Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trick or Treat Pouches

This is one of the projects I was working on yesterday.  I made these little Halloween pouches with the scalloped envelope die.  These would be great to fill with a gift card, packet of gum, square of chocolate, any object that is thin and flat.  I used two retired Stampin' UP! stamp sets for this project, Booglie Eyes, and A Haunting we will go.  The stamped image is popped up with some dimensionals, and edges are inked with black ink and a sponge dauber.  I punched a handle in the top with the word window punch, and the designer paper is Cast A Spell.  The ribbon is contraband.  A quick, cute fun project!
Sue Paape stopped over to pick up her catalog today and she brought me some crafting goodies!  She was cleaning out her craft room and thought maybe I could use them. She brought me some pin backs, tiny wooden spools, and some barrette clips.  I have already used 9 of the pin backs today!  I stitched up some mini quilt pins and the pin backs that she gave me were a bit larger than the ones I had, and were perfect for this project so I finished them up this afternoon.  I shot some pictures of them so you will get to see them another day.  Thanks again Sue.  I will put the supplies to good use!!!!  Love, Elaine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A very sweet thoughtful gift!

Hi!  What I am sharing with you tonight is not something that I made, it was something given to me, a very special gift.  Sue Bartels made this for me and gave it to me at Nadine's party.  Several months ago, her name was drawn for one of the door prizes out of my door prize basket.  She chose this half heart shaped book, and she told me that she loves to do altered book projects.  I was teasing her that I wanted to see what she made after she was finished with it, and she said that I would, and I forgot all about this. Well, I never dreamed that she would make something for me.  She told me that she took the whole book apart.  All the pages were heavy duty chipboard.  Well she made her own pages for the book, and reassembled it with two of the chipboard pieces for the front and back covers.  She also made books for each of her grand daughters with these chipboard pieces for the covers!  Talk about upcycling.....I think this girl has me beat on that one.  What a clever idea.  Any how, she knows how I love my babies, Molly and Taffy so she made me a book and stamped all sorts of different cats on the pages, and even stamped me two coupons good for two hugs!  I am saving those for later....and she immediately got a hug when I saw this book before I even say the coupons!  I am going to use it as a birthday book to keep track of when everyone's birthday is.  I didn't take picture's of all of the pages, but took a bunch so you could see the inside of it.  She has many adorable cats stamped on the pages.  The very last page of the book she had me read.  It says: May HAPPINESS touch your LIFE, today as you have so often TOUCHED the lives of OTHERS.
That is so sweet!  You did a wonderful job on this book and it is a gift I will always treasure.  Thanks again Sue!  Sending you a great big hug!  Love, Elaine

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cards we made at Nadine's Party!

Good Evening!  These are the two projects that we made at Nadine's Stamping party last week.  The first one features shadow stamping.  I also talked about what the current trends are in stamping and showed them some examples.  We had some neat things for show and tell and had a great time as usual!  Our next stamping event is Monday, June 12th, starting at 5:30 for dinner.  Our hostess is Sandy Wellumson.  Everyone is welcome to attend, please email me or call me so that I have enough packets prepared!
This morning I went to bible study and then this afternoon I went to Mauston for a doctor's appointment. Tonight, I cut out 3 minature quilts.  They are all set to sew, so that might be tomorrow's project.  Who knows....I will see what I feel like working on tomorrow.  I am like Scarlett O'Hare.....fiddle dee dee.....I will think about it tomorrow!  I have found through the years that it is better to work on what you feel like working on rather than forcing yourself to work on something that you don't wish to work on that day, because if you do, nothing will go right!  Have a great day!  Elaine

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's A Plan Clip Board

This is what I made for Nadine for her hostess gift for hosting her party this month.  I used the stamp set It's A Plan and stamped To Do List's for her and also underneath are a sheets that I stamped with the flip side of this stamp to plan out your week.  This stamp set will be soon only have a few more days to order it.  It will be retiring on June 30th. If you are interested in ordering it, click on the link on the upper right hand corner of my blog and it will take you to my Stampin' Up site and online store.  I can see lots of uses for this set.  I used Razzleberry Lemonade designer paper to make the clip board with and covered my chipboard front and back.  I also covered the office clip with matching paper and tied ribbon into little bows on it.  To finish it off I used the stamp Fresh Cuts to stamp "for you" on a Regal Rose tag, and then attached a felt flower from Sweet Pea.  I used Baroque Motifs to stamp the swirl on the front sheet with Regal Rose ink, and more of the Sweet Pea felt along the bottom of the clip board.  Nadine really liked it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Priceless Tags

Hello!  Boy it sure was humid today.  I didn't realize that the heat was affecting me so much till I stood up around 3 o'clock and felt woozy.  I stopped at Practical Cents on the way home which was nicely air conditioned and that really helped.  I felt fine after that.  I found some real cute frog eyelets, a jar of buttons, and 8 little bubble glass dessert plates that I just love.  I won't be keeping them but I have a great idea of something to do with them!  After a phone call and left over Chinese, I zonked out sitting up on the bed with the computer reading blogs.  Being out doors all day really takes a lot out of me.  I am working on some little pins tonight.  The work on the sewing machine is done.  Now it is time for the hand stitching and maybe the addition of some buttons.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Elaine

Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Whimsey and Animal Stories Book marks

Hello!  I had lots of people in and out today with the new catalog arriving.  Nadine was over this afternoon and we got her party finalized and I put it in right away.  In between things I worked on making up some card making kits to sell.  These will be really great for people who have trouble putting colors together.  I have had people tell me that I am good at this so I decided to make up some kits that have card stock, designer paper, ribbon, buttons, and stamped images all to match.  A little cutting and gluing and you can have a dozen adorable cards.  Hop on over to the flea market to pick one up and some of the packages of new ribbon I am putting in!
Diane had a craving for Chinese today and asked me if I would go with her and that she would treat.  We had a most delicious meal and good conversation.  I am pooped, and think I will get my jammies on and hit the hay early tonight!  I am sure I know some kitties who would be very happy about that!  Have a great weekend!  Me

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dreams DeJour and Just Buzzin By Book marks

Hello!  Here are some more book marks that I made last week with the stamp sets Dreams DeJour and Just Buzzin By.
This afternoon, I worked on cutting and packaging ribbon to put in the stall.  I have a whole bunch of really nice ribbon, and at a wonderful price.  Come and check it out!
Tonight was the Yackettes get together and we went to Splash.  It was really nice and comfortable eating outside on the deck.  A very pleasant, enjoyable evening, catching up with friends!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monkey and Parrot Tags

Hello!  These are a few tags that I had made on the weekend.  Pretty simple, but I love how they turned out.  They are so cute!  I had cut those little monkeys and parrots out months ago, watching TV one night.  It helps to have a bunch of elements all ready to go.  I whipped these up in no time at all.  I used the stamp set Birthday Bliss.  I am getting so much use out of that set and I think this greeting is so festive.  Perfect with those little monkey's!
I have been home working on cards and tags, in between resting today.  I am not feeling the greatest.  When I am over tired or having allergy problems, my lungs just hurt.  The only thing that seems to help is to rest, and try to sleep it off.  I did make a quick run to the church today.  Nadine called and she had forgotten her grape salad in the frig.  Man....if I had know that, I would have been over there for lunch.  LOL  I just love that stuff.  I need someone to write that recipe down for me!  It is heavenly!  
Time to rest again....:-(  See ya later!  Elaine

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts and Tart and Tangy Book marks

Hello-  Today sure was a scorcher!  Lady Di and I took Bernie up to the Rapids for his haircut.  I went to Good Will while Di grocery shopped and I found some good treasures.  We made a quick trip to Light House Books, picked up Bernie, and went through Culver's drive thru for ice cream.  After we unloaded the car, I went in to see all the treasures Di bought on her trip.  She really got some nice things and I especially liked the wildlife/Yellowstone scrap book papers she bought for scrap booking her trip.  She really got some beautiful papers.  She surprised me and brought me back a really cool picture frame that is shaped like a sewing machine.  I have never seen anything like it.  It is AWESOME!  It will look so cool in my sewing room.  After I left Di's, I stopped over to my mom and dad's to take my dad his Father's Day present and to visit.  I finally got home around 6, did a few things on the computer, and then made a quick trip to the library as I had a few things that had come in.  This evening was phone calls, and I finished 7 sympathy cards.  I sure am pooped now.  Probably won't get anything done tomorrow!  LOL   Oh....I talked to Brooke tonight and she is sewing up a storm.  She said she had made blankets for all of her Webkinz.  I said to you have any squares left?  She said, oh yeah...LOTS!  But she had run out of thread and fortunately her mother had a spool of green.  So they are going to need to go thread shopping.  And, she told me that she was using her scissors as a seam ripper and that it was working pretty good!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fox and Friends Book marks

These are some of the book marks that I made last week.  This adorable little owl is from the stamp set Fox and Friends.  I just love him...he is so cute!  These book marks were made completely from my sorted bins of scraps.  It was a good way to use some of them up.
This morning I went to the bible study at the Assembly of God church that Karen Sherrell is teaching.  The bible study is about the Joyce Meyer book Battlefields of the Mind.  I think it is going to be a very good bible study class.  There was some really good sharing at it this morning.
I am all packed and ready to go for tonight.  It is Nadine Ashworth's stamping party and I am excited about seeing everyone!  But right now, I need a little napper I think.  See ya tomorrow!  Me

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brooke and the new sewing machine!

Hello!  Well today was the big day...Brookster got her new sewing machine!  And she was thrilled.  We had from around 3 till 6:30 to get our sewing lesson in and eat supper.  First of all I taught her how to wind bobbins, and to thread the machine.  She practiced until she could completely do it all with out any prompting.  Then she decided she was hungry, so after listing my menu choices, she finally accepted the last offering....macaroni and cheese and hot dogs!  Typical kid, that's for sure!  When I was cleaning up the kitchen, she looked at me and said "Boy, was that a good meal!"  I can just see Lenore rolling her eyes right now!  Hee Hee. We went back to the dining room table and then I had her start sewing some blocks together.  She did very well, and if she jammed up the thread or something, I would suggest that she rethread the machine, or rethread the bobbin and she did.  It got so that I won't even have to tell her and she would know what to do.  She caught on very quickly and never got frustrated, not even once!  And she kept telling me that she could "do this all day long", which of course Aunt Elaine loved to hear!  After she sewed a little stack, then I took her in and showed her how to set the seam with the iron and then press.  I tell you, she had the knack of pressing right away, better than most adults I have seen press, me included.  I think that is probably because she hasn't ironed clothes.  That is what I am guessing, so she isn't in the habit of moving the iron around.  And, she is a piler.  Once she got into a little routine of sewing blocks, she started stacking things into piles, sorting things.  She is just like me and had never seen me do it.  I had to smile to myself and was thinking that I wish Di could see this, she would laugh so hard.  When Di and I would sew together she would think it was pretty funny how I would have all these neat little stacks and she would have things all over the place!  Unlike the rest of the house, what ever area I am working in has to be neat, or it drives me nuts!  Brooke had time to assemble two rows before her dad arrived and he was kind enough to finish up and let her sew the two rows together, and press the seam open.  You should have seen her face....she looks at me and says..."This really looks like a quilt"!   I am not sure what she expected it to look like, but I think she was quite amazed that it was looking like a quilt.  She had really wanted to sew doll clothes for the webkinz, but I told her that she needed to learn to sew straight seams first and that to make them a little quilt would be the best way for her to learn. She was fine about that. She laid her "two rows" over the horse before she left to test it out.  I talked with her about other things that she was going to need to learn and that we would need "lots" more sewing lessons.  She was really wishing that she could stay over tonight but she has summer school in the morning and ball practice in the evening.  Mike said that the whole month of August was going to be free so hopefully she will be able to come over a lot then but I am guessing that she will figure a way to get back here before then.  She has fallen in love with sewing, hook line and sinker......I am such an enabler!  I hope you enjoyed her smiling little face and look of surprise.  I don't think she had a clue that a sewing machine would be in that box!  It was fun to make her dreams come true today!  Pay it forward...make someone's dream come true!  Have a good one, and until tomorrow, adios!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Tags

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!  I made up these 2 Father's Day tags to put on my Father's Day gifts to my Dad and Breezy.  The Just for you is from the stamp set Teeny Tiny Wishes, and Happy Father's Day is from the stamp set All Holidays.  I had a bunch of stars already punched with the small star punch in my drawers of punched out object so snagged them out of there.  I cut the tags out of some recycled notepad backs with the Big Shot and then cut 2 more for each of the tags out of DSP so the fronts and backs are covered.  They look like expensive embellishments that you would buy from a scrapbook store.  I just love playing with the Big Shot.  It saves me so much money.  I made 9 more other tags tonight after I got these done.
It was a beautiful day at the flea market today inside my stall.  Perfect temperature.  It was a bit too windy though, my Tastefully Simple sign blew down and my basket rack outside.  Val (my next door neighbor) and I moved it down lower.  I did a big revamp today of the stall in between customers and I really like how it turned out.  Much lighter and brighter in there.  And I got a cat towel stitched but not much else as it was pretty busy.  I was ready for a snooze when I got home and so were Molly and Taffy.  But then again, they are ALWAYS ready for a snooze!  LOL  They love nothing better than to cuddle with me in bed.  For those of you following the adventures of Molly and Taffy......the latest antics are that I keep finding large buttons over by the entertainment stand.  And I know exactly who is the culprit of that one....Taffy.  She thoroughly enjoys taking things off the stamping desk, or snatching ribbon and running off with it.  She thinks she is so smart...and she is right about that!  Brooke is coming to see me tomorrow, and tomorrow will be the big day that she will get her special present from me!  I will fill you in on that tomorrow, and maybe take a picture or two of the cutie pie!   Two more days till our stamping event at the church.  If you haven't signed me!  Have a Happy Father's Day!  Elaine

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jenna's baby shower

I thought you would enjoy seeing a few pictures of Jenna's baby shower.  I was going to upload a picture of Jenna holding the cake but thought it would be more fun for you to see her tummy!  She looks so cute pregnant.  On the left is her friend Brittany, Jenna is in the middle, and her friend Kelly is on the right.  Kelly just had a baby boy.  Jenna and Kelly's boys will be about 5 months apart.  Kelly had her little guy at the shower and this Grandma had much fun making him smile.  Babies are so much fun!
I made the cake for Jenna's shower and used a bunch of stamping things to decorate it.  The baby carriage was made with the Big Shot and the Scalloped Circle Die.  It is my favorite of the three items I put on the cake.  The other two I made with the Cricut.  Jenna just loved the baby.  I attached them to tooth picks so that they would stand up on the cake, and afterwards I took the tooth picks off so that she can use them in her scrapbook.  The cake was a big hit and it disappeared!  Either it was eaten or people wanted to take some home!  I made Devils Food which is always a hit, and my special frosting.  The last picture is of  Jenna holding the baby quilt I made her.  She really likes it.  I asked her what Antonio thought of it and she said that he really liked it too and liked that there was so much to look at on it.
I went up town today to the library and the grocery store.  I finished the rest of the book marks, 24 of them, and got them all packaged up and ready to go.  I also packaged up a bunch of cards, and ironed 3 snowman towels to take down tomorrow.  I am prepping 5 towels that I am going to applique cats on.  So that is what I will be stitching on this weekend.  Stop down and see me....I LOVE COMPANY!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teacher Bookmarks

Hello!  It sure is nice to be back in the stamping cave.  I made 9 of these Teacher Bookmarks with the apple from Tart and Tangy.  It is one of my very favorite sets and it gets used a lot.  I love how all the fruit fit inside the 1 1/4" Circle Punch and that you can mat them with the 1 3/8" circle punch and then put them on the scalloped circle.  You can't see it in the picture but I pierced holes around the scallop.  It is the little details that give the finishing touch.  These will make nice little gifts for kids to give to their teacher's as a thank you.  Then I started another batch of book marks and went over board as usual.  I have 30 of them in progress and finished 6 of them tonight.  I am tired of it for today, so will probably pick up again on them tomorrow unless I am in the mood to work on something else tomorrow.  But I have the boring part done on them so will probably work on them first thing and get them finished.  They won't take long now.  With all the stuff I have been up to the past few weeks, tonight actually got a little too quiet for awhile.  I had 3 batches of people in and out today, so it wasn't for lack of visitors.  I guess I have been in go-go mode for too long.  But then Jenna called tonight and so did Di from Montana.  She is having a good time on her trip and will be home soon.  It was good to talk to her.  I think this has been the longest that we have ever went without talking!  We will have a lot of catching up to do! 
Antonio got offered a management position in the Brown Deer restaurant in Milwaukee and will start training in Brown Deer on Monday.  We are very happy and excited for him.  He had been offered a position in Madison about a month ago and had turned that one down.  So this is a wonderful opportunity for him.  I guess they will be moving the Brown Deer Restaurant.  Some gals were talking about this at the Milwaukee baby shower but I don't remember where they said it will be moving it to.  A better area I believe.  That is good.  I ate at the Brown Deer one with Jenna one time.  She said that their had been a shooting in front of that restaurant!   It didn't look like a bad neighborhood to me, and their was a Joann's right behind it and other store's, I remember that as I went there.  They are also putting one in Wausau.  I would love to have the kids that close but doubt that would happen any time soon as they will want to be near Diana until she graduates.  At one time they were talking of building in the Dells but I haven't heard any more about that.  Oh well....Milwaukee is a fun place to visit!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look what I just won!

Good Morning!  As many of you know, I subscribe to lots of blogs.  Probably about 430 right now.  I subscribe to stamping ones, sewing ones, and money saving ones, etc.  Some of them I read, some of them I just scan the pictures.  Any how, I was just going through them this morning and discovered that I won some blog candy!  Woo HOO!  I won this from Lisa at the Cat's Meow!  Oh how I do like new Rubbah!  I can't wait for these to come.  Wanna come over and play with me!?!?!
It was Lisa's 2nd anniversary of having her blog, and also was her third son's 17th birthday.  To enter to win, we needed to leave a comment.  This is what she wanted us to comment about:
Oh, but how about this... tell me what gift you'd like to receive on your next birthday if cost were no object... something you'd really love to have. I'll start by telling you mine: a new camera! One of those cool Nikons that Ashton Kutchar advertises. Now that would be heaven!  
Sooooo.......this is what I commented:
And the winner of the Second Prize Package is Elaine Wilson, who said:

Happy Everything! If I could have anything I wanted, I would have a building built on my property just for stamping and to hold my stamping events in. And with a section in it that I could make into a little store to sell my craft items in. A big dream huh!?!?! LOL
It was drawn by random org so I did not win based on what I said but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what I wrote for a comment!  Well, I am off to write to Lisa and claim my blog candy!  Have a great day!  Elaine

Monday, June 14, 2010

Owl Tag

Hello-  I must be getting relaxed as I am sure am getting sleepy.  A quick blog post and then off to bed!  This is the tag that I made for Jenna's baby quilt package.  I made her tags instead of cards so that she could use them in Mason's baby book &/or scrapbook.  And I love to make tags.  I am hoping to have a play day soon to just fiddle around and make a bunch.

Diana made us her famous tuna fish sandwiches today.  She loves to make her "secret" recipe for us.  We worked on finishing up Jenna's big pile of thank you cards late this afternoon and evening.  I have 44 boxed up for her.  We will take them to Madison tomorrow when we meet Jenna.  Jacqueline came over tonight and she helped us with finishing the last of them and then we worked on punching out a bunch of scraps and we sent we the ones we punched home with Jacqueline so that she and Brittany will have some embellishments to work with.  Jacqueline said to me, "I could do this kind of stuff all day long".  I said me too.  That is my kind of girl!  Brittany was sick and was upset that she couldn't come.  I told Jacqueline to tell her not to worry about it, they are welcome to come any time.  They are such good girls.  Diana thinks it is pretty cool that they have chickens and wants to go out to see them.  She has decided that she would like to move up her so that she can have a chicken.  What a nut.  I can hardly wait till her parents hear that one.  She told me that her mother asked her what she likes the most that I cook while she is here and she told her beer bread!  Oh my...what a good impression.....LOL  I said to her what did she about that, and she said her mom makes things with wine and beer too so she didn't care.  WHEW!!!~  I thought she had me in trouble for sure!  (Like that would be the first time!)  Good night!  Elaine


 Hi!  I just received this from Karen and I plan on going to it.  I went to a bible study years ago about the book "Bad Girls from the Bible" at the Assembly of God Church and really enjoyed it.  I am sure that the Joyce Meyer's bible study will be just as good.  Have a great day!  Elaine


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The baby quilt!

Hello!  Well the big day was finally here....the baby shower.  It turned out very nice.  Jenna received some beautiful gifts, we had lots of wonderful food, and a good time was had by all.  This is the baby quilt that I made for her.  She really liked it.  There are 6 blocks in each row and I made 10 rows.  I just cut 2" strips and sewed them around the squares, and then squared up the blocks so they were 6 1/2" square.  I decided this would be the best way to make sure my quilt turned out square as everyone cuts different, and I didn't want to re cut all the I spy blocks.  This worked out really well!  So the quilt turned out to be about 36" x 60".  If I had to do it again, I might make the rows 7 blocks wide by 10 blocks long.  But it looks fine and is plenty wide.  I would have had  to piece the back and this way I did not have too!  I bought 2 yards of fabric for the back and had plenty to bind it with as there was a chunk of fabric on the length of the quilt that I could use for one strip of binding.  I even had some left over fabric. It takes a yard each of 2 different colors to frame the squares.  Diana came home with me today after the shower and will be staying until Tuesday.  So I am looking forward to some fun time with her.  She has been talking up a storm.  She is so quiet in big groups and it is like a switch flips when she gets alone with me.  The last time I posted I was starting to tell you about the movie theater we went to.  In the center of it when we came out after the movie they had a person playing the piano, and their were lots of big over stuffed chairs you could sit in surrounding it so you could sit and listen.  Jenna said that sometimes they have a player piano out there too.  They also have a bar in this theater and you can have dinner and watch a movie.  I imagine that would be pricey.  But it is a cool concept if you can afford it.  We did a whole bunch of garage sales on Friday and that was a lot of fun and we really found some good deals on somethings.  I am thrilled with my purchases and Jenna was just as tickled with hers.  Now to get all the stuff put away.  I have been so busy, it looks like a small tornado went through here....LOL  Have a good one!  Me

Friday, June 11, 2010

A card for a friend

Hello!  I am back...back home that is.  I blew in tonight at 10 pm, a day later than I originally planned.  If it weren't for the baby shower on Sunday, I would probably STILL be gone...LOL  I have been at Jenna's in Milwaukee since Monday.  I arrived there in the afternoon and we went to her baby shower in Milwaukee at Roberto's and Edith's house.  It was my first Mexican party to attend and it was a fun experience.  I took A LOT of pictures and will tell you about that experience another day.  It is late, I am tired, and want to go to bed.  I am waiting for my beer bread to get done for tomorrow's sample at the flea market.  We had a whirl wind week and so much fun.  As usual, I did not want to come home.  My main purpose of this trip was to help transform the front porch in to a bedroom for Diana.  And that we did!  I have pics of that too.  I hemmed a curtain, sewed a pillow case and dresser topper, sewed a curtain for the outside door, shopped for curtains, and ironed 10 humongous curtains over 2 days and got them hung.  We went to see the movie Sex and the City, in this really cool movie theatre....buzzer is buzzing so am going to run.  More tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snowman Table topper

Hello~This is a snowman table topper I made for Jenna for her birthday gift.  I made it reversible so that she would be able to use it all year long.  She has a built in buffet in the house that they rent and she asked me if I would make her runner's for it for the different season's for birthday gifts, Christmas, etc.  Of course mom is happy to oblige with that as I love to make little quilts.  She really likes it so that is good.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snowman Towel

HelloHello!  For the very first time, I could not get into blogger to post.  I tried many times last night and again this morning, and still I could not get into it.  Finally it is working again tonight.  I really felt cut off from the world.  LOL
Here is a picture of one of the snowman towels I have been working on while sitting at the flea market.  I have two styles of red towels that I am putting them on.  I only have one more down there to finish, so I need to get some more towels prepped to stitch.  The mini quilt hanging out of the basket I also made, and it looks wonderful in my living room.  I love it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ribbon share

Here is our new lush satin ribbon and the piles of ribbon from the ribbon share.  If you couldn't visualize just how much ribbon you get in the ribbon share, this picture gives you a good idea.  There are 9 different colors, and 3 yards of each color.  All this for just $18.70!   I can't wait to be able to play with mine.  Hopefully soon!  I finished the baby quilt yesterday, cut all the ribbon for the ribbon share, and started binding a table topper which I finished up tonight after my 3 hour nap!  Both Doris and Susie were over for visits yesterday.  It was a busy day.   I am getting very sleepy again so I think I will head to bed.  Have a great weekend!  Elaine

Friday, June 4, 2010

Where oh where do all the days go!?!?!

Good Morning!  I sure do not know where all days have been going but I still have a whole slew of stuff on my to do list, and not enough time to do it in!  Yesterday, I went to Tomah with Diane to her doctor's appointment.  After we got done, she asked me if I wanted to stop at Goodwill.  Actually....I think SHE wanted to stop there, and just uses me as an excuse!  LOL  I found some cake pans for Roberto and a few other little things.  We also stopped at Walmart before heading over to China Buffet for lunch.  I don't know what is with Chinese buffet's lately.  They are adding more and more American food on them.  I mentioned this to Di and said to her that pretty soon there will not be any Chinese food left on them.  She responded, then we will not go any more.  What's up with that!?!?!  When we arrived back to town we tied the baby quilt and then I headed home.  I stopped back and picked up a stamp set I needed to get out in the mail that I had sold to a gal in PA.  I hauled my stuff in, cleaned the cat box, then headed with the lap top to bed.  A few minutes later I was out like a light, and slept for an hour or so.  I started working on putting the binding on the quilt, and finished one side.  I am going to get back started on that right now.  Another thing I need to add to my do list is to shoot some more pictures of things that I have been making as I have no more pictures on the computer for the blog, and that will make for some unhappy blog readers won't it!?!?  :-D

Recipe: Stampin' UP!  Stamp Sets: Teeny Tiny Wishes, Upsey Daisy, DSP: Parisian Breeze, Bordering Blue, Chocolate Chip Ink, Brads, Card stock and 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

dollar shirt and tie.wmv

I have seen some really cute cards made with these folded shirts.  Substitute some designer paper to make it look like a real shirt.  I may try my hand at this later today.  If I do...I will show you!  Elaine

Rise and Shine!

I just wanted to share with you a new blog I just found.  I current read this blog, every day and love it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man...

It's a rainy day in Friendship, WI.  Let's hope it keeps raining and that it get's the rain out of it's system before the weekend so it is nice for the flea market.  I am cleaning out a few stamping things so you may want to stop down and take a look.
Melissa stopped over this morning for a little visit before her hair appointment.  After she left I started decorating the baby shower cake and I have that all done except for the baby buggies I want to make for the top of it.  Hence the patty cake...can you tell I am excited about playing that with the new baby!?!?!  Actually I will get to do that next week at the baby shower in Milwaukee for Jenna with little Saul.  He is now 2 but he loves when I play patty cake with him as no one else does.  I had just finished cleaning up the table from the cake decorating and Sandy Wellumson was over for a visit and to place an order.  After she left I got the order put in and then headed up town.  I had hoped to get to the bank before it closed but no such luck.  I decided that I needed some Hershey's Kisses so picked some up at the Family Dollar store, which I have discovered to be the cheapest place in town to buy them and they are fresh.  An important thing for a chocolate lover!  Any whoo...while I was there I asked if they had any of those touch circles/lamps that people put in closets that run on batteries.  The one clerk said no and then the other remembered that they had them in the baby section and asked if I minded if it was tinker bell.  I said no, I didn't care.  But when I got over there, I discovered that they had Cinderella, my favorite Disney character.  Perhaps I like Cinderella because  I am still waiting for Prince Charming to come and rescue me....LOL  Not much chance of that happening any time soon, so I will happily stay in my own castle.
I may have told you this before, but when I was five my dad told me that if I learned how to tell time he would buy me a watch.  So I quickly learned how to tell time and I got a beautiful Cinderella watch with a pretty blue leather band.  I wore it for a long time and it finally stopped.  I really wish I would have kept it as I absolutely loved that watch.  You are probably wondering what this has to do with the tea of china as I have been rambling on, and you are probably wondering why I wanted the touch lamp.  Well this winter, the interior lights in the van went out. All of them, so if you go any where at night and you open the door to the van, you can't see a thing.  Or if you come home at night, like after stamp camp, I have to park by the back door, turn on the outside light, to be able to see to unloaded the vehicle. The dash lights work fine but none of the interior lights.  I haven't been able to get it fixed, and when Kim and I were going to Mauston last week I had mentioned it to her, and she said she had the same thing happen with her car and she had bought one of those touch lamps and put it in her car and it worked great.  So for $1.50 I now will have a light in my van and if you ride with me, you will now know why Cinderella is sitting on the dash!  I told Di about my Cinderellie lamp tonight and she thought that was quite funny.  So how do you like my stamping project today!?!?!  Didn't these turn out cute!?!?  It is a set of 3 mini note cards and envelopes.  This will be one of the prizes at the baby shower.  I think I will make some to sell also, when I find the time!

Recipe: Stampin' Up! stamp sets: FYI, Baroque Motifs, Priceless, Card Stock: Orchid Opulence, Whisper White, DSP: Cottage Wall. Ink Orchid Opulence, 3" x 3" Square Envelopes, 1 3/8" Circle Punch, Scalloped Circle Punch, Circle Scissor Plus and Glass Mat, Dimensionals, scoring tool, mat pack and piercer

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart

Hello friends!  As a lot of you know, I did end up staying up for the retirement lists last night.  Colleen, my buddy from Oregon and I stayed up.  She was having trouble getting the lists so I ended up emailing them to her.  I finally went down about 3 am with the retired accessories list and turned off the light about 3:30.  I was back up by 7 and the sleep I did get was not good sleep.  Poor Melissa had to put up with me on the phone today as I sure couldn't think straight today, especially this morning.  It is going to be an early night tonight!  I reinked all of my ink pads today and sorted out the current from the retiring and have them in different sections now in my ink pad holder.  The ribbon order came today, and I need to get that cut yet so everyone can get their share of it.  Breeze mowed my lawn or should I say hay field!  LOL  He didn't want to mow it last week as he felt it was too dry.  He ended up mowing it twice today.  Di stopped over this afternoon and brought me two of the most delicious brownies.  Yum Yum...thank you Di!  I had to go to the bank today and to the library.  I ran into Pat Boyle outside of the library and we had a real nice visit.  It was so good to see her and I can't wait till she comes back to stamping in the fall.  She is such a sweet heart!  While I was up town I decided that I should check out Practical Cents.  Do you remember when I found the box of felt at the flea market this weekend1!?!  Well Debby said I had "lucky" written all over my face.  She will probably be thinking the same thing today!  Actually, the correct word is blessed, and that is why I titled my post the way I did.  It is one of my favorite bible verses and every time I find one of these deals, I know it is not by accident, it is a gift from God.  He puts me in the right place at the right time, to find the "desires of my heart" at a price I can afford.  Now I bet you are just dieing to find out what I found today.  Well, many things and I will tell you those in a minute, but the really great find was a rolling cart with a hanging file folder box.  I have been wanting something like this for a while.  I actually found one a while ago that is a little different so now I have two of them.  But this one is even nicer as it has a hanging folder box and I just put half of my current card stock in it, and I am going to put the other half in the other one, which I will now be able to have in my stamping room right by my desk and not in the bathroom any more.  And you won't believe what I paid for it.  $3.00 !!!!!!  It was marked $6.00 which I would have been thrilled to pay, but everything in the store was half off today!  My total bill today was $10.69 with the rolling cart and here is what I got: a new bottle of baby powder for Mason, a new package of recipe cards, 2 rolls of ribbon, a new bottle of Avon Naturals Raspberry body lotion, a little brown metal pail that I will fix up, a cute piece of fabric that has bears and school stuff on it that I will make something for Mason with, a book "A Woman's High Calling, 10 Essentials of Godly Living ( perhaps Beth and I will use this for our book group), a picture frame, a large basket that I will use for displaying items, 13 plastic cookie cutters, 14 metal cookie cutters, and black round plastic carousel that I plan on storing stamping supplies in.  So I am a happy camper and feeling very thankful!!!   And I am very blessed to have all of you in my life!  Elaine