Thursday, March 31, 2011

Owl Book marks

These are the little owl paper clip book marks I was working on yesterday while recuperating in bed.  I packaged them all up today, and got them priced.  I have a total of 12 of them.  I sure wish I could find more of these silver paper clips.  Walmart used to carry them, and they don't any more.  I have looked on line and all over the place but I can not find the silver ones.  If anyone knows where to get them, please let me know.

I just got off the phone with my friend Corrinne from IL.  We talked on the phone most of the afternoon, when I hung up I looked at how long we had talked and it was a hours and 15 minutes.  It sure was good to talk to her, and I can't wait till they come up to the cottage this spring, and I will get to see her and Gus again.

Time to go make some supper....have a good night!  Elaine

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hip hoppin' around

Good Evening-  It was a quiet day.  Susie went to the grocery store for me this morning with my list and picked up some food for me which was great!  Thanks again buddy!
I talked with Diane this afternoon, and although she has still been having bouts of pain, she sounds a lot better today, more like her old self!
Molly keeps watching me walk.  It doesn't matter if I am using the crutches or not using them....she knows something is wrong with my walking.  Of course both the kitties are enjoying the extra time that I spend in bed.  I was working on punching owls today, and dressing them up.  I finished 12 owl paper clips.  Hopefully I will get a picture taken tomorrow to show you.  I also downloaded some digital images, did some resizing and printed a couple sheets of them.  I bought some of the digital stamps that Stampin' UP! sells.  The ones I was working with this afternoon were the motorcycle digital stamp, and a graduation stamp.  Perhaps tomorrow I will get in the stamping room.
Mom called tonight to check up on how I was doing.  I was happy to report that my walking is a little bit better today.  My knee area is very stiff and it feels like learning to walk again, but at least I can sort of roll it forward now.  Elaine

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back home again!

Hello-  I didn't plan this but I am now back home.  I had a accident yesterday.  I had Hunter out on the leash and another dog was walking down the street, and Hunter lunged.  I went flying off the landing of the steps about four or five feet in the air and landed prone in the grass.  I screamed and I scared Sarah half to death and she came hobbling on her crutches as fast as she could.  As soon as she knew I was okay, she started calling Hunter and got him into the house.  Surprisingly, when I dropped the leash when I landed, he didn't go out of the yard.  He just stood on the edge of the yard near the road.  I know he felt bad about it.  He was being all cuddly when I was laying on the couch.  My left leg is messed up, and left arm.  I went to the doctor today and they x rayed my ankle and that is not broken.  So I have a sprain, and am on crutches.  I am hoping I didn't tear up calf muscles or something as my leg feels pretty weak.  So Sarah thought I should go home, she didn't want me doing the steps there, and they will have her go to work with Zach and she can stay in the house and watch TV, and every one comes in for lunch and she can join them then.  I feel bad for leaving her in the lurch but they weren't concerned about it as she has been making such improvement the past week and has figured out ways to be pretty self sufficient.  Fortunately this didn't happen a few weeks ago when they really needed me.  So if you would add me to your prayers, I would really appreciate it!!!  Elaine

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canning Jar #3

Hello!  I am back down in Reedsburg tonight.  I feel rested and ready to be back at it!  I worked on packaging and pricing things for the Dells and the flea market this afternoon at home before I left and I got a lot done.  I stopped at Nadine's on my way out of town and dropped off an embossing folder that had been back ordered.  After dropping off a bank deposit, I met Doris at the Easton Town Hall to giver her order to her and Sue Paape's.  My next plan was to stop at the Craft Mall and stock my booth, but when I arrived, the clerks were walking out the door, they had just closed.  I did not realize that they had winter hours, and that they close at six in the winter time.  The hours change back to ten am till eight pm on April 1st.  So I will stop there on Thursday morning on my way home.  The kids were talking this weekend, and now that Sarah is getting around better, we think that I can be here from Sunday night till Thursday morning and if we get things ready and make a few changes, Sarah can be here by her self on Thursday, and Friday during the day.  If Zach were not going to school, they probably could handle things but it would be too much for him to handle with school right now.  As it is, he is going to take a half day off tomorrow to try to be ready for Monday nigh's classt.  He has school on Mon. and Wed. nights, and fire drill on Tuesdays.  He was on ambulance call Sat night.  He went on one call so now has three out of the five that he needs to do done.  I will take Sarah on little outings on the days I am here, and will we do some cooking, make sandwiches, switch to bottled water, etc. so that she can stay on her own.  So we are going to try this out and see how it goes.  I think Zach's class ends the beginning of May, and the first weekend of May, he wants to take a water rescue class that weekend, so I will probably be here then.  He wasn't going to take it, but we both told him to go ahead, that we would be fine.  Tomorrow, we will make a trip out to Jimmy's for her shower, and she mentioned that she would like to go to the grocery store also, so maybe we will do that too.  She sure has made leaps and bounds this week and is getting back to her old peppy self!  It is great to see!!!  Elaine

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's good to be home

I am enjoying my time at home.  It feels so good to be here, to sleep in my own bed, no steps to climb, and no worries about slipping in my own tub.  BUT....I miss the kids like crazy, and will be glad to be back there tomorrow night.  I am sure Zach is taking good care of Sarah, but I still worry about her.

I ran some errands this morning, did some laundry, mounted some stamp sets, made 4 cards, took down the card table I had set up, and put the stuff away on it, and vacuumed.  I just finished printing a bunch of digital images.  Coloring is a good project for me to work on while Sarah naps.  I have a whole bunch of images all colored and ready to be made into cards.  I am still trying to decide whether or not I am going to pack up a bunch of stamping stuff to bring back with me.  I am getting very tired now, and the cats are pestering me to go to bed.  Both of them have been up here by the computer, and Taffy has been meowing at me....telling me that she wants me to go lay down.  They love to cuddle on the bed.  So....I think I will make them, and me, happy and go do that!!!

Canning Jar#!

Hello!  I ordered this stamp set with some of my birthday money.  Doesn't it look like I made a birthday card for myself !?!?!?  Tee Hee!  I love it.  It is so stinkin' cute!

I took Sarah out to the Green house today, and she was thrilled to walk through it and see her "babies" as she calls them.  Everything looks so nice.  They have it all set up so nice.  The two flower green houses, connect to a head house that is in between them, to form a "U" shape.  Their check out counter's are all in, and it is coming along nicely.  When we left there, we went over to Jimmy's so that Sarah could take her shower, and then we made a stop at Viking grocery store.  This is the first that Sarah has walked around on the crutches any where besides the house, or hospital.  She has made such rapid improvement this week.  I cleaned things up around the house, and when Zach got home from work around 5, I left for home.  Jenna and I talked my whole way home, and probably another half an hour after I got into the driveway.  The kitties were so glad to see me, they looked at me in disbelief, I don't think they really expected it to be me when I came in the door.  The poor things, they sure do not like my gallivanting!  But I gave them lots of attention since I have been home. 
Sarah was going to dinner at Pedro's for Deanna's bachelorette party and I so wanted to call her to see how it went.  Zach and Mark were going to be there too at another table eating so that Zach would be close by if she need anything, and to take her home when she was ready.  She was excited about going, but also nervous about it too as she wasn't sure how she would do.  I saw on facebook tonight that she did okay, but that her foot is very swollen, and hurting
and she was very tired.  It is very uncomfortable for her when it is not elevated.  The blood rushes right to it.  Any who, I will get a full report when I go back on Sunday night.  It's crazy, I have only been gone a few hours but I miss the kids already, is very nice to be in my home too!  Until tomorrow.  Elaine

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Engraved Greetings

Stampin' UP! Stamp Set:  Engraved Greetings
Good Evening!  I decided to come up stairs early tonight as I am tired.  I stayed up working on the computer too late last night, or I should say MANY nights in a row and it is all catching up.  Today, Sarah Jo and the kids came over and they had lunch with us.  Olivia and Henry are so darn cute.  After they left, I went to Family Dollar to pick up a paint brush, and I found a little radio for the van for $5.00.  The stereo in it has been out for about a year or so.  I had someone suggest getting a little pocket radio.  So I am going to try that.  I have it playing up here on the bed and it seems to be working pretty good and it is getting some good channels.  So we will see how it works in the van.  It is worth a shot.  It doesn't bother me running around town not to have music but on long trips like going back and forth to Milwaukee, the trip gets long and boring and sometimes I get sleepy and music helps to keep me awake.  After my stop at Family Dollar, I stopped at Mimi's thrift shop and I bought a bag of buttons and some tiny music books that will be perfect for using for backgrounds on cards.  They are quite interesting.  Maybe I will shoot a picture of them at home this weekend so you can see what they look like.  I have been looking for sheet music for awhile but everything I have found has been too large for cards, but these are the perfect size.  Love 'em!!!!  After I got back, then I started working on dieing Sarah's shoes for Diana's wedding.  That is what I needed the paint brush for.  I used a chocolate brown Ritz die and applied it with a paint brush to the shoes.  It took a zillion coats to get them covered well but I finally got it done.  
Laura; the cake lady who made the cake for my birthday party, stopped in with cake samples this afternoon.  Deanna had us try four different flavors for her to see what we like best.  She ordered cakes for her wedding from Laura, and Deanna lives down in Janesville, so we were the cake testers.
I worked on crocheting some little flowers with embroidery floss today.  I think I have fourteen done.  Sarah is improving leaps and bounds now.  She got some food out of the frig today and got it into the microwave by herself.  She went and sat down and I carried it in to her.  She is getting around real good and is so good at balancing on one leg.  I'd be laying on the, but she does real well.  The swelling goes down a little bit each day.  We shot some more pictures of her leg last night.  Boy it looks gruesome, but it looks a lot better than it did.  Her toes are starting to look more normal except the big toe is still swollen.
Zach's dad is a customer advocate for John Deere and we got to watch a video that he was in on the internet.  He is flying to Las Vegas tonight to be apart of a convention, and will return on Sat. night.  John Deere came out to the Dallman's and took pictures of him.  He asked Sarah to help him pick out clothes to wear, and they had moved the couch so they would have a nice wall for a background.  John Deere photo edited the  pictures, to get just him, and the other advocates, about twelve of them and then they arranged them in the video in other backgrounds as they chose.  It was pretty cool to watch.  It is a sixteen minute video.  The advocates are people who use John Deere products every day for their business.  They tell John Deere what they would like to see for features on their products.  Sarah Jo's husband Andy works for John Deere (they live in Iowa).  He is an engineer and works with the skid steer line.  Andy has been in Vegas working this week at this convention, and will return home on Sunday night.
I  am looking forward to coming home tomorrow, but it will be weird to leave the kids too.  Sarah was teasing me today, she said to me "You know mom, you aren't going to stay are going home.  I think you made me break my leg so that you could come and stay....Bwahhh..haaa"   
Very funny Sarah.... Nope Sarah...I didn't see this one coming!!!  You took me by surprise!!!!!

Have a good one!!!  Elaine


You're so Sweet cards

Remember awhile back when I said I was working on a batch of 25 cards!?!?!?  Well here are some of them.  They all have the same lay out, which adds interest to the card while using up decorative papers.

It was a very busy day today.  Zach was home today as he is getting into a hard area of his EMT class, and Sarah and I both worked with him to prep for it.  He had made up flash cards, and while she was napping, I helped him study.  I prepared three meals today, and I had numerous phone calls about Diane.  She is doing okay.  It is a good thing she had the surgery as the gall bladder was mushy and it would have turned into gangrene if it hadn't been removed.  She was in a lot of pain this morning but they got that under control.  She asked to talk with me, and we talked a little bit then then her daughters took the phone away from her as they said she was getting loopy!!!  Ha ha.  It sound to me like she had something in her mouth, but I guess that was the drugs talking.  I don't know when she will be coming home yet.  I hope to see her when I am home this weekend.  I started a "to do" list for the weekend, things to take home, things to bring back, and things I want to try and take care of while I am there.  Jerri from Sarah's work came over tonight to give Sarah a pedicure, and she had supper with us.  Sarah had me make a run to Walgreen's to pick up some things for her and to get a bottle of chocolate brown nail polish.  She is standing up in Deanna Helms wedding next weekend, and the dresses are a Robin's egg blue, with a chocolate brown sash, and shoes.  So Jerri painted her toes a chocolate brown and it sounds like it will be Zach and my job to put a top coat on them every day between now and the wedding to keep them nice..  This Friday is the bacherlette party.  Sarah won't be able to participate in all of it but she wants to try and go to the dinner for a little while.  I hope she can make it through it.  She is making great improvement this week and is getting around so much better.  It is wonderful to see.

Sarah asked me to make some Get well cards for her, and I got three of them made in between other activites.  It should have been called a "limited supplies" challenge (they really do have limited supply challenges).  It was really hard to work with so few supplies......I am definitely spoiled with the amount of stuff that I have at home.  I plan on bringing some stuff back with me on Sunday, as I want to get some samples made for April's event.  I am glad that I got a lot of stuff done this winter as I sure haven't done much here.  I am to buay with other stuff!  I did finish the baby blanket yesterday, and I crocheted a few flowers with some embroidery floss.  They are turning out really cute.

I almost forgot to tell you that Zach did well on the three tests he had tonight.  I am so glad as he was really nervous about it.  He said he felt like an expentant father in a waiting room when he walked into gbd class room tonight.  They also gave "shots" for the first time.  He said that the girl that had to give him a shot was so nervous.  Her hands were shaking, and she kept saying she couldn't do it.  Zach kept reassuring her that he was fine, it would be fine, and that she wouldn't hurt him.  I guess after about six tries, she finally got up the nerve to do it, after Zach and the instructor told her to take deep breaths.  It is so fun to hear about his classes, and fire calls.  They get into some interesting situations and he is so very proud of being a firefighter..
Have a great day!  Elaine

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New tulip towel

Doesn't this towel make you "Think Spring!"
It is a new tulip towel that I have been making.  Funky and fun!!!

A busy day here in Dallman land!  Sarah Jo and the two kids were here for a visit this afternoon.  Zach got off work early today due to the rain, so we met him out at Jimmy's house so that Sarah could take a shower.

I spent a lot of time on the phone today.  Diane had to have emergency gallbladder surgery tonight.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Today was Breezee's funeral too, and our hearts were with Nancy and family even though we could not attend.  We will really miss him, the flea market won't be the same with out him this year.

I fell asleep on the bed tonight with the lap top next to me, and when I woke up, the laptop which was right next to my right side, had burnt my skin through my shirt!  I have a big red blotch and a white mark on my skin.  When Zach came home from fire drill, I said to him, I need an EMT.  He said why?  I told him what had happened and showed him the burn.  He laughed, and couldn't believe it.  Since then he has been teasing me.....when I went upstairs to go to bed, he says to me "Don't burn yourself ! "  I have a sneaking suspicion that I am never going to hear the end of that one!  LOL

Zach doesn't have any plans this weekend so the kids decided to give me a break and that I could go home for the weekend.  So I will be coming home some time on Friday night.  It will feel strange to leave here, but it will be good to sleep in my own bed for a few nights, and to see the kitties.  I have big plans to get some stamping done!!!!!  And some cleaning.....:-(  Probably more of the first !  :-D

Jenna had a job interview for Spanish medical translating today, and she felt it went very well.  So we are hoping that she gets this job as it would work so well with her family.  The next step if chosen would be to take a test next week, and if hired, she would start the following week.  They are looking for someone for weekdays, Mon. thru  Fri. and you tell them when you are available to work for the next week, and then they schedule appointments in those time slots.  So this would be perfect for her to work around Antonio and Diana's schedule.  Antonio is always off Tuesday's so she plans on reserving that for a family day, but otherwise I think she will try and work when he is off.  He works a lot of hours on the weekends, and has been working a lot at night.  So are thoughts are if God feels it is the right timing for her family for her to get this job, if not, she will be content until it is the right time.

Sarah has been getting herself in and out of bed now and it is great to see her making such good progress.  The past two days have been pretty good for her as far as feeling sick.  Switching back to Vicoden has been a good thing for her as the side effects of the Oxycotin were terrible for her.  She still gets nausea when the pain medication is wearing off, she is stretching it to six hours right now, but she says she can distract herself pretty good now, unlike before.  So this is good news. 

Sarah's class has been chattering on face book about having a five year class reunion, and after we talked about it today, she decided, after I suggested it, that she is going to start a memorial scholarship fund for her friend Kendra that past away last year.  Kendra was very good at Art, so Sarah would like the scholarship to go to an Art major.  So she was busy making some phone calls today to find out more information on how to get this started.  So far, she has had a positive response from her classmates about doing this.

That"s all for today folks!  Elaine

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello from the Dallman's!  It was back to work today for Zach.  First thing this morning I made Sarah and I smoothies and fried eggs on english muffins.  I was working on my baby afghan and Sarah and I were talking.  I keep finding out more things the kids did that I didn't know about when they were living at home.  The stories Sarah tells.....I can't believe that she didn't tattle on the older kids!  She was telling me today that Luke and Jordy had locked her in my closet and wired the bifold doors shut while I was at work, then they took other hangers and straighten them out and stuck them through the cracks between the doors and poked them at her.  She was laughing her head off about it, she thought it was quite smart of them!  LOL  Then she was telling me about the time she was maddest at Jenna.  How Jenna had her pinned to the floor and the she urped up flem and spit it on Sarah's forehead!  MAN!!!!  KIds!  Then we decided to watch the first movie in the Twilight series.  Sarah's friend and co worker Gerry brought them over for us to watch.  I guess she has been bugging Sarah for awhile to watch them and now she said that Sarah didn't have any excuses, that she had plenty of time.  We didn't think that we would like it.  Sarah said we would try the first one and that if we didn't like it that we wouldn't watch the rest.  We both liked it and were quite captivated by it all, much to our surprise!

I made a trip to Pamida late this evening and then worked on some coloring of images while Sarah napped tonight.  I was quite amazed today at how fast she is improving.  She can sometime get herself out of bed now, and when she does ask for help, she is doing most of the work herself now with her leg.  It is more like I am just there to guide it.  So that is great to see, and gives her some encouragement!

She received a plant today from their friends Bill and Janet, and she had another piece of "happy mail" today, a card from Darla. She has been getting cards most every day, and loves it.  I think there has only been one day so far that she hasn't had some "happy mail", some days she will have two cards.   Her sister in law Sarah and the kids are planning on coming over for a visit tomorrow and I think her friend Trista might stop too.  So it sounds like we will be having a busy day.

Hunter was a little wild child tonight when I took him outside to go to the bathroom.  I don't know if there was something in the yard somewhere or what.  He kept running back and forth across the yard, trying to get around the house, and I swear he sniffed every inch of the yard that he could reach.  He nearly pulled me over the porch railing the first time I had him out tonight and the second time he was out, he knocked the pole over for the bird feeder, and knocked the feeder on the ground.  So the first thing when Zach came home from his EMT school, I had to tell him about it so he could get it put back together!  Elaine

Monday, March 21, 2011

A rainy day

Wow!  I can't believe so many days have gone by since I have blogged!  Zach and Josh got the wireless hooked up last night so I can now use my lap top, and use it anywhere I want to which is great!  It is so nice to be working on my own machine again.  I am upstairs on the bed right now, catching up on things.  We had lots of company yesterday.  Jenna, Diana, and Mason came from Milwaukee yesterday to see us, and my Mom came from Adams.  It was so good to see everyone.  Grammie got her Mason fix while Jenna and Diana went to Tanger Mall.  They really enjoyed their shopping trip and would like to go their again the next time they come in this direction.  Mason is growing so fast, and is adorable of course.  We all enjoyed him very much.

Sarah continues to improve a little each day, and we have settled in now.  She is starting to watch TV, do word searches, and she played Mario with Zach tonight.  That was a funny thing to watch as they bantered back and forth.  Zach said I had my own entertainment (I was crocheting) and I said yes, and it is free can't beat that.  Of course Hunter was up to mischief, as he figured out quite quickly that the kids weren't paying attention to him.  The dog is a full time job when he is around, but he is also quite entertaining.  He usually behaves pretty good, but after being kenneled most of the day while we had company yesterday, he was full of mischief today!!!  Sarah is thrilled to be able to go on the internet from her bed, and that kept her busy most of today, answering all the messages that she had on face book.  It will be good for her to connect with the outside world, and it will make things seem more normal for her.  She is having a hard time with being confined to bed now, as she is a person who never sits around.  She is always busy doing something so this is a big change for her.  She is really enjoying her "happy mail", and loves receiving it.  Thank you to all of you who have sent her something.  She appreciates all the good thoughts and prayers.

We are enjoying their "instant" net flicks.  We watched a ventriloquist/comedian the other day and we both died laughing!  Another thing we watched is the old movie "The Incredible Mr. Limpent" with Don Knotts.  It was fun to watch that again.  Another Don Knotts that we plan on watching is "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".  Sarah has been busy picking out all kinds of things for us to watch. 

I took a long nap this afternoon, longer than I had planned on, and I am not the least bit sleepy, which isn't  Oh well, that is the way it goes~Have a good one!!!  Elaine

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah's doctor's appointment

Hello-  Sarah's doctor's appointment went well.  They removed the stitches and staples.  She has two screws holding the rod in place in the knee and two in the ankle.  She can take a shower tomorrow afternoon but will need to sit down to take it as she can't stand.  We are thinking of using a folding chair.  She switched her medication from Oxycotin to Vicoden late this afternoon and so far it is working well.   She was just having so many side effects from the Oxy that she thought she would give it a try.  She has two excerises she can do.  One is to have a towel put under her leg and then she is to try to press her knee down into it.  The other excerise is to lift her leg.  We can help her do this until she can do it on her own.  Her leg is now unbandaged, and it feels so different to lift it for her without that.  She was able to wiggle her toes a little bit today and can move the knee a little the past few days, so she is improving.  Her next doctor's appointment is April 12.  Zach went to get bandages after we got her settle in, and brought us all back ice cream.  They have a great ice cream shop in town.  He got me Peanut Butter cup.  Yum, yum.  Sarah says she is going to break my chocolate and computer addiction while I am here.  LOL  And Zach threatened to take the lap top back to his folks house.   And little do they know, I hardly get on the computer at all here compared to when I am at home!!!   I said that you have to keep the slaves  That is what Sarah calls Zach and I, her slaves.  She says that she has to keep the slave ALIVE so that I can take care of her if she needs me again.  :-D  Well, I wish them much lucky on reforming me.  Any whoo....the icecream was a wonderful treat.  Mom called tonight, and so did Beth and I had nice long visits with both of them as Zach didn't go to fire practice and was home tonight.  He decided that he had better rest up tonight so that he doesn't get sick.  So far, everyone seems to be okay.  I think the ice cream cured every one.  Ha Ha :-D 

I was just on the Stampin' UP Demonstrator website and I looked at the upcoming Summer Mini Catalog that will be starting in May.  Oh guys are going to love it!!!   Lots and lots of cool things that you are going to want.   It is really going to be hard for me to decide what to order first to show you! 

Don't forget, you have till the end of the month to get your order's in for Sale-A-Bration!!!!
Have a good night!  Elaine


Zach is off as Sarah has a doctor's appointment today and he wanted to be there to talk with the surgeon.  They are at the appointment right now.  They made a list of questions to ask so hopefully we will know more of what the recovery period from this injury is going to be like.  I went up town this morning and went to the thrift shops and Pamida.  It was good to get out for awhile.  I plan on going back to Pamida tomorrow to buy some cooler clothes as this house is like a  Way too warm for me in here.  When I came home, Sarah told me that neithor one of them is feeling well, and that they feel like they are getting sick.  I sure hope not.  We don't need that on top of everything else.  The mail just came and Sarah will be happy, as I see their is some "happy mail" as I call it.  It looks like there are a couple of cards.  She calls it happy mail now too and says it is the highlight of her day.  I am getting a headache so I think I will lay down for awhile.  Elaine

Monday, March 14, 2011


Good Evening!  Today I napped when Sarah napped, as my back is acting up, and it seemed to really help.  It was a quiet day, Zach was working and he took Hunter with him.  Sarah and I tried our first outing today.  She got her hair washed at the beauty salon.  It has been 7 days since she has showered and her hair was driving her nuts, even with using the dry shampoo which helped alot.  Her hairstylist came in on her day off with her two little boys which I entertained while Amanda washed Sarah's hair.  Fortunately the kids Dad arrived and took care of the one year old as he was toddling all over the place getting into things.  It was nice that the salon allowed us to come in while it was closed.  It is such a project to do anything, you wouldn't believe it unless you would see what we go through, because at the moment, the right lower leg is pretty useless, so Sarah's whole body has to compensate for it, and it is very tiring for her.  It is good that I have the van, as we have her sit on the edge of the middle set of seats which is like a bench.  I take her crutches, get them put in, then slowly lift her leg up and then she lifts her self with her arms, and scootches with her good leg across the seat so that her back is against the other door with the broken leg on the seat, then I carefully lift up her leg again while trying to get a rag quilt under it to get it elevated and straight.  Four times we have to go through this process before we do it again to get her back in bed.  But she is such a trooper and does it with a smile most of the time, but it is very painful for her.  After a dose of pain medicine, and some food, she was ready for a nap.  Gotta go for today.  Me

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday at the Dallman's

We had visitors for about an hour this afternoon, which is about the perfect amount of time for Sarah right now.  Zach's sister Sarah, Sarah's husband Andy, and their children Olivia and Henry were here.  We all enjoyed their visit very much.  They live about 2 hours away in Iowa.  They made up some meals and brought along which was very thoughtful.  Tonight, I baked the pizza crust Sarah made and then made a Hawaain pizza with the toppings she sent along.  It turned out good, and Zach who doesn't care for Hawaiin pizza even liked it.  I washed my clothes today, which was exhausting as their steps are in the basement.   Way too many trips up and down them.  I went up and took a nap after that.  I am going to have Zach carry the basket upstair for me as I thought I was going to fall down the steps carrying it down from upstairs.  They live in an old house with narrow steps.  But I am getting used to it.  I did some coloring with my copics this morning, so I will have some images ready to use when I get home.  We rearranged the living room tonight as the corner Sarah was is very hot.  I can hear them moving stuff again, so maybe they decided it should be different and she may have Zach moving things again.  I am feeling alot more rested since I had the nap this afternoon.  Elaine

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sarah's address

If you would like to send Sarah a card, here is her address:
Sarah Dallman
500 Clark Street
Reedsburg, WI

She has really been enjoying the cards, flowers, and gifts that she has been receiving, it really brightens her day!  Elaine

Saturday with Sarah

I finally got a chance to get to the computer.  The computer is in the office and sometimes we have Hunter go in there while Sarah is napping, and if I am in here too, he gets all wound up and won't be quiet.  I am pleased to say...and so is Sarah, that Hunter is listening to me very well and is doing what I tell him too.  Twice today, I got him to sit, and stay on his bed while we were getting Sarah in and out of bed, so I didn't have to put him in the office.  He is good about not getting in her way once she is up and walking on the crutches but kind of likes to be in the "middle" of things while we are transporting.  So he got a couple of treats today. 
Yesterday, Lennard was here in the afternoon to see Sarah, and he brought her cheese curds, and a couple of vegetable bowls, and dip.  In the evening her in-laws were here and we had taco's together.  Zach had his first on call for ambulance last night and he was real excited about that.  He is in the middle of his EMT course and needs to go on 5 ambulance rides.  So he had two of them last night, the second one being a transport to Madison, so he got in late.  The animals got all confused last night as I had went up to bed at 10:30 and the second call was at 11 so I was back down stairs again.  Hunter and Whiskey were horsing around and Hunter wouldn't settle down.  I had fallen asleep and he was in my face talking to me.  He couldn't understand why I was still "up", as I normally am upstairs out of sight at night and he didn't understand why Zach wasn't there.  So we finally decided that I should go upstairs to bed, and Sarah would call me when she needed to get up.  She must have fell asleep as my phone didn't ring, and I think she got up when Zach got home from Madison.  This seems to be how crazy our days are all the 
I got up around 5:30 to see if she need anything, so got her to the bathroom and back, more water, some applesauce, and whatever else she asked for, then got her laying back down again.  We have to pick up her leg so she can sit up in bed, to eat, or to lay down, or to get in and out of bed.  Moving is very painful for her, so we move slowly and carefully, trying not to bump her leg.  So after I got her situated, I went back up and slept till about 11.  While I was sleeping Zach took care of her and she got washed up in the bathroom today, a first.  She is very resourceful for finding little tricks to do things on her own when she can.  There friend Mark was here in the afternoon for a long visit.  Zach had a bowling tournament fundraisor today for the firedepartment and was gone from about 11:30 till 6:30.  Tomorrow, Mark gets confirmed at St. Peters where Sarah and Zach go to church.  Sarah really wishes that she could be there as she is the one that got Mark interested in being confirmed, but Zach will go to support Mark.  Gotta run.  Elaine

Friday, March 11, 2011

Settling In

Today finds us all a little more rested and settled in.  Sarah had a good night last night so when I came down this morning, everyone looked more rested and was in "smiles".  Zach went back to work today, and he took Hunter, their dog with him.  So it is pretty quiet with just the two of us, Whiskey the cat, and Mr. Mean green the turtle.  Sarah is napping right now so I thought I would take a quick moment to get on the computer and give you an update.  If I don't answer an email, it is because I haven't had a lot of time to be on here.  I am either getting Sarah up and down, helping with her personal care, cooking, or cleaning.  Plus the dog has to go out a lot to go to the bathroom and is a lot of work too.  But he loves me to pieces which we are very happy about, and he listens pretty good.  We discovered last night that he knows that Sarah can't take him outside, as she asked him about 3 times if he wanted to go outside, and usually he will get all excited and run for the door, well he didn't until I said it.  He has it figured out that I will take him but she can't.  Funny, how animals pick things up so fast.  He has been good not to jump on her or bumper her leg.  Some times we tell him to kennel up and put him in the office if he seems a little rambucious, but for the most part he seems to understand that something is not right with Sarah. 
Zach is happy camper as I made him lasagna last night for supper.  He loves lasagna and took some for work today.  I keep offering to make him something to eat, and he keeps telling me no, that he isn't hungry right now.  He doesn't seem to want to bother me, so at least now, we know he will eat and be happy!
I went to Walgreens again today to get ice packs for Sarah.  Now we have 2 big ones and can rotate them back and forth.  Yesterday I got dry shampoo for her and detangler that you spray in.  Zach installed a bar in the bathroom last night after he finished unclogging the toilet.  You know when it rains it pours!!!  But everyone is dealing with it all well, and we are doing our best to help Sarah and keep her comfortable!  Elaine

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sarah's surgery

Hello-  I thought that I would give you an update about Sarah's surgery.  Everything went well.  We had a very long day as we were up at 6;30 to have breakfast as she couldn't eat after 7.  Zach went out snowplowing around 5 am I think, not sure exactly as I was sleeping upstairs.  I take my cell phone up there so that Sarah can call me if she needs me.   Our day was full of activity and phone calls, and they finally had us leave for the hospital in Baraboo after 2pm.  She went into surgery at 2:50 and came out around 5:30.  The surgeon said all went well with the surgery.  I asked how long she would be on crutches and he said atleast 6 weeks and she should be able to put light pressure on it by then.  So at this point in time, I am guessing that I will be here at least 6 weeks, maybe longer depending upon how things heal. Her nurse for the evening had jumped out of a burning building that was 25 or 30 feet off the ground when she was 22, the same age as Sarah, and she had the same surgery that Sarah just had.  She shared her story with us, along with her up's and down's and battles she has had to face.  She really has had a long haul, and many surgeries, but at 31 she is now walking with out a cane, and is pain free.  Sarah was very happy to meet her.  I asked Sarah if she had scared her at all, and she said no, that she knew that this isn't going to be an easy road ahead of her.  So we will take things one day at time, and pray her healing goes well.  That is all we can do.  I am just so glad to be here to help her and support her.  Please keep us all in your prayers!  Love, Elaine

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Sarah

It has been a whirl wind couple of days.  Zach ended up calling the emergency room Monday night and they gave Sarah stronger drugs as what she was taking wasn't cutting it.  It has made her a lot more comfortable which is good.  I arrived around 1 yesterday afternoon and I went to the doctor's appointment with them.   It was a long wait and by the time we picked up her prescription, we didn't get back till 5:30.  Her meds had worn off, she hadn't eaten since early morning as she was hoping the surgery would be done yesterday, but that didn't happen.  So we quickly got her in the chair, we got some meds and food in her and she perked up again.  She will be having surgery sometime today.  We don't know the time for sure yet, the hospital should be calling shortly.  They will be putting a rod in her leg, and the surgery is suppose to take an hour.  Two slits in her leg, one by the ankle and one by the side of the knee.  The doctor feels this is the best option for her because if they had cast it, the leg may end up shorter. than the other one, and may not heal right.  The doctor felt that this was her best chance of it healing correctly, so this is the option they decided to go with.  It is broke near the  lower calf area in the lower leg, and the small bone is broke in 4 or 5 places, and the large bone in one place.  The doctor says if the large bone heals right, with the rod, that the small bones will heal around it.  It is a 5 month recovery period he says, and then the xray should look normal.  She will wear a splint I think for a few days and will have a doctors appointment again on Tuesday.  She is a model patient so far, so thoughtful and considerate of everyone else, and so appreciative of our help.  I feel bad for her being in such pain, but I am enjoying my time here very much.  Please keep up her in your prayers that all goes well today with the surgery, and that she heals well!  Thanks!  Elaine

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor Sarah!

Today's post is going to be short as I have a lot of things to do.  I have some sad news to share with you.  My daughter Sarah fell on the ice today and broke her leg.  It was a bad break and she will be seeing a surgeon tomorrow afternoon.  I am going to be going to Reedsburg to help her.  Please keep Sarah in your prayers, that all goes well with the surgery and that she has a speedy recovery.  Thanks!  Elaine

Crochet Ponytails

This is a cute little pattern that I found on the web where you use crochet cotton and you crochet around a ponytail.  I makes a cute little ruffle in someone's hair when they are doubled up.  I have a nice little pile of them.

Today I went to Stevens Point for a visit to my friend Ron's house.  He invited me up for a visit, and I had my very first grilled food in 2011!!!  Delicious steak and he made homemade potato salad to boot.  Yummy!  The roads were dry, and the sun was shining, and it was good traveling weather, for a change!  It was good to get out of the house, and out of Dodge!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Bow tie Snowman Towel

This is a new bow tie snowman towel I have been making.  He has a folk art look to him.

Sara Ricci was over today for a visit this morning.  It was good to visit.  This afternoon I decided that I needed to get out of the house for awhile as I had not been out of the house since Monday and I was getting a little bit of cabin fever.  So I went to Practical Cents and to Don Smiths.  I found a real good deal on some yarn at Don Smiths and I have been working on a baby afghan this evening with some of the yellow baby yarn that I bought, and I have been watching old movies while crocheting.  Have a good one!  Elaine

Friday, March 4, 2011

Coloring day

Stamp Set : Party Hearty

Bird is from Stamp set: Friends 24/7

Hello!  Yesterday I posted information about sending cards and packages to the troops.  I heard from Lynnette this morning, and this is what she had to say:
If anyone wants to send a surprise in the mail to any of the soldiers, Meghan said they would love to receive used paperback books, used magazines, word search, crossword puzzles, and ... apparently Turkey Jerky is high on the wish list! Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!  I plan on sending out a box to Meghan next week.  This is such a good way to support our troops, to show them we appreciate them and to let them know we are thinking about them.  Lynnette also sent a second message that I felt I should share with you:  Just looked at your blog! Thanks again!!! Meghan is a crafter so I know she will be delighted to see any creative cards that might arrive for her platoon!!!! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Support your troops!

Hi!  I received this note from my friend Lynnette on face book today.  For those of you who have heard me talk about Lynnette's mother, my friend Jeannette Woodruff  Batko, this is her grand daughter Meghan.  I would love it if some of my stampers would make cards to send to them.  Elaine
Lynnette Woodruff Traas March 3 at 2:36pm 
Hello FB friends,
Received word my daughter Meghan arrived in Iraq. This is her third deployment. I think it would be great for the soldiers in Meghan's platoon to receive mail from home during the year they are away. I am still waiting for her to send names of individual soldiers. In the interim, she said she would distribute mail to soldiers if sent to her attention.
If you know of an organization (church, workplace, etc.) interested in sending mail to troops, please share the address! Thank you! Lynnette

1LT Meghan Ramos
APO AE 09331

For packages:

Regardless of value or contents, every Priority Mail International package must bear a completed PS Form 2976-A Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note that is inserted into Plastic Envelope, PS Form 2976-E.

Itty bitty Crocheted Hearts

These are some teeny tiny crocheted hearts that I have been making.  I put a quarter next to them so you could see how small they are.  I have never crocheted with crochet thread before, nor anything this tiny, so it is a little challenging for me.  But they are oh so cute, and they will be fun to put on a project.  Look for them on something in the near future!

I decided not to go to Milwaukee to see Mason and the kids because my back is still acting up.  Note the very, very, sad face.  :-(  Nor did I go to the Hollman's 88th birthday party that is going on right now, nor Yackette's.  I started my steroid pack today and am going to do my best to rest, not aggravate my back by lifting anything that can make things worse.  But, I had a busy day even so.  It started out with a visit from my mom this morning, talking with Diane on the phone and her stopping over to pick up a bank deposit.  She took it to the bank for me so I wouldn't have to go out today.  I had a stamping order to get put in so I did that after Di left and after I finished chit chatting with Colleen on the IM.  UPS was here with two embossing folders that had been on back order.  Sue Bartels picked her's up later.  I had a surprised visit from Susie Smith this afternoon.  She is back from her Texas vacation and it was so good to see her, hear all about her trip, and get caught up with each other.  Next on the agenda was to return a phone call to Jenna and I also took a nap.  I had a few more quick phone calls and I had some email's from Corrinne when I woke up and she sent pictures and wrote about the quilt show she was helping with the day of my birthday party.  It was fun to see all the quilt's, it was just like being there with her, listening all about them.  Thanks Corrinne, and you sure have a nice collection of them yourself!  I just went out and got the mail, and had some chicken that was simmering away in the slow cooker all day.  Yummy.  I need to go take another steroid pill, this will be the fourth one today and then will have 2 more to go.  I may be snoozing again as they are strong, and make me want to sleep.  Have a great night!!  Elaine

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank you cards

This is the card that I made to thank people for the birthday gifts that they gave me for my birthday.  I used some retired sets on this one, Elegant Cheer, Beautiful Borders, and the Polka Dot background stamp.  I think the combination of those sets makes a beautiful card.

I have been in all day today.  I was suppose to go to the Rapids with Di but I decided to stay home as my back is bothering me.  It probably was a good thing I was home today, as Rachael and Linda were here to pick up order's in the afternoon, and Diane Waite was over in the morning to pick up her order and for a visit.  I slept a couple of hours in the afternoon, which I really needed.  This evening, I got my 3 door prizes made for Barb Cook's stamping party on Monday, March 14th.  I think the winner's will love them.  I shot some pictures of them, but you will have to wait till after the 14th to see them.  Aren't I a tease!?!?!

Well, I think I will wander out to the mail box and see if there is anything good inside it!!!  Until tomorrow....Elaine

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aunt Helen's Cherry Dessert

The dessert I made for the Rag Bag class was a big hit and I promised Becky that I would put the recipe on the blog. you go kiddo!!!!

Aunt Helen's Cherry Dessert

Make a graham cracker crust and place it in the bottom of a 9" x 13" pan.  I used two cups (1 sleeve of graham crackers) crushed, 1/3 cup of sugar, and 1/2 cup of melted butter, mixed together and patted into the bottom of the pan.  I reserved some crumbs to put on the top of the dessert.

In a large bowl, mix 1 can of Cherry Pie filling, 1 can of sweetened condescend milk, 1 regular sized can of crushed pineapple (drained), and 12 oz of cool whip.  Spread the mixture over the top of the graham cracker crumbs, and then garnish the top of the dessert with reserved graham cracker crumbs.  Refrigerate.  Yummy!

Batch of 25 #1

I mentioned several weeks ago that I was working on a batch of 25 cards, well here are some of them.  I will be showing you more of them in upcoming posts.

We had a fun time last night at the Rag Bag class.  It was fun to see all the different purses emerge!  Everyone had such different fabrics, that it was a real treat to see them all.  I am hoping that they will bring them in for March's stamping events and that you will get a peek at them.  The group did a fantastic job.  They turned out so cute!
I kind of had a laid back day today.  I went to bed late, and slept late this morning.  Lady Di stopped in for a visit after Community Quilting, and to see my new toys that arrived yesterday.  I had just started playing with them about an hour before she arrived so she got to see some of the die cuts I had made.  She thought what I had done so far was cute too.  After she left, I started assembling stamps and I started working on a card with a canning jar.  It turned out adorable.  I am really happy with it, and I had so much fun playing.  I have a second card in progress, but I quit to make some supper and watch TV.  My back is bothering me again, so I am kind of laying low.
I am going to go finish up some dishes and then head back down.  Have a good one.  Elaine