Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brrrr....winter is back!

So much for going to the flea market today, it was too cold and I didn't even leave the house.  My muscles can't stand 40 degree weather.  I talked to both Sarah and Breezy and it sounds like I didn't miss anything.  Breezy didn't even open up he said, and they were sitting in Sarah's car visiting.  Sarah would get out when someone would come in to Mom's stall.  She has a cold and was hoping everyone would go home so she could go home!  LOL
I was working on stuff for the baby shower today.  I combined all the emails that Jenna had emailed me with addresses onto one Word document, looked up a few, and then printed out a copy so I could address my envelopes.  I got those all done so once the invitations are done, the envelopes are all ready to stuff.  I sent a copy of it to Jenna so she will have it to write out her thank you's.  I made a few phone calls to line up some food and worked on getting the rest of my cutting done as you can see from the picture above.  My focal image is all done, cut, and glued.  Now all I need to do is design the card, print the inserts and then I will be ready for assembly work.
I also talked with Carol today and I just got off the phone with Jenna.  She called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day tonight as she won't have time tomorrow as she has to work.  Mother's Day is Olive Garden's busiest day of the year.  She said last year they served over 900 just during the lunch shift between 11 and 4.  I can't begin to even imagine that.  Have a great Mother's Day!  Elaine


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