Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh what a joyous day!

The weather was perfect today, a two sweat shirt day and I was very comfortable.  It was a day of surprises with lots of friends stopping by.  Debbie from IL and her cousin Judy from MN surprised me first thing this morning and I was so very glad to see them both!  We had a nice little visit and they bought some stuff.  They both told me how much they enjoy the blog and how they laugh out loud at what I write.  I am not sure if that is good or bad!?!?!?!?  LOL  Debbie was looking at my cards and she paid me the highest compliment, although I do not believe that it is true.  She told me that I have way surpassed her in card making.  She is one creative gal and I always enjoyed our brainstorming sessions when we used to design cards together.  We have had many good times together.  Judy came to one of my stamping events with Debbie when I still had them at the house.  She is so sweet, she actually made soup for me and the two of them brought it over while they were in town one time.  I am still waiting for some more..... :-D.  Just kidding!  Just come and see me more often!!!  I am sorry that they want to sell the place on Castle Rock Lake as I sure will miss them and all the fun we have had out there.  If you or someone else is interested in buying it, please contact me.  Next up on the surprise visits was Jane Bader, one of my long time friends, and fellow Yackette.  She was down there looking for my mom as our church is going to have a brat fry at the flea market in a few weeks.  Hmmmm.....then Dustin and his family, a neighbor boy who lived across the street from us, and is the same age as Jenna stopped in.  They were in a year ago in May and they were expecting their third baby any day then.  The baby girl is now a year old and she was fast asleep in the stroller the whole time Dustin and I were visiting while his wife and daughter were picking out Italian Charms.  He is such a nice young man, and I enjoyed having him in the neighbor hood.  Oh...and Eva who came to Linda Mohn's stamping party was in and we had a very nice visit too.  Little Allison, who I met at the Scrap booking summer school class I spoke at last summer, and her mom stopped in for a visit. They stop in whenever they are at the flea market now.  Allison sure loves to stamp and loves to try out my Tastefully Simple samples.  They had been tent camping at Buckhorn park for girl scouts last night so it was fun to hear about that, and to share scouting stories, as I went all through scouting and was a leader for a few years.  It is so good to be at the flea market again! 
Today's card, (I bet you thought I would NEVER get to that....hee hee) was really fun to make.  The main image "Stitched together with Love" with the rick rack border, is from a stamping set Lady Di got the last time we went to Madison that I absolutely LOVE!  The tape measure is from a strip of pattern paper out of the package of paper I got called Material Girl by Cosmo Cricket.  I had seen a lot of cute projects made with these papers and was tickled to find it at Archivers.  There are some benefits of having to go to doctors appointments!  I used some other pattern paper for the background.  I used a zig zag stitch on my little sewing machine and sewed kind of wonky around it which adds to the charm.  :-D  I punched out a little scallop border to go under the tape measure, and matted the focal image on a scalloped circle.  I felt it needed a little something more so I stamped spools of thread directly on to the pattern paper from K & Co. with a little SU stamp that I had in my collection.  That was just what it needed and the finishing touch.  I have quite a few sewing stamps.  You will be seeing more of them as I play with this paper.  I will be able to make zillions of cards with this pack of paper as I have so many stamps that coordinate with it.  And tight wad me will hoard it and use little bits of it here and there to make it last a long, long time!  And then of course while I had this stamp set of Lady Di's, I stamped 60 images with it, so that will stretch it even further!  As you know, I never do anything in a small way!  I was talking to Di tonight on the phone while I was stamping them and she was laughing when I told her I had 50 of them stamped before we hung up.  Nine pm is the witching hour...and she calls her sister Judi and they talk every night between 9 and 10.  Some times I have something really, really, important to tell her, and it kills me to have to wait till after ten o' clock to call her!
You will get a kick out of this....remember how I told you yesterday that I fell asleep watching Dancing with the Stars after I got home, well the same darn thing happened today.  I thought I was doing so good as I had stayed awake through about 3 dances.  Well, I was down for the count again today.  I woke up and their was only 3 seconds of the show left!  When I rewound it to the last dance I remembered, I had slept through 45 minutes of it!  Ha ha!  I did get it watched after that.  Now that I have written a book when I should be cleaning around here....I will say bonvoyage....and head to bed!  Make it a great week!  Elaine

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  1. You almost had more company at the flea market. Gus and I were at the cottage and I thought about coming over on Sunday morning, but he had some things he wanted to do around the cottage before we left, so did not suggest it! Maybe next time, I hope. Hopefully it will warm up some more but not too much...I don't ask for much do I? Enjoy your cards and ideas. Have to get dressed for Circle today...we meet at 12:30 for pot luck. Have another joyous day!