Thursday, May 6, 2010

A blast from the past!

My mom sent me this picture today that she received from her cousin Karen.  It is a picture of my Grandma Pabst (on the far left) age 24, her sister-in-law Myrtle, and her sister Julie.  When I was growing up, my Great Aunt Julie collected owls, and when I would go places with my Grandma, she would always be looking for owls for Julie.  They liked to give each other little gifts often and I remember that Great Aunt Julie was quite the crafter and quilter.  She was always working on something.  My Great Grandma, my Grandma, and my mom were also quilters and did a lot of embroidery and needle work.  I guess it was meant to be that I would do this too.  Now Brooke is showing interest in learning to sew.  She will probably be the quilter in the next generation, or maybe Sarah.  I hope I get to see it happen!  Elaine

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  1. What a wonderful old picture. Pretty ladies! I just love the old pictures and I do have some from my family. My thought was to scrapbook them as the album in falling apart. In fact that was one of the things I was going to do this past winter, but did not get at it.