Friday, May 14, 2010

Things I Love....

I do not know where the day went today.  It just flew by.  Carol stopped in this morning to return my sewing machine.  She got her's back from being repaired yesterday.  I finished up putting the inserts into the invites and got them all stuffed and ready to go.  I also worked on the computer and getting the last of the order's for Beth's party.  I called her tonight and she is going to stop at the flea market tomorrow and we will get things finalized so that the order can go in.  I don' t feel like I accomplished a thing today.  I just had lots of email, paperwork, and loose ends to finish today.  I am starting to really hurt again so I guess it is time to get down for the night.

Boy, there have really been some good tv shows this week...24, Grey's, and Private Practice were fantastic I thought.  I watched them today.  Sure do love the DVR, and not having to watch commercials, or worrying about the phone ringing and missing something.  It sure is a wonderful invention!
Today's card is with the stamp set Things I love.  So many creative uses for this set.  I just got it during Sale-A-Bration and love it!  I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of it!

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