Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jar of Cards

This jar of cards was a UFO (unfinished projects) that I finished in the month of December. I had made up these cards in August or September, stuck them in the jar but hadn't finished decorating the lid. I decided that they needed something so took them out of there sleeves and did some more work on them. I am happy with how they look now. I have alot more UFO's around that I hope to finish up in the next few months. It is a good feeling when you finally get back to them and get them done! I challenge you in 2009 to get your UFO's done!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hoodie Cards

These hoodie cards are a batch of cards that I made for my sister for Christmas. She has alot of young adult neices and nephews on Mike's side of the family, and 2 on our side. So I thought I would focus her batch of cards to be suitable for this age group and some other cards I thought she could use. AND....I had wanted to play with the new stamp set I had bought when we went down to GinaK's. I just love this stamp set. I think that it is drawn so very well and also love that they made an additional set of stamps that have wording that is perfectly sized in portion to go with it. I really had fun playing with it. Sometimes I don't think I ever grew up because I sure do like new toys!!!!
Yesterday I went down to Sarah's and I brought some of my stuff along to play with. We made 16 cards for her and two tags. So she will have some cards to work with. The next batch we will probably do will be Valentines. It is so much fun to share something I love doing with my daughters. They are just starting to get into scrapbooking. Sarah has a very nice scrapbook that she has done. She likes to work with the smaller size one's and has done a 9 x 9 and is starting an 8 x 8. We will also probably scrap her wedding pictures together as we were talking about that yesterday too. After I left her house I went to Kohl's and used my gift card from my mom and dad to buy some new jewelry with it. It was so much fun! I absolutely love Kohl's jewelry and it is very hard to decide what to choose but I love the process! I decided on a pair of Sonoma earrings and necklace. I have always loved costume jewelry and it sure gives my thrift store clothes a boost! Tee hee! Well...I am off to work. I only have 4 months till the flea market starts again so I need to start working on stuff for that! Make it a great day! Boo

Monday, December 29, 2008


I made this calendar for my brother-in-law Mike for Christmas for his desk at work. He teaches woodworking at Clintonville, WI. They actually have the students go out and build buildings in the community. Mike got this program set up. They have built garages, a small business, an atrium out in the country, and several brand new homes. He has taken me to see his projects and they are awesome! He does beautiful work and is such a patient and kind person. I am sure his students just love him! He has been a real good male role model for my girls, a wonderful husband to my sister, and father to my niece and nephews. He is just overall a great guy and gets along with everyone. Here are the pictures of the scrapbook pages I made for it.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kindness Matters Wall Quilt

Good Morning! Today's post will be about the wall quilt I made for Sarah and Zach for Christmas for there house. Sarah painted the wall's in there dining room a dark chocolate and when I was there the last time I was thinking that they would be a perfect background for a wall quilt. So I decided to make this one for them for Christmas. Sarah absolutely loved it and said that she could have not picked out the colors in it better herself. That is quite the compliment coming from her as she is selective about what she likes when it comes to decorating. We are talking about getting together to scrapbook this week and if she has it put up by the time I get there, I will shoot a picture of it hanging up. I didn't have anyone around while I was shooting this picture so had to lay it on the table and it doesn't do it justice!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recipe Book

I made this recipe album for Sarah for Christmas. She absolutely loved it. She loves to cook and is always looking for recipes on the internet. She had asked me a couple of months ago if I would write down some of my recipe's for her. So I picked out 20 family favorites for her recipe book. I decided to mostly give her main dish recipes as I knew that she needed those the most and then picked out a few other's that if something happened to me that I knew they would be looking for. I also bought her a cookbook that the whole book is recipes that are made with 4 ingrediants. She was very happy about that too! I shot a few pages for you to see. The front cover, a page inside and a picture of the inside back cover. I used colors that she is decorating with in her house. The cover is front the retired Simply Scrappin Kit Tie The Knot which I also had made a stand up photo of her and Zach with. I used the wheel from her wedding invitations on the bottom of the recipe cards. Added a little punch of pumpkin pie as her counter tops are that color to kind of tie things together. I made it with Stampin Up's On Board 5 x 5 bitty book. I ended up removing some of the pages as I had added card stock on top of them and it was getting too thick too close! But it is cool because it will stand up by itself!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scrapbook Tile

Good Morning from Mayberry! We got more snow over the evening. It just keeps coming. I am very thankful that I can stay in and not be out on slippery roads! I wanted to share with you the gift that Jeannette made me for Christmas. I don't often receive handmade gifts. When I do receive them, I really appreciate them as I understand all the hard work and love that goes into them! Jeannette loves to paint things in miniature and she painted this tile for me of me scrapbooking and all the idea's dancing through my head! The book says Scrap Book on the cover. She also painted a tile for my mom about excersising and Curves. She also has a book in her hands. My mom likes to read and is a big fan of Curves and has recruited many people for Curves. Any hoo....this is a special gift that I received and I put it up on the shelf above my computer so it will be safe (from Taffy! I hope!) and I will be able to look at it often as I spend numerous hours over here by the computer. As one of my friends likes to call it...."my command center"! Boo

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dream DeJour Cards & Box

Hi! It seems like forever since I have posted. Everything I am working on now is for gifts yet so haven't been able to post anything. You will have lots to see and read soon! On Tuesday, the lunch bunch met, minus Fran who is in Florida for the winter. I made this box and 8 mini card set for Jeannette for Christmas, using the Bella Rose Paper (I just love it) and the Dream De Jour stamp set. I love working with the In Colors and will be sad when they retire in July next year but always seem to love the new ones so I like that they do retire them and bring us new colors to play with!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Road Trip To Gina K's

On Saturday, Diane, Melissa, and I made a road trip to Gina K's to meet a bunch of stamping girls. Some we had never met, some we had seen before. We arrived at the store about 9:45 and had lots of fun picking out goodies to buy, watching demonstrations on the Scor Pal, Nestabilities cutting and embossing and making new friends. At 11:30 we all went to lunch at the Beach House which over looks the water and has the most beautiful view. We decided that this most definitely is a guy hang out the minute we walked in because it was full of men at the bar and all most all of them turned around when our group of 16 women walked in! Much to my delight and surprise, my cousin David and his wife Linda were sitting at the bar. He was as surprised to see me as I was him and we exchanged hugs and then were off to our table. We got as much jabbering in as we could before we quickly gobbled down our food to head back to Gina K's for our copic marker's class that we took. I fell in love with the copics and learned so much! It was weird to be on the learning end instead of teaching but I just loved it. Of course I had to take some markers home with me along with other things! And as soon as I got home I did some coloring! It was just as exciting as when you were a kid and got a new box of crayons!
Something did not sit right with me though and I ended up running to bathroom 4 times before we left Gina K's and I was afraid that I would not be able to make the long trip home. At one of our new friends suggestions, we stopped at Walgreens and I picked up a box of Imodeum. They only had value packs so it cost me $18.00!!!! I was tempted to try and make it without it...but didn't want to take the risk. So now I only have 70 pills to go to finish the box! Some of them will definitely be going in my purse! Here is a group picture of our gang!

Owl Treat Bag

Here is a picture of the Owl Treat Bags that I made for Thanksgiving and to sell at Fall Craft Shows.