Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stand up Post a Note Holders

Having fun with my Brother Scan and cut.  I made these cute little post a note holders.  :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pampering Massage Soap Saver $5.00.

Treat your self to this luxurious massage soap saver or pick one up for a gift.  It would be really nice to gift it with a bar of homemade soap!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thrift Shop Haul

Today I had a doctors appointment over in Mauston so I hit the thrift shops while I was there, and also hit the one in town when I got back.  I thought you might enjoy seeing my finds.  The thing I am most excited about is still in the car, so you won't be able to see that.  I got a brand new, in the box, ironing board center that is in a cabinet that you attach to the wall.  You open the white cabinet door and the ironing board comes down from the wall.  When you are done ironing, you can lift it back up and shut the door.  It is going to look so nice in my sewing room and I am very excited to have found it!  Here are the rest of my treasures.  Lots of crafting supplies, and a few things for the grand kids.

Paint brushes, stencil brushes, check book covers (to decorate), travel pillows, puzzle book, and other book (I know Mason will be crazy about this book, as he loves facts, and learning).

A large bag of fiber fill which I will use for stuffing pillows.  A few skeins of yarn.  I could have bought a lot of yarn today, but I was a good girl and left it there!  :)  Those 2 skeins of crochet cotton were much too pretty to pass up!  A little paint by number set for my little future artist, Valentina.

These two bags of sequins/confetti I plan to use for making shaker greeting cards.  The gold one is the number 30, and the bag that has the shades of blues, are baby items, baby bottles, rattles, a baby carriage, sequins etc.  Cute stuff!  Now I am ready for a nap.  Have a great day!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Best Buds

I had a busy day today.  My friend Gloria stopped over for a short visit.  Someone stopped to pick put the press back chairs I sold them, and Deb came over to paint the inside of my porch closet.  We went for lunch at the Bar and Bowl, and I had a nap after she left.  I got into the stamping room tonight and designed this card with the Paper Smooches Stamp Set Best Buds.  I love these cute flowers in the mason jar.  I colored the images with my Copic Markers.  I am still learning how to do shading, and I continue experimenting with how to use them.  I love them, but coloring is definitely a learning process.  Maybe I am too hard on myself about it, but there are some people out there who really do an awesome job coloring images.   I would really like to take an advanced class with Copic Markors.  I saw that the stamp company My Favorite Things is having one in Florida.  I would love to attend that.....AND just stay for the winter!!!!  LOL

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!  #papersmooches

Friday, August 4, 2017


Today's card is made with two Paper Smooches Stamp sets, Sentiment Sampler, and Needle Little Love.  I love Paper Smooches quirky fonts, and Needle Little Love is an adorable sewing set, and was the very first stamp set I bought from them.

I thought I would share with you some of the steps I did with this card.

I thought it would be fun to stamp some flowers and leaves on colored card stock.  This is great to do when you want to pop out a card, and you don't feel like coloring.  That was me tonight!  :)  And if you are like have oodles of small pieces of card stock that need using up.  I got rid of 4 tonight, and have left overs to use on another project.  So I stamped these then let my Brother Scan N Cut2 cut them out for me.  In the picture above you can see my pile of them.  I also cut out a piece of white card stock 4" x 5 1/4" to use as my card front.  I played around with the leaves and flowers until I liked my lay out.

I used liquid glue to glue down the flowers and leaves, then put some of my stamp blocks on top of them while they dried.  This method works really well and they dry quickly!

I added this really thin foam tape to the back of my card front.  I went to an estate sale last week and bought a whole bunch of stamping stuff.  This roll of tape was in a bag I bought of adhesives.  I love how thin it is.   Here is a picture of it in case you would like to get some.  It has adhesive on both sides and is about 1/2" wide.

In this photo I thought I would give you a little tip on how to cut fishtails on the end of your sentiments.  Cut your piece of card stock to the desired width and finished length.  In the middle of the end of the card stock. Cut a slit as far as you would like your V to be. (Fig1)  Then take you scissor and cut from each tip to the middle of the V. (Fig 2 & 3)  If you take your time and do it slowly, it should turn out perfect!
I also put some of the mounting tape under the sentiment to pop it up and give the card some more dimension.  The front panel was mounted onto a white card base that was cut 5 1/2" × 8 1/4", and then was folded in half.

I thougt I would show you how to take the accessory stamps from a set stamp set to get more use and mileage out of your stamp sets.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Car Seat Cape

I have been working on this Car Seat Cape for a few months now for an order.  There was no rush as you can't wear something this warm in our hot Wisconsin summers!  I also have been having a lot of pain in my right hand, the past couple of months, so I kind of needed to take it easy.  It is feeling a lot better now....I hope it lasts!  This turned out to be a very pretty color combination.  I really like it.  :)
This photo shows a little better the slots for the arms.  I hope I get to see a picture of the little guy wearing his poncho.  :)
A view of it hanging!  I am excited to be back blogging again.  I have missed it!  The past few years I have been posting the things that I make on facebook.  If you would like to see what I have posted over there, click on the "Love What You Do" picture on the right side of the page.  I hope that you will leave comments....I love hearing from you!