Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life!

Today was such a fun day for me, although I started out the day feeling rotten again.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  I got down to the flea market a little late again but Sundays are a slower starting day so don't think I missed much.  People go to church, sleep in, or out to breakfast so they arrive a little later by us.  Any who...I had the pleasant surprise of having Corrine and Gus from Rockford, IL stop in for a visit this morning.  Corrine and I met many years ago when I had my store, maybe even before that when I was running Friendship Antiques, I am not sure.  She would come in with her friend Carrie who lives in Westfield.  Corrine and Gus have a cottage on Pleasant Lake at Coloma.  We became friends, and we kept in touch after I closed the store, she came to visit and I got her started (and hooked) on stamping.  I am so bad...such an enabler...but it is so much fun that I have just got to share my passion with everyone!  She has been a long time sewer and crafter and we have a lot in common.  It was so great to see her today.  I wasn't open very long today, only a couple of hours and then I headed over to Wilson's farm for the picnic.  It was so good to see all of them, and especially to see Jenna, Antonio, and Diana, as I haven't seen them for months, it has been way to long.  When I was hugging Antonio, I said to him, I have missed you.  When he was pulling away, he gave me this frown/pout and said to me "You didn't come to see me".  I said, "You didn't invite me"...and laughed.  He said that I could come anytime, so then I was giving him a bad time that he needed to get Jenna to invite me.  I did tell him that I would be coming in a few weeks and he wanted to know if I would be there for the baby shower that Edith is having for Jenna in Milwaukee, and I said "Yes".  He said that Edith had told him to tell me over and over that he was to tell me to come.  That she really wanted me to come to it.  I hope to get some bibs made to take to that shower, and of course I will snap some pictures for you to see.  Antonio immediately claimed dibs at taking home what was left of my Chinese Crunch salad after the picnic.  He is such a nut!  Jenna looks so incredibly cute pregnant.  She is round and glowing.  She had only gained 17 lbs as of her last appointment last month so she is doing very well at keeping her weight down, I think.  We sat under the shady trees at the Wilson farm and we all enjoyed each others company.  It is so nice to still be loved and accepted there as part of the family.  I talked a little bit to Sarah today but not much as they were busy playing this ladder game with another young couple that were there.  I hand delivered my baby shower invitations to all of them and they absolutely LOVED them, and Jenna got to see them for the first time too, and I was teasing that everyone had to show Jenna what dress she was wearing on their invite. I am so proud of Jenna.  She has been clipping coupon's and the Pick and Save has double coupons on Wed. and Sat through June 26 she said.  Well she said she saved over $60.00 with coupons and ended up paying $115.00 for her food.  She has been following the moneysavingmom blog that I suggested.  So I am tickled.  This sure will help them out. Jacqueline had told me how she had made a card for her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and how she had taken one of the cards we had made when the girls came to class and she said she copied the layout.  Good job kiddo!  She is itching to get back to classes.
Today's card is another project from the Year of Cards event.  This one uses the stamp set Chic Boutique on page 63 of the current catalog.  I had never really paid much attention to this stamp set but really liked working with it.  There are some neat images in the set.  Someone had put too much reinker on the sponge that we used on this card and I got way more than I wanted on it, so this card really has a distressed look, a little more than I wanted it to be.  I am not too happy with it but oh well.
Oh and a little note for Lindacatherine.  I answered the question you had, under the post Close As A Memory Sympathy card.  Thanks for the nice comments you made.  I hope this helps!  Elaine

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