Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A peek into Mass production

Hello!  A lot of times when I blog I tell you about what I am working on that day but the pictures that I post are of something that is I have already made.  Today I decided to give you a peek of my world today and what it is like when I make things in quantity.  I am working on the invitations for Jenna's baby shower.  I am using a set that Jenna bought for me.  I had this on my Christmas list a couple of Christmases ago as I thought it was adorable (and the other stamps that are in the set) and felt it would be a good set to have in my collection for producing cards.  In the next picture it shows how I stamp it over and over, 4 sheets full for a total of 32 images.  I am not sure exactly how many I need yet so stamped a few extra just in case, and will make any left over images into regular cards.  I am going to paper piece the dresses and the next picture shows all 32 dresses in a pile.  I have a drawer that I keep smaller designer paper scraps in just to use for paper piecing.  It really saves time to have them all sorted that way.  I could quickly pick out patterns for the dresses.  It was funny when I was looking through them as I was stamping as there is an orange print with tiny dots on it and I was thinking...I don't dare use this one....Jen would never wear that!  She'll kill me!  And what is funnier yet is that she will never even see them after they are all made up!  I am sure the stamper's will recognize a lot of these paper's as we have done projects with them.  In the last picture it shows one of the dresses cut out.  I have to cut around that skinny little arm which is some precise cutting.  You have to work slowly and pay attention to make sure it is perfect.  This was my work up till about 2:30.  Then I was ready to move to the bed, with the bed table and color and watch TV.  I have one sheet completely finished coloring, and the other 3 are in various stages.  I also did some cutting to mix things up a bit.  Mom stopped over for a visit and I had a nice long break from it all.  Back to work, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Elaine

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