Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Cool Dad

I promised you yesterday that I would post a picture of the other 2 Father's Day Cards I made last night.  Well here it is.  Kind of a fun cheerful card and a good way to use up some DSP strips.
It was even hotter today and it was pretty miserable to be out in but I am thankful that it wasn't raining.  Di came down and spent the afternoon with me which was really nice.  And, she even watched the stall for me so that I could go down and see Debby and Carol today.  On my way down to see them, I hit the jackpot!!  The crafting jackpot that is.  I saw a big box of felt sitting on the ground at one of the spaces and I bent over to look at it and the minute I touched the felt the gal said I could have the whole box for $5.00!  Wow....that was exciting!  I quickly paid her, and left the box there to pick up on my way back.  I picked up a few stamp sets from Debby after chit chatting a bit.  Melissa Varga and Barb Cook stopped by there while I was visiting too.  Both were surprised that I had escaped from Alcatraz....LOL   The man with the felt woman, carried the box of felt up for me to the stall.
Sarah was down this afternoon and we had a nice visit and Jenna called this afternoon too.  She was on her way to Madison as she had to work the closing shift at Olive Garden.  She has a speaker phone so we talked for most of her trip from Milwaukee to Madison until she started entering the city.  We decided that I am going to have to come to visit her in both June and July.  The first trip we will get Diana moved into her new room and the second trip will be to get the babies room set up, and to buy what ever else she needs.  Fun times, that is for sure!  It is definitely going to be a busy summer.
I watched the Season finale of 24 that I had recorded after I got home today.  Boy that was good.  I am sorry to see that show end.  I made a couple of card samples tonight for Nadine's party with Inspired With Nature.  I think I will go to bed now.  My back has been really tired today, and feel's weak.  Not a good sign, kind of a warning signal for me to cool it so I better hit the hay!  I hope you all had a good holiday weekend!  Elaine


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