Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Many things to be thankful for!

I have a couple more cards yet and I will be done showing you the ones from Year of Cards.  This one uses the background stamp Bella Toile which I have and love!  The twill is stamped with Thoughts and Prayers, another favorite of mine and the verse is from Wellness Wishes.  We used watercolor crayons to color the stamp with, then misted it with some water and stamped on the twill.  It gives it a cool water color effect and I had not done this kind of stamping on twill before.  I plan on bringing these cards for Show and Tell at Nadine's party on the 21st so you will get to see them in real life.  Only 5 more "sleeps" and demonstrators will be able to preorder certain items from the new catty.  Catalog changes are always so exciting for us.  I can't wait.  I seem to have a second sense at times when Stampin' UP! gets the website loaded with new things for us to see as I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, at the exact time it comes online.  My down line gets a kick out of this as I email them with news in the middle of the night, and they call me in the morning after they get my email!
Today I had another doctor's appointment in Mauston, plus they scheduled two more today.  I was teasing the receptionists that I was just going to bring a cot along with me and stay.  LOL  They thought that was pretty funny.  Kim rode along with me today, and she wanted to stop at Festival Foods to get a few things.  We had lunch at Subway.  I used my gift card that I got from Mom and Dad for Christmas again today.  Thanks for lunch MOM!  We stopped at Practical Cents when we got back to town and I found some pretty pink felt, brown and turquoise crochet cotton that I will use for running through buttons.  I was especially thrilled to find the turquoise today as I need that to tie Mason's baby quilt.  Once again, I found exactly what I needed at the thrift store, which I know is not a coincidence!  :-D  God is so good!  After I got home I headed to the bed with the phone and laptop and returned some phone calls.  Sandy Wellumson stopped over to pick up her stamping order and guess what she brought me!?!?!?  Fresh picked asparagus!  I made creamed asparagus over toast and it was so yummy!  Thank you so much Sandy!  It was a wonderful treat!! Beth was over to tonight and picked her order up and a few to deliver and we had such a nice visit as usual.  We have decided that we are going to start a book club, and read and discuss inspirational books.  Not any particular religion or necessarily religious books, just positive uplifting books and none that are fiction.  We both feel that there is too much negativism in the world.  Too many people hold on to grudges, are bitter, and are not living "in joy" like they could be.  We both really want to become better people and have had many discussions about how to do that, books we have read, etc.  It may just be her and I to begin with but if anyone wants to join us you are more than welcome to.  Just let me know.  Make it a great day!  Elaine

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