Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart

Hello friends!  As a lot of you know, I did end up staying up for the retirement lists last night.  Colleen, my buddy from Oregon and I stayed up.  She was having trouble getting the lists so I ended up emailing them to her.  I finally went down about 3 am with the retired accessories list and turned off the light about 3:30.  I was back up by 7 and the sleep I did get was not good sleep.  Poor Melissa had to put up with me on the phone today as I sure couldn't think straight today, especially this morning.  It is going to be an early night tonight!  I reinked all of my ink pads today and sorted out the current from the retiring and have them in different sections now in my ink pad holder.  The ribbon order came today, and I need to get that cut yet so everyone can get their share of it.  Breeze mowed my lawn or should I say hay field!  LOL  He didn't want to mow it last week as he felt it was too dry.  He ended up mowing it twice today.  Di stopped over this afternoon and brought me two of the most delicious brownies.  Yum Yum...thank you Di!  I had to go to the bank today and to the library.  I ran into Pat Boyle outside of the library and we had a real nice visit.  It was so good to see her and I can't wait till she comes back to stamping in the fall.  She is such a sweet heart!  While I was up town I decided that I should check out Practical Cents.  Do you remember when I found the box of felt at the flea market this weekend1!?!  Well Debby said I had "lucky" written all over my face.  She will probably be thinking the same thing today!  Actually, the correct word is blessed, and that is why I titled my post the way I did.  It is one of my favorite bible verses and every time I find one of these deals, I know it is not by accident, it is a gift from God.  He puts me in the right place at the right time, to find the "desires of my heart" at a price I can afford.  Now I bet you are just dieing to find out what I found today.  Well, many things and I will tell you those in a minute, but the really great find was a rolling cart with a hanging file folder box.  I have been wanting something like this for a while.  I actually found one a while ago that is a little different so now I have two of them.  But this one is even nicer as it has a hanging folder box and I just put half of my current card stock in it, and I am going to put the other half in the other one, which I will now be able to have in my stamping room right by my desk and not in the bathroom any more.  And you won't believe what I paid for it.  $3.00 !!!!!!  It was marked $6.00 which I would have been thrilled to pay, but everything in the store was half off today!  My total bill today was $10.69 with the rolling cart and here is what I got: a new bottle of baby powder for Mason, a new package of recipe cards, 2 rolls of ribbon, a new bottle of Avon Naturals Raspberry body lotion, a little brown metal pail that I will fix up, a cute piece of fabric that has bears and school stuff on it that I will make something for Mason with, a book "A Woman's High Calling, 10 Essentials of Godly Living ( perhaps Beth and I will use this for our book group), a picture frame, a large basket that I will use for displaying items, 13 plastic cookie cutters, 14 metal cookie cutters, and black round plastic carousel that I plan on storing stamping supplies in.  So I am a happy camper and feeling very thankful!!!   And I am very blessed to have all of you in my life!  Elaine

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