decided that they were too small for Mason so they are going in the "sell" pile.  I am going to be set up at the Taste Tour in Westfield the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I will be in the church that participates that is near the Haystack on Country Truck E.  Stop over and say "hi"!

Thrift shop fun!

I just got back from going up town to run some errands.  Practical Cents was calling my I understood why when I got there.  It was half off the entire store today.  So...I thought it would be fun to show you what I all picked up for a mere $10.61 !!!!  Some of it isn't for me, I got a few things for Jerry D's to use for scarecrow and skater making.

Doilies, gold strung beads, pearls, and strung pearls.  The blue bags is 5 yards of blue fringe.
This is the first picture I took and you can see that Taffy is up there snooping, she wanted to see what I bought.  She had to "touch" the jingle bells, and she knocked them off the table.  In this photo we have tiny wooded spools which I plan on covering with pattern paper.  Assorted buttons, brown buttons, beautiful fall colored pom poms in an assortment of sizes, a new spool of lavender thread.

A better look at the blue fringe in this photo, magnetic sheets (you will see a future big shot project with theses), a bag of really nice ribbons for card making.

A full skein of yarn, two balls of yarn, a better look at the jingle bells, (note they are from wool worth, remember the old wool worth stores?) and thread.
A full spool of pink lace, 2 packages of wiggley eyes, a package of decoupage tissue (I thought that would be fun for card making, or to decorate candles)
A bag of pink fringe, and a bag of yarn that is wound on cards, a peek at the pack of doilies.
I haven't opened this up yet, but it has a full skein of yarn, a crochet hook, and some started project that I will probably pull apart for the yarn, and use the yarn for something else.  We will see what it looks like once I open the bag.
This is very thick yarn/cord that I thought would make good scarecrow hair.
I picked this up for Sarah. She asked me to look for solid color plates for her.  She wants a bunch of them to do a mixy matchy look when she has large groups over for holidays and parties.  She only wants the big plates, and normally I wouldn't have picked this up, but at half price, I figured she could give a plate of cookies on the small plate to someone, and fill up the mug with cocoa packets, cookies, or something as a gift.
Well...I suppose I should get busy and put some of those craft supplies to use!!!  Have a great weekend.  Elaine

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mittens for Mason

I made these mittens for Mason last week and gave them to him on Saturday.  He loved them and was toddling around carrying them (and tripping on them!)  Jenna had asked me to make him a pair of red one's as she has a red hat and matching scarf for him.  I decided to put them on a string as he is always pitching things from the stroller, or shopping cart when no one is looking.  Last winter when I was there, we had to go to a restaurant they had been too, to pick up a boot he had slung off, and no one had noticed till later.  Little dickens!  LOL  So Grammie decided to out smart him on the mittens and attach them to a string that threads through his coat and sleeves.

Puppy Hat

I have been crocheting up a storm, and this is a puppy hat that I made for Mason, that I am saving for Christmas.  I love how it turned out, and I am sure he will look adorable in it.  He loves dogs so I am sure he will love this hat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hard at work

Good Evening-
Another busy day in Mayberry.  I had company in the morning, cut up 2 sweaters, and 3 jumpers and felted them, folded clothes, marked and packaged items for sale, and crocheted flowers and headbands.  I am probably forgetting something, but that is what I can think of at the moment.  Any who it has been non stop this afternoon and evening.  Stay safe tomorrow in the snow storm!  Elaine