Sunday, December 30, 2012

From Trash to Treasure!

For those of you who read yesterday's post, you will recall that I found this photo holder at the thrift shop yesterday.  Well, I was so excited about it that last night I printed out a bunch of pictures and today I worked on filling it up.  I am tickled about how it turned out.  As the old saying goes....Another one's another one's treasure!!!!

And here are close ups of the individual photos:

It was a fun project that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Working with photo's and scrapbook type projects are one of my favorite things to do.
Along with eating brownies that Diana Dominguez bakes for us. Ha Ha~  Have a great week!!!  Elaine

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today's thrifty finds!

Today started out with a run to Lake Delton and back to drop my son-in-law Antonio off at work.  Jenna was having a little Christmas gathering with her dad and Heather, Sarah, and Les and Anita Wilson and family at her house and she wanted extra time to get things ready.  When I got back to town, I decided to walk around Practical Cents and get the kinks out of my back.  I got a bag of really cute clothes for Mason and Valentina.  They were running their $6.00 per bag special today.  Here are some of my other finds:

 I found some new in the package green sheets that go nicely with my bed spread.  If I bought new sheets in the store at some point, I was planning on buying a lavender color, but these will be nice too.  The picture doesn't show the color quite right, they are more of a pear color.  Oh, and by the way Corinne, you mentioned in a comment on a previous post that you liked my bedspread.  I got it at Walmart in Lake Delton.  Some Walmarts have it, and some don't, so if you want to pick it up and can't find it at first, try another one.  I also have the matching shams for it.  The sheers that I have behind my chocolate brown room darkening curtains are the same color as the sheets.  At some point in time, I plan on putting Christmas lights behind the sheers.  I saw this done on Pinterest with gold sheers and it looks awesome.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have really needed sheers but I bought them for this purpose, and also so that if I want the curtains open while sewing or doing book work in there, people can't see in during the day walking by on the sidewalk.  That doesn't happen much, but it just gives me a little more privacy.

 The next deal of the day was this purse, which looks brand new for $2 bucks!  I especially liked how it had these nice dividers in it.  When I have had divider purses in the past, they usually have zippers, and I can never remember what I put where, and I waste so much time digging around in the purse.  So I think this one will work out nicely.  With the dollars saved.....I can buy more yarn, material, or crafting supplies!!!  :-D  The important things in life!
 I am totally in love with this piece!!!  My plan is to print out wallet size photo's, mount them on card stock and make mini little scrapbook pages (or as some of the stampers know this term, ATC's, also known as artist trading cards.  They are the size of baseball cards, and are mini works of art that are traded.  I may add some quote's too.  We will see.  Once I get it finished, I will do another post about it and show you the finished product.  I may spray paint this in the summer time to match my other things too.  
Isn't the wire wrapping cool on this!?!?!? It adds such nice detail to it.  I just love it!!!!

My vehicle was blocked in when I got back to Jenna's so I joined the Christmas celebration and it was nice to see everyone.  Les and Anita left to go bowling, and Lennard and Heather went home, so it was down to Jenna, Mason, Valentina, Sarah, Jacqueline, Britney, Adam, Ben, and me.  We had hot chocolate watching the Tim Allen Santa Clause movie.  That was fun, and I didn't get home till after seven.  It seems like every day is Christmas lately.  What a fun time!

I am waiting for little Miss Diana to come.  She is watching the kids for Jenna tonight.  I get a break!!!  And then Jenna will drop her off here when they get back to town and Diana is going to spend the night with me and the day with me tomorrow.  I wonder what kind of mischeif, I mean fun, we will get into!  I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend!  Much love....Elaine

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sizzix Fancy Frame Flip-its Card

A few weeks ago when Lady Di and I went bumming.  We picked up this die at Let's Create.  I saw a video using this die about 8 months ago, had told Di about it, but we had not seen these dies in the stores.  I was tickled to see it on the shelf at Let's Create in Wi Rapids, and Di and I decided to buy it together and share it.  Diane had it the first week, and didn't have time to use it as she was busy with Christmas things.  I have had it the last week, and I didn't have time either to play with it.  Diane is back from spending Christmas with her family and asked me about it today while we were talking on the phone.  Soooo......I decided to play with it tonight.  This is the finished card that I made.  I also have some other one's cut out and I learned a few things along the way that I thought I would share in case any one else is interested in these type dies.  This card packs a real WOW when opening it, as you pull from the left side and the butterfly section flips.  This is what it looks like after it flips.
This is where I stamped my greeting using Stampin' UP! Perfectly penned, and the scrolls above and below, and the butterfly on the front of the card are from the Stampin' UP! Strength and Hope.  I popped the butterfly up on some dimensionals.  It looks like it is flying.  The other parts of the card are embossed, and then I went over the embossed sections with Early Expresso ink.

This is what the die looks like.  It cuts out the card, and the "flip" all in one step, plus has two scored fold lines.  The little magnetic square in the center keeps the card stock level and keeps it from getting stuck in the die.  One thing I learned by trial and error is that first of all you need to use new cutting plates that are flat.  The first one I tried cutting out cut right through one of the score lines as warped cutting plates cause too much pressure causing it to cut through the card stock instead of just making a score mark like it is suppose to do.  The next thing I figured out after a couple more tries, is that it makes a difference as to which way you cut your paper.  It does not work to cut a sheet in half like you normally would to make two 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 cards out of one sheet of card stock.  You HAVE to cut it the length of the card stock and because of that, you can only get one card out of a sheet a paper.  Having the grain of the paper the other direction causes the folds to break.  This is really important as a person automatically wants to keep pulling the card to watch it flip.  If the card stock is cut against the grain, after a few pulls, the score line breaks.
Another tip that I have is that if you decide to emboss it like I have done with this card, you need to do it in two steps.  I embossed the left half first, tucking the flip part on the outside of the embossing folder so that it doesn't get embossed, and I did this again with the right side.  In this picture, I had just started going over it with a sponge dauber, and Early Expresso ink.  The finished card has more ink on it.  I went around the edges of the card and also the edges of the outer cut out part.
And last but not least, here is a better picture of the inside of the flip with the verse on it.  I think these two stamp sets go so well with this embossing folder and you will be seeing more of this combination in the future!  So fun when you discover new combinations to use the things you have!  I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Please leave me a comment!!!!  Elaine

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Frog Prince lovey

This the a frog prince lovey blanket that I recently finished to give to Mason for Christmas.  I am working on a giraffe for Valentina right now.
Here is a closeup shot of the head.  I think he will really like it as he has a train movie that has a Frog prince in it.
It is kind of hard to see but it has a cute little crown on top of the frog's head.
In this picture I have him in a different pose, sitting propped up on my bed.

I spent the day and evening at Jenna's today.  Our Diana is here now and we are all so happy about that.  So very nice to have all my grand kids home and in one spot!  If I think of it, I will try to remember to take the camera along and get a picture of all three of them together.  Valentina took a dive off the bed yesterday onto a pile of pillows Jenna had on the floor by it, so it softened her landing and she didn't get hurt, but her nose hit the carpet and she has a nasty rug burn on it.  As Jenna says...just in time for Christmas!  Typical kid.  I told her that Valentina and I can be a matching pair as my lower lip is all swollen at the moment with about 4 or 5 blisters from wanna be canker sores.  :-(  Bummer....and they are sore!  I am not sure what caused this break out.  Sometimes I will get them in the summer time from eating too many tomato's.  Maybe it has been the brandy slushes!?!?!?!?  Hee Hee.  Any who, as I told Jen, I am not giving them up, so I will have to suffer!  :-)  Have a great day!  Elaine

Monday, December 24, 2012

Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill How Great thou Art - 720P HD - Standing...

Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill say it all in this amazing video!  Merry Christmas everyone!  Love, Elaine

Play day

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here.  My days just seem to fly by.  The older I get...the faster the calendar pages flip by, just like in the movies! 
My day started out with the fingerless glove order being picked up today.  I told Jenna that Mason could come and play today so she dropped him off later morning.  He was happy to be playing with the parking garage and tracks.  The best four dollars I ever spent.  It keeps him busy for hours.  AND...he loves Netflix as there are tons of Thomas the Train shows on it and other kid shows.  Of course he had to watch Thomas first, but later I got him watching the Peanuts gang, and he watched "I want a dog for Christmas" twice.  He was laughing out loud at some of Snoopy's antics!  He likes a Turtles Tale too as they have a turtle at their house.
I worked on sorting, filing, and cleaning up some paperwork and other odds and ends laying on my counter.  I was trying to find a check that I was missing, and I finally found it and some other mail, in a new crochet book I got about a month ago.  The minute I saw it, I remembered putting it in there to keep it in a safe place.  It was the first time, I couldn't find something at this place.  I hope it is the last time!!!   Tomorrow it is getting deposited before I lose it again!!!  LOL

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So thoughtful!

Hello everyone-  I hope by now that everyone is shoveled out from the big snow storm!  For those of you not in Wisconsin.  We got hit pretty good on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, Jenna brought me this beautiful poinsettia plant.  I don't think I have ever seen one this color before.  The leaves are shades of purple, white, and green.  Just gorjus!  And she gave me the most special card that I will treasure forever.  When I thanked her for it, she said "I meant every word of it mom!"  Very sweet...indeed!
We decided on Wednesday that I should stay over at Jen's and be "snowed in" there.  So I had lots of snuggle time with the babies, lots of brandy slush :-), and we watched some Christmas movies.  A very nice time.  I decided to go home on Thursday night as I wanted to sleep in my own bed.  I had slept the night before in the recliner.  Poor little Mason, cried his eyes out when I left.  He said can't...over and over again.  It is great to be so loved, but it also made me sad too.  As when he is sad, I am too.  One of the great things about both the grand kids is that you can pop in and leave, come back a little while later or still be there after they take a nap, and they are "thrilled" to see you again.  It is so sweet, and makes me feel so loved!
With all this snow, I am especially happy to be here in my apartment where they clean all the sidewalks right up to you door, and on your little porch for you, and they keep the parking lot plowed.  So very nice not to have to worry about doing those things you are unable to do.
I am working away on some Christmas presents.  Knowing me...I probably will be right up until Christmas!  But we aren't having our Christmas till the 27th so that everyone can be there, so I have a little extra time!  Have a holly, jolly Christmas!  Love, Elaine

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season...

I saw this on Pinterest tonight and I thought this was me to a tee!  LOL  My table next to me is always full of projects, the laptop, kleenex, cup holder, the phone, remotes, a book, perhaps an empty plate, or bowl....I live in my recliner and this work area.  In all reality...there is never dust on it, as it never has time to settle on it!!!!  :-D

A busy day with lots of commotion.  The day started out with phone calls about church business, Carol stopped over, my friend Mike from Germany called, then Lady Di was over.  Di and I made a plan that  I should come over.  I quick made a sandwich that was my lunch at 4pm. then headed down to the flea market to pick up some things out of my storage unit.  I made a quick stop at Practical Cents to see if they had any yarn, and there really wasn't any thing there except for a few small balls.  So no yarn today which was fine.  But....I did find a new tupperware bell tumbler (no lid), the kind of cup my kids learned to drink out of, so that made it's way into my cart, and a bag of little toys for the grand kids.  I am sure they will be thrilled as there are some little trains, airplanes, and cars with cartoon characters in them, and I saw one with  Oscar the Grouch.  So I need to get those washed up (although they look clean, I always soak them in the sink) before the little munchkins arrive again.  Which will probably be soon as Jenna said that the last two days that they got in the car, Mason is asking if they are going to Grams house.

I worked on the last pair of fingerless gloves today at Di's while she was making Christmas candy, I got to be the taste tester... so now my orders are all done!  Yeah!!!!!  And by the way, the candy was fantastic.  Lady Di is a very good cook!

Time for this chick to hit the hay!  Elaine

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kellyn the cutie!

Little KK got her new hat today from Grandma Carol and Erin posted a picture of it for me on facebook.  Erin's comment was that "It is perfect"!  And it sure does fit her well, she looks just adorable in it!

Other good news is that Erin found out yesterday that she got the job as a Mental Health coordinator at the courthouse in Caledonia, MN, the little town they live in.  I am so happy for her, as Erin asked me to write a letter of recommendation for this job.  I wrote a character reference for her.  She said I was the person who knew her the longest.  I have known her since she was a little girl, and I baby sat for Erin and her brother Jordan.  I was honored that she asked me, and I am just tickled that she got the job!   Wishing you all the best Erin!  Love, Elaine

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Booties for baby V

This is another pair of booties I made for Valentina.  The color isn't quite right in the picture.  They are a deeper purple, not a light lavender.

These boots were made for walk'in....

I can vividly remember when Nancy Sinatra marched across the stage during the song "These boots were made for walk'in" and I was only a couple years old at the time and what a stir it caused....LOL  Just like when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan show.  Any who...I thought it would make a good title for my post tonight.  These are a pair of little booties that I made for Valentina.  The yellow is such a cheerful color  and they look adorable on her.  She has the tiniest little feet.  It seems like the rest of her keeps growing but her little feet stay the same size.  And she LOVES kicking off her socks or shoes.  Jenna has given up on putting shoes on her as they NEVER stay on.  But the boots she can tie around her ankles.  Sometimes V pulls them off, but they stay on longer than anything else and most the time she leaves them alone so Jenna wanted some more of them.

In this picture, Valentina was sleeping on my lap and I had Jenna take a picture of her wearing them.  She is nine months old.  Doesn't she just have the tiniest of little feet?

Jenna and Antonio had an appointment out of town today so I had Mister Mason from 10:30 till 6:30.  We had a nice long nap in the recliner this afternoon and I had to wake him to go over to Heidi's as I had to be there by 5:30 to babysit for her kids this evening.  Dexter calls me Meme now and it is so cute.  We have no idea where he came up with that but it has stuck and he loves calling me it.  Evi calls me Grandma.  Dex has decided that he REALLY likes me now and has gotten quite cuddly and likes to give me hugs.  SWEET!  I had a great visit with Heidi and her mom Colleen when they got home.  So glad to have them as friends!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An unexpected gift

I had a pleasant surprise today.  My building maintenance man brought me this gift of chocolate today.  For those of you who have been to my apartment, you probably have seen the sign on my porch that Sarah gave me that says "If you are not selling chocolate, get the hell off my porch!"  Sarah and her ex husband Zach, found it garage saling last spring and gave it to me for Mother's Day as a joke (along with baskets full of beautiful flowers).  They said when they saw it that they burst out laughing and knew they had to get it for me.  It is a well know fact that I love my chocolate and I about died laughing when they gave it to me.

I had asked permission to put it up as I didn't want anyone to be offended by it, and he said sure and thought it was very funny and has been teasing me since that he was going to bring me some chocolate.  Well today was the day....a very pleasant surprise!  :-)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mittens for Mason

Today was pretty much a rest day.  I slept most of it.  I woke up this afternoon to the sound of the little neighbor boys laughing and squealing.  They were having a snow ball fight.  Such happy noise!  I did finish Mason's mittens today while watching Chicago Code on Netflixs.  I am finishing the 13 episode and will be sad when it is done.  Just like a good book, I get attached to the characters.  Another series I just finished was the Forsytht Saga.  That was good too.  I started on some booties for Valentina this evening and had thought that I would get them finished but I didn't touch my crocheting tonight while babysitting as Mason was still awake when I arrived.  He fell asleep in my arms about 15 minutes later watching Finding Nemo.  I had just got him to sleep and Valentina woke up crying so I had to go up stairs and bring her down.  I am always thankful to get down those stairs carrying her with out stairs are steep and I sure hate them!  I am so thankful that my apartment doesn't have any stairs, and that everything is on the ground level.  So nice!!!!  Any who... I spent the rest of the evening rocking, soothing her, and keeping her asleep. She was kind of sleeping fitfully but by the time Jenna and Antonio got home she was sleeping soundly and Jenna was able to take her up and lay her back down in the crib.  I guess the roads were pretty slick when Jenna first started out.  She said they were really bad till she got to Hwy E.  They have decided that it is better to drive on worse roads than to be on the interstate as people drive so nutsy on there.

Sarah called today and invited me to come down either tomorrow or Tuesday as she is going to be working on scarecrows and last year I helped them with them one day and enjoyed it so much.  But I am not going to be able to.  I was starting to feel a little better but carrying the kids tonight has set me back again.  :-(  Oh well....hopefully if I lay low now, I will be able to go next time she asks.

If you will be on the road tomorrow, take it slow, and drive safe!  Hugs!  Elaine
Mittens for Mason  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My pillow display....pillows I donated to the church.

This is the display that Carol and I set up at church on Thursday.  These are all pillows that I made and donated to the church.  The proceeds from the pillow sales will go towards paying off the parsonage loan.  It is Immanuel Lutheran Church in Adams, 80th anniversary next year and we would like to pay off the mortgage before October so that we don't have to refinance it.  We are planning a "Mortgage Burning party" for October 2013.  I have been a member of Immanuel for about 32 years, and went to church there for about five years before coming a member when I got married in 1981.  I am currently the Church Treasurer.  I hope the pillows sales are successful and that a lot of money goes towards paying off the debt!

It is so nice when people leave comments.  You don't feel like you are talking to yourself when you receive a comment!  One very good comment leaver is my friend Corrine Gusloff from Illinois.  A lot of times Corrine will ask a question and I usually try to work the answer into the next blog post that I do!  On yesterday's post, Corrinne asked if Lighthouse Books and Let's Create are in Plover.  No, Corrinne, they are both in WI Rapids.  It is a nice little circle for us to go to Rapids, and then to Plover and back home again.  It would be the same for you when you are at the cottage in Coloma, and I am sure that you and Kari would enjoy both stores as they are very nice!  Diane and I love going to them.

I had a real laid back day today.  Diane popped in this morning for a bit, but other wise I just rested as I am in a flare up and I am trying to get my body calmed backed down if possible.  I was suppose to be set up at a craft show today, and I did not go due to being in too much pain, and I also am cancelling for next Saturday too.  :-(  Oh well, I got to do a couple of them and that is the main thing.  I worked on the fingerless gloves again today, and went to Jenna's for supper.  I worked on a pair of mittens for Mason over there and I finished one mitten, and I am started on the other one.  Time to hit the hay and hope that tomorrow is a better day!   I think all the weather changes aren't helping things either!   Love, Elaine

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gone Bumm'in !

Cherry Lyn Designs Stacker Flower #6 Die

Diane and I went bumming today.  Our first stop was Light House Books, then Let's Create.  We had lunch at the Golden Corral in Plover, went to Kohl's, Joann's, and last but not least...we went to Michael's.  The die shown above and below is a new Stacker Flower die that I purchased at Let's Create today.  I thought I would quick try it out and make up a flower to show you.

As you can see, I cut out two flowers, and you could also use the silhouette from the cut out too, if you wanted to.  I left the one in the die, so you could better see the shape of the die.
Ta Dah!  Here is a fun flower to use on a card, scrap book page, a notebook, etc.  Very fun and it will be an excellent die to use when I am cutting up my scrap's.  I know that it will get LOTS of use!  I used a paper button that was laying on my desk in a tart pan and popped it up on a dimensional.  This is a SU die that we used a lot when I was demonstrating so I know many of you have this.  But it also could be decorated with a regular button or a brad.

I am finally getting sleepy, the Tylenol pm is kicking in.  I hope I feel better tomorrow, I am one hurting girl, and have been all day.  I was planning on doing a craft show in town tomorrow, but my back has been hurting for about a week or so, and now I am flaring, so it is time to lay low and try and nip this flare in the bud!  Have a fabulous weekend!  Love, Elaine

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kellyn's hat

I finished the flower for Kellyn's hat this morning.  Carol is so happy with it.  She can't wait to see KK in it and has promised that she will have Erin take a picture of her in it so you all can see the little cutie pie!

Another busy day today.  I decided to donate my pillows to the church to be sold and all the proceeds will go towards paying off the parsonage loan.  So Carol and I were at the flea market digging them out and we set up a big table of them at the church.  I am hoping that we sell a lot of them and raise a lot of money for the church.

I had lunch with Jenna and the kids, made another trip to the flea market, Jenna's and to the church, plus stopped at Practical Cents and did the bag sale, and bought things for Antonio, Jenna, and the kids.  Gotta keep those babies cutely dressed!  :-D  Mason was especially excited about his new Oscar the grouch shirt, and pajama bottoms with dinosaurs on them. 

Saturday when I brought clothes for the kids, Antonio was there and he said, "You didn't get any clothes for Jenna or me?"   I guess he likes it when I find things for him too!  As Jenna said today, I am their little Santa.  I found a shirt for Antonio and a couple of pairs of black dress pants that hopefully will fit him.  He wears black pants to work and has asked me to look for them for him.

So that's about it for my adventures for today.  I got a much needed nap late this afternoon, and then started working on the fingerless gloves, and I have one just about finished.  Until tomorrow!  Elaine

Black Earwarmers

Black Ear warmers.  It buttons in the back of the neck and is adjustable.  This pair is spoken for.
A crazy busy day today.  First thing this morning I met with the fingerless gloves people and I am going to make some adjustments to the pattern as the person has very tiny hands but they are happy with how they turned out.  So I will be starting on more of them soon.

I came back home and balanced the church checkbook, then went over to Jenna's and I took their van and took Antonio to work for her as she was having a high school friend over today for a play date.  So I made a quick trip to Kalahari and back.  Next stop was at the church to pick up bills that need to be paid and to discuss a few things.

I made some lunch after I got home, took a break, decided that I needed a nap, and eventually I got one after the phone quick ringing!  LOL  It was one of those days!  I really needed the little one that I got though as I did not sleep well last night, had a headache, and was tired.

Tonight was Yackette's which I probably haven't went to for a year and a half so it was great to see everyone and catch up on things.  We had supper at the Wooden Nickel in Grand Marsh.  I had a chicken basket and it was pretty good.  Sandy Mc Clain surprised us all with gift bags filled with goodies.  What an unexpected and pleasant surprise!  Thank you Sandy!

I came back home for about forty five minutes, then headed over to Jenna's to baby sit the munchkins!  They were both in bed when I got there so Grammie had a quiet evening crocheting and I started and finished a hat that I am making for Kellyn, Carol Camp's grand daughter.  I just need to finish the flower and attach it and it will be all done.  Carol knitted a scarf for KK with this yarn, and I made two little flowers two put on it last month.  I guess KK will be in a Frosty the snowman school play and the kids are suppose to wear hats and scarves and they want KK to wear Carol's scarf, and they wanted a hat to match it.  So I am happy that project is almost finished, and I just have all the fingerless gloves to make and then can start on some projects I would like to make before Christmas.  We'll see how far I get!  I am hoping that Erin will take a picture of KK in the hat.  She is such a cutie....I am sure she will look adorable in it!  See ya later alligator!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fingerless Gloves

I had a request for some fingerless gloves and here is the pair that I finished today.  I will meet with them tomorrow to see how they fit.  They want five pairs.  I also finished a headband today, and I will try and post a picture of that tomorrow. 
I am working on a Packer owl hat right now.  The hat is done, just need to work on the face and ears.
I am very tired.  I have two craft shows left to do.  This Saturday I will be at the Adams Village Apartments from 10 am to 1 pm.
Di and I went to Fort McCoy yesterday to renew her card.  It was very interesting to drive around in there and we were only in a small part of it.  The commissary was closed so we didn't get to go there as planned.  Perhaps another day.  But I did see where the State patrol trains, and the National Guard.  They had a big screen TV in the office we were in and it was showing all the things available on base and I was quite amazed by it all.   They definitely have their own little city there.  We went to Walmart and I did some Christmas shopping for the babies and picked up a few other things.  We decided to have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken and they have a fabulous buffet.  I loved yummy!  Usually we go to the China Buffet when we are at Tomah.  Then we stopped at Aldi's and I did my grocery shopping for the month.  Always a big job, but nice to have it over with and things stocked up again!  Off to la la land....until tomorrow!  Elaine

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hey Cupcake!

Today was the craft show in New Lisbon.  After it was done, Diane and I headed back through Mauston.  We made a quick stop at Vinnies and I found a bunch of clothes for the munchkins for fifty cents a piece!  A good score and some really adorable stuff!  The sweater Mason has on in the post from the other day is one that I found for him another day at Practical Cents bag day.  I love spoil'in those grand kids!

We had a scrumptious dinner at the China Buffet.  They really have a nice one in Mauston, and we were STARVED!!!!  Everything tasted soooo.......goood!  I got back to town around 5:30 and was so exhausted that it hurt to breathe!  We had to get up at four am so it was a very long day!  But I dozed in the recliner on and off for about three hours and am now feeling a little better.

Above is a picture of a new cupcake hat I am making.  This one is a size 3 to 6 months.  I also have a newborn one available right now too.  I hope your weekend is going great !  Love, Elaine