Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Lady Di look alike!

Some of you have been reading my blog or receiving pictures from me for some time.  If you think back, several years ago I went with Lady Di up to Black River Falls to a place she had rented for a week.  On the porch there were a bunch of flowers and plants.  Well this one plant looked like a head of hair.  She says to me....I want to you to take a picture of me with that on top of my head!  I laughed as you never quite know what wild and crazy idea's Di is going to come up with.  So of course I obliged.  And  month's later  when I was demonstrating the stamp set "Enjoy every moment" at Sandy Wellumson's 1st stamping party in her home, I whipped out this 6"x6" scrapbook page with the picture of the plant I had taken, on Lady's Di's head.  Of course everyone roared....LOL  Any you can see, I am up tonight when I should be sleeping and I found this blog with tons of pictures of hat's on it.  Magazine covers, catalog pages, etc.  Beautiful pictures of hats, and I saved a few for background papers that I am going to use with some of my sewing stamp images as some of them are like patterns to make the hats.  As I was scrolling through them, I found this picture, and immediately thought of Di and the plant.  This was shot it someone beat you to it Di.  I still think you should let me send in my scrapbook page of you in to Stampin' UP! for one of the contests.....I am sure I could is such a great picture....and you could say that you got published for your modeling work!!!!  Hee Hee  If any of you drive by and see me nailed to the big tree in my front lawn....or somewhere will know that Di tracked me down and that I couldn't out run her!  :-)  LOL
Enjoy your friends!  Boo

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