Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween from the witch on West Street! I had a busy day today. Carol and I went out to eat at Family Affair this morning for a late breakfast and we celebrated her upcoming birthday on Monday. Then we headed on over to the church to get things set up for the purse/scrap booking class that I taught this afternoon. The gal's loved making the purse although making it for the first time can be tricky. The next one's they make will go much faster and easier. They were all taking notes as they plan on making more of them for gifts. I picked up a few groceries at the grocery store after class. Wayne and Susie brought over 3 huge boxes of elk/hamburger last night and put it in my freezer. heard the freezer. I had to clean out all of my stuff that I had been storing in there. Wayne has been having a very successful hunting and fishing season so they are out of freezer space. I am glad that I could help them out. And I can eat burger whenever I want too. Now isn't that sweet!!!! So I picked out a couple of recipes last night and picked up a few ingredients I was missing at the store after scrap booking today. The first thing I plan on making will be Hamburger soup. After eating supper tonight, I took the lap top up on the bed with me and was looking at pictures of cards with the cats curled around me and I fell asleep. I sure can fall asleep at the drop of a hat except at night when I am suppose to be sleeping...hee hee. I just finished putting in my stamping order and think I will head into the stamping room. I need to work on November's stamp camp. Happy Haunting! Boo

Friday, October 30, 2009

Medallion #4

Today was the first day of my second day time stamp camp. I had two new stampers today that fell in love with it. It was so fun to see there eye's when they embossed with the heat gun for the very first time. You stamper's know what I mean. As much as I have embossed, it still seems magical to me.

I had a little napper this afternoon, unpacked stamping stuff and repacked for tomorrow. What a busy week.

I am listening to some new tunes from the library that I picked up today after class. Seal (I ordered that one because of the song A Kiss From A Rose), Pavaratti, and Andrea Bocelli. The prayer from Andrea Bocelli and Pavaratti is on right now and that song just gives me the matter how many times I hear it. It is so beautiful. It doesn't matter that I can't understand half the words! Pavaratti could sing to me any I just love it.

Happy Halloween.....don't forget to leave some chocolate on my door step! Hee Hee! Have a good one! Boo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yo Yo Quilt

This is the yo-yo quilt that I was telling you about that I repaired and finished for a gal in Milwaukee. Don't ask me to mend....I hate mending, but I do like to do quilt restoration. We met today at Subway and I gave her the quilt. She is very happy to have the work that her mother started, finished and she plan's on hanging it on a wall in her home. I laid this out on top of my bed so you could get a peek at it. Doesn't it look like a sea of yo yo's!?!?!?!

I just finished baking my cake for stamp camp tomorrow. I made a Halloween Funfetti cake. Too bad Zach won't be around, he loves funfetti cakes. I have been working on some boxed card sets that I will be selling at Women's night out on the 5th. If you are there...please stop in and say "hi"!! I was hoping to finish them tonight but I am just too darn tired. I need to go to bed and get some zzzz's! I got in a tiny nap this afternoon but the phone rang and woke me up. It has been a non stop phone day...especially tonight. Have a good one! Me

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tree for All Season's, Branch Out, & All Holidays

These are the projects we made at Linda Mohn's stamping party last night. The top card uses the stamp set Branch Out. It is not in the current catalog but is on the dormant list and is available to purchase. You can change the coloring of the leaves to suit the different seasons. I taught the gals (after many tries...hehe) how to make the double loop bow. When I did it at home, I didn't have any problems making it. Of course when I stood up in front of the group...I had trouble, couldn't get the linen thread through the second hole....then you get nervous and your hands start to shake.....LOL But eventually I got it through the holes. Fortunately I am able to laugh at myself and not take it too seriously.
This card uses the stamp set Tree for All Season's and All Holidays. I love these color's together, but then I am a fan of the color blue. Both of these tree stamp sets belong to Melissa and she was so kind to let me use them.

I have been a busy little beaver today getting my house ready for tomorrow's down line meeting. I thought I would get some stamping done this afternoon but that never happened. Once you clean one thing, you find something else that needs cleaning. A never ending job around here, but my body has said that is enough! Plus I set the tables up for tomorrow, dishes are all set up on the counter, made the BBQ, did dishes, vaccumed, Lady Di stopped in, I was answering phone call's and doing laundry. I have a couple more things left to do tonight but I am going to take a break for awhile. The washing machine is calling my name.....have a good night and stamp something!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Give Thanks Tin

This is the hostess gift I made and gave to Linda Mohn's tonight as a thank you for having her party. It is a set 4, 3" x 3"note cards and envelopes in a General Foods International Coffee tin that I altered. I used the Level 1 Hostess set Holiday Best to stamp the cards with. It is a great stamp set! Our hostesses serve such wonderful meals, it is always a very nice treat and interesting to see what they come up with! I just love it that they like to serve a meal before we stamp. Every one just kind of relaxes from the busy day they have had and they have time to get acquainted with one another. We had a great turnout tonight and five of the people out of 14 were new to our group but not new to stamping. We hope that you join us again. We enjoyed having you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Medallion and Define Your Life

Hello! I just finished cutting more packets for Linda's party and packing all the supplies for it. So I am all ready for tomorrow night. I also photographed about 20 cards that I have made....for your viewing pleasure. I like to wait till I have a bunch done and photograph them all at once as it saves time. Molly says "hi"....she is up on the computer desk bugging me to be petted. When she decides that she wishes to be petted, I am suppose to drop everything! Well...I'd better get back to work! Later! Me

Recipe: Stampin' UP! Medallion and Define Your Life Stamp Sets, Card Stock: Dusty Durango, Very Vanilla and Not Quite Navy. Ink: Dusty Durango and Not Quite Navy. Punches: 1 3/4 circle, 3/4 circle, 1/4" circle, and eyelet border punch.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Petal's A Plenty Embossing Folder should have seen my road today after yesterday's rain. What a mess! They came through this morning to level things and from what I could see from the didn't make any difference. Everything was still a big mud hole! This afternoon...they had both a caterpillar and end loader out here moving the dirt around. I think they were trying to get some of the water to sink into the ground. They left about an hour ago. I decided that I had better try and get my van over to the parking lot. If I would have had to gone any further..I wouldn't have tried it! Fortunately I made it over there without getting stuck. What they ended up doing is making the road a tiny bit wider than one lane and pushing all the dirt and water over to the left side of the road. And they did plow open the section by the parking lot so I was able to drive in there. I just kept firm pressure on the gas pedal as I felt like I was driving through quick sand! But from what I saw on the weather reports, everyday next week is either suppose to be rain or snow, so I knew if I didn't want to be cooped in here for weeks.....I'd better get the van moved. I can hardly wait till Monday when I have to carry all my stamping stuff all the way over there!!!! looks like I will be continuing to eat the food down in my cupboards and freezer as I am not going to want to be carrying a bunch of heavy food across either. The joy's of road construction!!!

Recipe: Stampin' UP Many Merry Messages Stamp Set, Petal's a Plenty Embossing Folder, Card Stock: Real Red and Whisper White, Real Red Ink, Real Red Marker, White Grosgrain Ribbon, Ornament Punch

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friends 24-7

More rain today has made my road impassable even though they smoothed it out this morning before they left town. My neighbor brought my mail to me late this afternoon. She has a four wheel drive jeep, and told me that I'd better not take the van out on it. Guess I should have moved the van over to the parking lot next door. Oh well, didn't have plans to go out anyways. I have not heard ANY vehicle's traveling on it it must be bad.

I finished the yo-yo quilt in the early am this morning. I was on the phone till midnight and was working on it while talking. I thought....and the key word here is "thought", that I only had an hour or so more to do on it and I would be done so I thought that I would just stay up and finish it. Well...I didn't get done with it till 3:30 am! But yeah!!! It is done. It was about 5 am before I went to sleep.... I shouldn't have done that, I know better, but fortunately the phone was quiet this morning and I could sleep in.
I got a thank you card from Jenna today, it is funny when you get one of your own cards back in the mail! But she wrote a very nice note on it thanking me for my work on the shower and wedding, etc.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taffy in the bag of fabric

Good Evening! Instead of a card today...I thought I would share a picture of the baby of the house. This is Taffy. She is about a year and a half old. Both of my cats absolutely love fabric and quilts. When there is fabric or a quilt on the counter...they tend to completely forget that they are not suppose to be up on the kitchen counter's. Taffy looked so darn cute, that I couldn't scold her. Susie stopped over today and we went to Practical Cents. I bought this bag of fabric for $1.50 and I was sorting it out on the counter. Taffy hopped up there and plopped her self right in the bag! The little nut! So I had to take a picture to share with you all.

After the rain last night, my road is a muddy mess. I don't think I could get through it right now without getting stuck. They didn't work on it today, but right before dark I heard machinery so I am hoping they were smoothing things out. Good thing that I don't have anywhere that I have to go right now.

I have been working on the Yo-Yo quilt that I am finishing for a woman in Milwaukee. The cats have been curled up by me taking advantage of "Mom time". Taffy was trying to get the thread when I first started working on it. After a few taps on the nose...she decided to be content sitting on my legs watching me stitch. Molly wanted to get on top of the quilt and I wouldn't let her. She crouched down real low (thinking that I couldn't see her, I think) and put her front paws on the quilt. She almost looked like she was thinking, you can't see me, but I am touching the quilt. They are definitely fabric loving cats! Enjoy your pets! Me

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank You Kindly

Hello! More thank you cards as you can see! The Bird was cut out with the Stampin' UP! Big Shot, Bird w/leave and flower die. The felt flower is from Flower Fushion's. The flower fushions we currently have are different colors. The brad in the center of the flower is from the Fire Circle Brads. I stamped the "Thank You" and punched it out with the wide oval punch. The bottom of the Sweet Always DSP (retired) is punched with the scalloped edge punch. The ribbon is our 5/8" Regal Rose Grosgrain.

My stamp camp order arrived today with My Digital Studio. I loaded that on the computer this afternoon and designed a card with it and it sure is fun to play with! I need to take the certification classes yet and probably will start on that tomorrow. It is an awesome program and is very user friendly. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift, especially for young families or people who are taking all kinds of pictures. You can make scrapbook pages, calendars, greeting cards, hard and soft cover books. Lots of cool stuff. You can design your own layouts or use the premade templates and just drop and drag your photo's into them.

I got my haircut this afternoon and then I started making cards and worked into the evening. I really enjoy putzing in the stamping cave and the time just flies. Especially when I am jabbering away with my head set on. I sure do love my headset. It is one of the best inventions since sliced bread....LOL But then again, I really have become a techie. As Lady Di says...I would die without my computer and the telephone. My outlet to the world!

For those of you wondering...I am feeling back to normal...or I should say, what is normal for me at the moment. I am very glad to be "through" that bad flare up. Have a good night! Me

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Medallion #2 and Thank You Kindly

Hello! Here is another card with the stamp sets Medallion and Thank You Kindly. I love both of these sets! So quick, so fun, and so many different looks you can get!

I finished my projects for Linda Mohn's stamping party today and they are some cute ones! You will love them! If you haven't RSVP'd, please do so, so that we know how many projects and food to prepare for. Everyone is welcome!

I have been working on a bunch of cards that I am going to show at the party and I have some adorable one's made. It has been so nice to just relax and play today. I am doing much better...the flare up is almost gone. I talked with my doctor's nurse today as she called to reschedule my appointment and I mentioned that I almost called last week to see if she could get me in as I was in so much pain. She said it was the change of the weather. Her husband has FM too, and I imagine that they had a lot of calls in the past week. I am glad that my body is getting used to it. I am very sleepy right now so I am going to head off to bed. Have a good night! Elaine

Monday, October 19, 2009

Medallion #1 & Thank you kindly

Today I was home all day long. I was suppose to get my hair cut today but I couldn't get out of the driveway so rescheduled it for Wednesday. By the end of the day they had the road in front of my driveway opened up again. If you are going to stop over...I think you will have to come in from the south now as they are somewhere up by the gas station. They worked till dark and I didn't see how far along they got. It may be open on that end, but I don't know that for sure.

This card uses the stamp set Medallion. I just love this stamp, it is so elegant looking, and you will see that there are a lot of different ways to use it as I have made several cards with it already. This one I stamped the background with Versamark on Kraft card stock. Then I stamped it again with Soft Suede on Very Vanilla card stock and I used the 1 3/4" Circle punch to punch out the center of it. I put a 5/16 Very Vanilla brad in the center, and mounted the circle on dimensional's to pop it up. The final step was to stamp Thank You with Soft Suede ink. This was a very fast card to make...but really packs a WOW! I am going to need to be making more Thank you cards to sell and for Jenna. I sent home 65 with her yesterday after the bridal shower. I kept a few here, but that pretty much wiped out my stash of thank you cards. Jenna told me that she "Loved every minute" of her bridal shower. That is exactly what Sarah and I wanted to hear!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Stamp Camp Projects

These are the projects the gals did in stamp camp this week. If you missed stamp still have one more chance to do these projects. I will be having one more camp this month on Friday, October 30th, at 9 am at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Please send me an email or call me if you would like to attend so that I have enough materials prepared. Thanks! Elaine

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bridal Shower Prizes

Hello! I thought I would take some pictures of the little treat holder's that I made for one of the games that Sarah has planned for Jenna's shower. I think they turned out really cute. I used Stampin' Up's Sizzlet Pumpkin #4 Die and the Swirls Scribbles die. The leaves were made with a contraband punch. In the past, I could write on here things that I used that were not Stampin' Up's. We had to sign new demonstrator contracts in October and with signing that contract, we agreed that we would not promote any other companies product. I whole hardly agreed with that and quickly signed the contract. Some demonstrator's did not agree with that and left the company. It only makes good business sense to me. SU has no problem with us showing things we have made with other companies products, we just are not to refer to them on our blogs. So if some days I post cards and don't give out any information about them, it is probably because it is from another company...or I am just too busy that day!

If you look at the treat holder's closely, you will notice that the pumpkins are standing up. You may be did that brilliant Elaine do that!?!?!? LOL Well...I got the brain storm to use our Pop Up Glue Dots! If you have not used them...they are absolutely awesome! They are like a mini glue dot only about 8 dots put into one. They are thick, stick super well and you can use them in place of dimensional's. I love them. I don't show them often in workshops as it is more economical for me to use dimensional's but they are totally cool! So...I stuck one in the bottom of each cup, stuck the tooth pick in, and kind of pushed it around the toothpick and Walaah.....they stand up! We are going to be playing a game where there are teams and you make the bride a dress out of toilet paper! And Jenna has to decide which one she likes the best. Won't that be a HOOT! The lucky team will receive these treat cups. I am off now to make Jenna's bridal shower card. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! Me

Top ten reasons to send a handmade card!

1. They’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. If you use a clear envelope, it will bring a smile to the face of every person who sees it along it’s merry way!

2. In this e-mail and information age, we’ve lost sight of how fun it is to receive “snail” mail instead of just bills. Let’s make it FUN to go to the mailbox again!

3. Everybody likes to receive something personalized instead of mass-made. It makes them feel special! Think about the last note YOU received.

4. A stamped card or gift wrap adds an extra pizzazz to a gift card or small token. Turn a small gift into something special.

5. It takes a little time to create something handmade, and the recipient can feel that extra unique touch. No one else creates quite like you!

6. Handmade cards are often kept long after the store-bought ones are tossed!

7. You’ll never be at a loss for an occasion—there’s always somebody getting married, having a baby, graduating, retiring, moving, or having a birthday.

8. Handmade cards can be recycled. Just cut off the fronts and adhere to a new card. You’ll never see anyone do that with a store card.

9. Handmade cards can cost up to four dollars LESS than store-bought ones. WOW!

10. If you think hard enough, you’ll come up with a least one person you really ought to send a thank-you. Your mother would be proud!

12 Step Program for Chocoholics

Step #1: Never be more than 12-steps from chocolate

Step #2: If you get chocolate on your hands when you eat it, you are eating it too slowly

Step #3: If you ever utter that filthy word "exercise", immediately wash your mouth out with chocolate

Step #4: Realize that it takes little strength to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands, but great strength to eat just one of the pieces.

Step #5: Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger. Therefore, chocolate is therapeutic.

Step #6: Being a friend is good, but what is better is a good friend with chocolate.

Step #7: I don't understand why so many "so called" chocolate lovers complain about the calories in chocolate, when all true chocoholics know that it is a vegetable. It comes from the cocoa bean, beans are veggies, 'nuff said.

Step #8: Support the theory that chocolate slows down the aging process. It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?

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Step #11: If not for chocolate, there would be no need for control top pantyhose. An entire garment industry would be devastated. You can't let that happen, can you?

Step #12: You can always give up chocolate, but God doesn't like quitters.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Eastern Blooms

Yowser...another busy day here in Mayberry! This morning brought lots of phone calls and visits. Sandy Wellumson and Susie Smith dropped in. Sandy missed stamp camp as she had to work unexpectedly so we were showing her some of the new goodies from the mini catalog. Which she loved! I got the response cards and direction cards printed and cut for the wedding invitations. Yippeeeee!!! They are finally all done. I stuff everything into a clear envelope to see if it would all fit and it does. I suggested mailing them in a clear envelope because they were going to need extra postage anyways....and I don't want all my beautiful bows Jen will have them hand canceled. She liked the idea of people opening up there mailboxes and being able to see her lovely wedding invitations. So that is what we are going to do. My back decided it needed to hit the bed so I set the alarm clock and it is a good thing that I did as I was down for the count again. After my 2 hour nap, I took a shower, then Susie picked me up for dinner. Getting in and out of vehicles is still a bear, but getting out for even an hour is good. We went out to the restaurant at Hwy 13 & 21 (my second day in a row!) and had the fish fry & clam chowder soup. Both were excellent! After I got home, I had more phone calls to return and I did dishes and then whipped up my frosting for the bridal shower cake. It was back to back phone calls while I was decorating the cake and I just got off the phone at 10:45 and still do not have all my calls returned from today. I did get the list of calls made for Jenna this afternoon about wedding stuff that she gave me to do earlier in the week. So I am pretty well on track now. I need to make salads for the shower tomorrow, and need to get started on my projects for Linda Mohn's stamping party on the 26th. Never a dull moment around here! Have a wonderful weekend! Elaine

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sail boat Baby Card

I had made several of these cards a while ago and I believe this is the only one left. It was a very popular card. Guess I will have to make some more! The Designer paper and Congratulations stamp set were freebies during Sale A Bration last year. I love the colors in it and was really happy how this card turned out. Speaking of Sale A Bration.....this year it will be for 3 months! WOWZER....lots of time to get lots of free stuff. We haven't gotten the details yet but there will be the opportunity to pick out from over 80 stamp sets in the catalog. I am guessing that you will have to spend over certain dollar amounts to get certain sets. Isn't that cool! If you would like to have a party during Sale A Bration let me know. I booked my first one today. Doris Kolberg stopped in today to book her's and it is going to be on Tuesday, January 5th, opening day of Sale A Bration.

I had a bunch of phone calls this morning and put in my stamping order. I ventured out of the house today for the first time since Saturday. I needed 3 more sheets of brushed gold card stock for the wedding invitations so went out to Lady Di's to pick that up. She showed me all the goodies she has been making. I was up and down off the stool as it is uncomfortable for me to sit for any period of time. But it was good to get out for a little bit and we got a bite to eat at the Hwy 13 and 21 restaurant before I headed home. We had lots of laughs as usual. Sometimes all we have to do is look at each other and we are cracking up. Most people would think we are nuts at what we think is funny...but we just "get" each other. We sure do have a lot of fun together.

Getting in and out of the van is a real my trips out and about will be limited. :-( So come visit me!!!!! I would suggest coming through by Gierienger's office/the ambulance building and parking in the parking lot there and walking over. My road is really getting to be a mess. Right now there is an end loader in front of my house, stuff on the left of the driveway and pipe in my front yard. Soon....tomorrow or Monday, I would guess....they will have it dug up in front of my house as they are very close now.
I printed out the insert for the wedding invitation after I got back and then laid down to rest for a bit. "Bit" it did not turn out to I was watching Bones and only got through about a half an hour of it and kept falling asleep. I rewound about 3 times, then finally gave in to it and slept. Two and a half hours later......I am waking up at 8:00 pm! Pain takes a lot of energy and I guess that my body is craving sleep. Well, I am off to work on the invites some more. I really want to have them done to give Jenna on Sunday. Later alligator! Me

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Baseball

Hello. I just finished having some pizza casserole that was delish! My neighbor Debi was over this morning, the one that I barter with, and she swept, vaccumed, took out the trash, and picked up my mail for me. It is good to see clean floors. I unpacked and put all the stuff away from stamp camp's, and unpacked a few small boxes of greeting cards that I had brought home from the flea market last week. Sarah called on her lunch break today and we finalized our plans for the bridal shower on Sunday. Sarah and Zach have been gone to Las Vegas with Zach's folks for the past week to see his sister Mandy and her family. We didn't have a chance to talk about the trip so I will have to find out about that later. I had a shower, took some meds and layed down. I slept the WHOLE afternoon and woke up around 5. I had not intended on doing that but I must have needed the sleep. After I got up, I stirred up the pizza casserole, rearranged things in my freezer so that I will be able to get the cake for the shower in there, and did dishes. I am going to go bake the cake now. At least I have been able to get a few things done in between laying around!!! LOL I hope you all are getting more done than I am. I was able to get the ribbons all tied on to the wedding invitations last night, so that is another accomplishment, amongst all the bed rest. Oh well....this too shall pass! Have a great night and keep warm! Elaine

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cupcake Wheel

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I have been in a fibromyalgia flare since Saturday and have pretty much been in bed the past 3 days. It's a drag, that is for sure, but I am starting to show some improvement today, so hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. Susie Smith was so kind to do my stamp camp's for me, and her daughter in law Hasha has been helping her. I heard from one of my stamper's after the camp last night that they did a fantastic job. I knew they would. I have slept most of the day today (in between numerous phone calls) and I think that has helped a lot. I am trying to prevent my back from going out completely. Please keep me in your prayers! Hugs! Elaine

Friday, October 9, 2009

Old Friends

Hello! Today was a special day. First of all I went and picked up Mike Danowski, one of my dearest friends who lives in Germany. We have know each other since he moved here in the 6th grade. Mike is one of those friends that if you don't see him for along time, you can pick up right where you left off at. We met our other friend Pam (Collins) Boshela for lunch at Family Affair. Pam and I have been friends all through school. She had a class picture of us that she brought along with her today where we were standing next to each other in Smock tops, which were all the rage then. I think we were in the 4th grade. Pam and I stayed over night at each other houses, spent many birthdays together, her mom sewed me doll clothes. When we were in high school we double dated a lot. We share a lot of history together.

After lunch we watched the Home Coming Parade by Roseberry's Funeral Home. Mike's neice and nephew were there. This is the first that Mike has seen his new little niece who I think is about 6 months old. She is adorable and Mike has fallen in love with her like he does all babies. When my girls were babies....he would come over to visit and would hold them for hours. He loves little kids. He is making a John Deer tractor and trailer cake for his nephew Riley's birthday. They are having a party tomorrow. After the parade we came back here and looked through some photo albums that Pam had brought along and we visited some more. Pam headed back to Beloit and I took Mike out to his dad's house. Then I stopped at the flea market to pick up my greeting cards, went to the bank, and Pamida, then headed home. Melissa caught me on the phone as soon as I walked in the door.....some times I think she has a hidden camera set up outside that sends off alarms to her to let her know that I am back home! LOL I had quite a few phone calls to return and then spent the evening camped out on the bed with the lap top looking at blogs and watching Dancing with the Stars....and answering more phone calls. So it has been a busy day! Oh....I almost forgot to tell you that the jacket Pam had on was a jacket she found, that she still had, from when she bowled for Good and Plenty, which for those who are long time residents of here know that it was our first "fast food joint" in Adam's County. Mike's mom and dad owned it. Pam and I both worked there when we were in high school. So we got a good laugh when she dragged this jacket out and put it on before the parade! Enjoy your friends! Boo

Rubbah Stamp Warning!

A recent study indicated that rubber stamps and
embossing powders give off certain pheromones that
actually hypnotize women and cause them to purchase
unreasonable amounts.

When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces ,
the pheromones ( Rubber ) cause memory loss and induce
the nesting syndrome ( similar to the one squirrels
have before the onset of winter i.e. storing food ),
therefore perpetuating their species.

Sound tests have also revealed that the rubber emits a
very high pitched sound, heard only by a select few, a
breed of women known as " Rubber Stampers ". When
played backwards on an LP , the sounds are heard as
chants, " buy me, stamp me. emboss me ".

Studies have also indicated that aliens have
inhabitated the earth, helping to spread the effects
that these Stamps have on the human population.

It's also been experienced that these same pheromones
cause a pathological need to hide these Stamp
purchases when taken home ( or at least blend them
into the existing stash ), and when asked by a
significant other if the stamp is new , the reply is:
"I've had it for a while."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wishing You Life's Greatest Comforts

Good Evening! Last night I stayed up late and finished the wedding invitations as far as I could. I need some brushed gold card stock, and some ribbon that I ordered, and then I will be able to finish them. Twenty six are totally finished and the rest are assembled as far as I could assemble them. So I am 3/4 the way done on them. My ribbon will be arriving on Monday so I will be able to finish them after that.

Today, I awoke at 7 am to the sound of machinery. They were working on my street or some where near here. Fun Fun. So it looks like I am going to have to get to bed earlier as I am usually up a couple of hours (or more) each night. I think I got a total of four hours of sleep last night. So as soon as I am finished with this....I think I will hip hop off to bed. Molly will be glad of that. She is sitting on top of my wrists as I type... purring. She thinks it is petting time. Sometimes I think I need to hire someone to sit and pet her so I can get something done!!! She is one spoiled cat that is for sure. She is definitely my baby.

I worked hard today making cards. I was working with the Medallion stamp. It was my first day to play with it and it was so much fun. I got 18 cards finished today with 4 different designs that I will be showing to my stamp camps next week. Melissa stopped over for a while today. She is going to take some of Wayne's scrapbook stands to the CURDS event she is going to this weekend.

I just finished all the paper work for the Thrivent grant for Community Quilting. We will not be receiving a grant from them next year as they need to fund other organizations. So if you know of any organizations or individuals that would be interested in supporting a very worthy cause, please let me know. We get a lot of donations of fabric, but we need money to buy batting and sheets to back the quilts with. Any amount helps. The quilts go to victims of fires, tornado's, social services, rescue squads, sheriff department cars, domestic abuse, nursing homes, assisted living, etc. These quilts touch so many people in our community and all the quilts stay in Adams County. We will be able to apply for a grant with Thrivent again in 2011, but for 2010 we need to find other funding. Have a good night! Elaine

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Owl cards

Hello- Not much new happening here in Mayberry. I did a little work on the invitations today and went uptown and ran some errands. Other than that, I worked on the computer, did some paper work and cleaned up the computer desk. It is very nice out side. It would be nice if the temperature stayed like this but it doesn't look like we are going to be so lucky. Have a good one. Me

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great Friend

Hello! I have been busy working on Jenna's wedding invitations. I cut the layers of card stock yesterday and started running pieces through the Big Shot. There are 4 layers on the top of the card, with the last one being an embossed 3 tier wedding cake from the stamp set Pun Fun. I am doing them in Spanish and English. I worked on them today from 10:30 till 4:30, non stop except for a short Baked Potato break for lunch! I really got a lot done and over half of the layers are completely assembled and embossed. I need to assemble the rest plus run the base of the card through the Big Shot to emboss the card front. I still have a lot to do but I am very happy with today's progress on them. I plan on having them finished so that I can send them home with Jenna on the 18th when we have her bridal shower. Barb Cook stopped in to pick up her order today. Melissa and Isabelle were here to pick up some card stock and a acrylic rack that Melissa is buying from me.
On Sunday, we had a family day and the whole family met in Osseo at Norske's Nook for lunch. They are famous for their Norwegian food and for their pies. They have at least 20 different pies on the menu. I had a BLT Club wrap that was wrapped with lefse, home made chips, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie that is to die for! It was fabulous and we had a great time. Just thinking about it makes me want to head back there for more! Ha Ha! I shot a bunch of pictures that I will be sending out sometime this week. I brought home some lefse with me and have been enjoying eating that this week. We took all the grand children to see the farm where my mother grew up, and where Lenore and I played little girls. It brought back lots of fond memories for us. We ended the day with a trip to the cemetery. Mom had goody bags for all of us, we exchanged our Christmas wish lists and every one headed in different directions home. I dropped Jenna, Antonio, and Dianna off at Tomah where we had left Jen's car and after getting gas, I headed over to Good Will. I found some treasures of course! It was a very fun day....a day to remember!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Friday Morning Stamping Group

Happy Saturday afternoon and Happy World Card Making Day! I am snug as a bug in my nice warm house. I didn't go to the flea market today due to the cold. I talked with Sarah and she said not many people were there and that it was freezing.

I have some news for you. I am starting another Stamp Camp one Friday each month. This will be the same Stamp Camp that is offered the other 2 days. I have 2 home schooler's signed up for it so far and possibly some more people that will be signing up. One of them is a Sophomore in high school and the other I believe is in eighth grade. Very nice girls. You will love them. I decided to set this camp up so that it was the day before my scrap book class. That way I will be able to plan trip's out of town better and not have so many days of the month tied up This will also help some of the weekend people that have been wanting to attend Stamp Camp. A lot of people in the city are working 4 day work weeks now. The first one will start on Friday, October 30th at 9 am. For more information, read the schedule at the bottom of the blog. Please let me know in advance that you will be coming. I look forward to seeing you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Just Basketball & Celebrate

Today is my nephew Ben's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday Benjamin bunny! This will be the card that I will be giving him on Sunday when I see him. I would tell you what I bought him....but someone might tell! Love you Ben. Aunt Elaine

Here is the recipe: Just Basketball and Celebrate Stamp Sets. Card Stock: Pumpkin Pie, Whisper White 2" x 4 3/4", Basic Black 2 1/4" x 5", and Vellum 3 1/2" x 4". Ink: Pumpkin Pie and Black Stazon. 1 1/4" Circle Punch, Vellum Tape

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Elegant Greetings

Good Evening! It is raining away here in Friendship, WI. I have had a perfect day, stamping away in my stamping cave. I stamped last night and most of today. I think I am finally getting rested up. I woke up with a headache again but a dose of Excedrin migraine did the trick. I just love those miracle pills! I have been making samples for stamp camp and made some door prizes. You are going to love them!!!

Mom gave me some humongous baked potato's that some one brought her fresh from the field this weekend. Those are the very best baked potato's and I am enjoying one right now. Absolutely yummy! I can't finish it. I wonder if Molly and Taffy will eat it. Think I will go see. If I had to make an educated guess.....Taffy will eat it and Molly won't. I am back from the kitchen and I was partly right. Molly just licked at it for a little bit, I think that she liked the taste of the butter and sour cream. Taffy was licking it too and just came out licking her chops like she just had lobster! Hee hee. They are great entertainment, that is for sure.

Lady Di dropped in this afternoon for a visit and saw my projects that I have been making and thought they were very cute. She usually does thinking they are cute except for when I made the sock monkey. He gives her the creeps! LOL Probably because she is so into Spiderman....hee hee! I can already feel the dagger's she will be sending me when she reads this!

I talked with Jenna last night and she is busy doing her bridal registrations. Antonio and Jenna will be coming on Saturday night and staying over night here so I am excited about that.

My mail is now going to be delivered out of the Adam's post office and will be delivered in the middle of the afternoon instead of around 10 am as in the past. This was suppose to be starting yesterday. I think they have decided not to deliver it at I have not had mail for 2 days and the Adams Blab (newspaper) should have arrived today. I am patiently/impatiently waiting for my package from Colleen in Oregon as I know there will be a new stamp set in it, On a Pedestal, as we did some swapping. And you know how I like to play with new is like Christmas morning! Speaking of Christmas...I am suppose to have my Christmas wish list ready for Sunday's family get together. Anyone got any idea's of what I should put on it!?!?!