Monday, March 4, 2013

Love and Sympathy

Today's post are some of the batch of sympathy cards that I made about a month ago.  I think I made 15 sympathy cards that day.  I was on a roll!  Now mind you...just because they get made don't mean they get sent out.  :-(  I have had so much going on.  I sure do hope things slow down soon!  I am working towards that goal!!!
These cards were made with a new stamp set I recently got that I am sure will get lots of use.  It is called Love and Sympathy and it is such a beautiful stamp set.  I have wanted it for some time...and finally bit the bullet and got it.  I am sure you will be seeing lots more of it.

I was home today until about 9:30 tonight.  I went to the Dells to pick up Antonio from work.  I had quite a productive day at home before I left.  I did some entry work on Quick Books for the church, had a nap, payed a big stack of church bills, and then sewed a little peasant dress for Valentina.  Both Jenna and Antonio loved the little dress I made, especially Antonio.  He said that when his little girl gets walking (which will probably be in the next couple of weeks) he wants her to be in lots of little skirts and dresses.  Well, this Gram can help in that department as I have been collecting lot's of little girl patterns, and have lots of fabric to work with!  I took some pictures of the little peasant dress tonight and discovered that the power cord went bad when I was trying to transfer the pictures to the computer.  I have been having trouble with my camera battery not keeping a good charge, and now I think it probably was due to the power cord, but decided to order a new battery along with the power cord just in case the battery is bad too.  It won't hurt to have a second camera battery.  I really love my camera but it has not been taking the best pictures the past few months.  So hopefully this will solve the problem and perhaps I will be doing more blog posting!  That is if you are lucky....LOL!

I see the weather man is predicting ANOTHER big snow storm for us starting tomorrow afternoon.  YUCK is all I have to say.  I am definitely ready for spring.  I am looking forward to playing outside with the grand babies, and taking them for walks with the stroller.  Let's all say on the count of three...."Good bye winter....Hello Spring!"