Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bitty Box Die

Hello-  Today's project I made with the Big Shot and the Bitty Box & Envelope Die.  I just love this die.  It makes the cutest little box as you can see above.  It is great for putting little gifts of jewelry, etc. in it.  I also cut out the envelope and made a mini card to match it.  I used the Stampin' UP! Stamp Set,  Fun & Fast Notes to stamp the "cake image & greeting" on a 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" square of Whisper White Card Stock  Then I took an aqua pen filled with water to color the cake, picking up ink off my ink pad for a water colored look.  I then matted the cake image on a 2" x 2" square of certainly celery card stock, added some dimensionals to pop it off the top of the box for a 3-D look.  Last but not least, the finishing touch was to take a 4" piece of ribbon, knot it, trim the ends, and attach it to the front of the box.
For the envelope set, I used the Stampin' UP! stamp set Birthday Bliss.  I stamped the image "birthday bliss", cut it out and popped that up with dimensionals and attached it to the outside of the envelope to decorate it.  The ice cream, presents, etc. image was stamped then punched out with SU's 1 1/4" square punch, then mounted on a square that was punched out with the SU Scalloped square extra large punch.  For the inside of the mini card, I stamped the "may your layers..." image, and punched that out with the SU 1 3/8" square punch and adhered it inside.  Presto...... the good witch has waved her magic wand for a quick, easy, and cute project!  I just love working with dies and punches.  They give such a professional look to your projects! 
Interested in making these yourself!?!?  Need the supplies?  Go to the link on the upper right of my blog to shop in my Stampin' UP! store, any time, 24 hours per day. Flip through the online catalog to see all the fun goodies we have to offer.  If you are interested in purchasing a Stampin' UP! catalog, I sell them for $5.00 if you pick them up, $10.00 if I need to mail it to you.  They fit nicely in a priority flat rate mailer and you will get it quickly!  I love looking at the catalog.  They are chocked full of ideas of things to make and they get your Mojo going.  It is like looking at the Christmas Toy Catalog when you were a kid, making your wish list!  Look on the side bar, and click on Birthday Bliss or Fun and Fast Notes to see other projects I have posted with these stamp sets.  As always...you can contact me at quilter16@frontier.com or leave a comment on this post.  Have a wonderful day!  Elaine

Monday, September 27, 2010

Newest pictures of Mason

Jenna's friend from college, Karen, made this beautiful sweater for Mason.

Keeping Cozy and Warm.  :-)

Watching Mom do the dishes "Makes me Sleepy". :P

These are some pictures Jenna posted yesterday of Mason.  Only one more week until I get to see him again!  :) :) :) !!!!

Want an opportunity to win a new Kindle?

Click on the above link and make a comment on the blog.  The more things you do, the more times your name will be put in the drawing.  Good Luck!  Elaine

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pretty Pens!

A pile of pretty pens, some unpackaged so that you can see the prints better.

I unscrewed the cap so that you can see where to enter the paper.  Just pull the ink out, enter your curled paper, and use the tip of the pen to "push" the paper in the rest of the way.

I mentioned a few days ago that I had been having trouble sleeping since taking the flonase, and the dizzy drug.  Well I quit all that a few days ago and have been "knocking" myself out with Ambien the past two nights.  That works for about 5 hours and then I am up.  So look what I was doing at 4 am this morning!  Making up some pretty pens for my booth in WI Dells.  These are really quite simple to do, and I thought I would share how I make them.  But unless you are a card maker or scrap booker, a person probably wouldn't have the right supplies.  You need some scraps of patterned paper.  I feel that Stampin' UP! has the best designer paper on the market, but for this project, it is better for the paper to be thin.  The thinner the better I have found.  The paper I used for the one in the last picture is actually the best paper for this project.  A couple of years ago Stampin' UP sold designer wrapping paper.  And they were huge rolls.  I bought one pattern, and Melissa bought the other pattern, and we split them in half, and swapped.  It was such nice wrapping paper that it worked just like designer paper for layering on cards and scrapbook pages, but was thin so you couldn't use it for 3D projects.  So this is perfect for the pens, but you can also use cheap thin scrapbook paper (as my stamping gang would call it, CONTRABAND) and some of them I have used SU's paper on, but you just have to be a little more careful when curling it as it can get crumple marks on it.  I cut the piece 1" x 3 3/8" with my paper cutter, rolled it up tightly, and shoved it in the end of a Pentel R.S.V.P. Pen.  It will open up after it is inside, and you will probably have to take the tip of the ink pen, and stick it inside the barrel to push it in the rest of the way.  Screw the cap back on....and wallah!  You are finished!!  Now wasn't that easy!  You need to be a little selective on the prints you use.  I have found that large prints don't show up, little patterns tend to work the best.  These are my "Go-To" pens at my house.  I love that they are pretty, and I love writing with a fine pen.  They write like a dream, non stop, until the ink is gone.  At the flea market, I sold them unpackaged, but it works best in the Dell's booth to hang as much stuff as possible, so I put them in narrow 1" x 8" bags that Lady Di gave me, and made a cute little topper on them so I can hang them from the pegboard.
Di and I went to the Dells yesterday so that I could get some more things put in.  It was really busy in there, as with the Warren's Cranberry Festival going on this weekend, people are traveling all over the state of Wisconsin.  After we got done over there, we headed over to Walmart to pick up some groceries and things.  Di had one of her "cravings" and wanted Chinese so we went to the buffet for supper.  It sure was yummy.  We both really love Chinese.  We decided that being we were next door to the Memory Bank, we should pop in for a minute to see what was new.  Mistake (a good one).  We both ended up with a few things.  :-D  I found a couple of things that I have been hunting for several months for so was very happy about that!
It was a BRRRRR.....day at the flea market until later in the day when the sun came out.  It may have been out earlier but I was too busy to get outside in it till later in the afternoon.  I am giving up my stall, so this will be my last weekend there.  I was busy selling my fixtures.  I sold the two white bookcases in the back of the booth right away in the morning, so had to get them emptied off.  Then the people decided to buy my drop leaf table.  But they went and took the book cases home so it would give me time to get the Tastefully Simple moved off of it.  In the mean time, I was selling other things too, plus my next door neighbors at the flea market who will be renting my stall, decided that they will buy the rest of my fixtures that I want to sell.  Some things I am taking home, as I might need them in the future, like my card racks.  I am running 25% off all in stock Tastefully Simple to sell that down, so that was going out at a pretty good rate.  Needless to say, it was quite chaotic around there, and I was trying to get these fixtures (except for the ones the neighbors want) emptied off, and the merchandise displayed nicely, because even though I am going out of business there, I am still in business there until the weekend is over and it needs to be displayed nice for it to sell.  With the cold, and all the bending, I was one hurting girl with my fibromyalgia, so any little doubts about whether or not I should give it up, didn't last long.  But I do love the people down there, and I shall miss that a lot.  I was joking with my neighbors that it will probably be a bad thing for me to give it up, as I will be able to be buying next year instead of selling, as I won't be tied down to a stall.  LOL  I can always set up on a table if I feel like it and can always come down to visit.  I also wanted to tell my far away friends/customers who come to the flea market, that if you are going to be here, I would love to see you.  Just send me an email or give me a buzz!  I hope you are all having a great weekend, and staying warm!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another nutso day in Mayberry!

It was another crazy day here, with tons of phone calls, and people in and out.  I am still trying to finish the 20 cards I started yesterday, in between things.  The outsides are all done, just need to finish cutting and putting the inserts in the last 16, then get them packaged up and ready to go!  I made a trip to the flea market to pick up my stamp sets that I have for sale, as I am working out a trade for some more catalogs right now.  I also brought some stuff home to get coded for the Dells.  And I made a trade list up so when I need it, I will have it all ready.  I used to have one made but haven't been doing a lot of trading this summer as I was gone. Most of the time, I see someone looking for a particular set and if I have it and can part with it, (ha ha) then I shoot them a note.   If you are interested in seeing what I have for sale, send me an email at quilter16@frontier.com and I will email you a copy of it.  On the way home, I made a quick run through Practical Cents.  I just spent $2.37 today for a big skein of crochet cotton and for a bag of fabric.  Their was nothing else that I was interested in.
I thought I would share a little tid bit with you today about Heat and Stick Powder.
This is what a demonstrator wrote about it:
I love heat and stick powder for glitter. It heat sets it and it doesn't go
everywhere. Just use versamark, heat with heat gun, sprinkle heat and stick
powder, heat with heat gun, sprinkle with glitter, and heat again. Walla you have glitter
without it coming back off. I use it for dazzling diamonds as well so it
will stay put.
Gotta run, I am going to try and sleep.  I haven't slept the past two nights and I believe it is from the flonase I have been using for allergies/dizzness.  I didn't use it today so we will see if that helps!  Later, gators!  Elaine

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The baby

Hi!  Yesterday, Jenna, Antonio and Mason came to visit the Great Grandmother's.  The first stop was a trip to Oxford where they visited Great Grandma Wilson, Grandpa Wilson and Heather.  Then they headed over this direction to see Great Grandma and  Great Grandpa Steffen.  Sarah came from Reedsburg and we all had a nice meal together.  Mason remembered my voice.  When my mom was holding him, I was talking to him and he turned to look at me and was kicking his feet and waving his arms, and then he smiled at me.  Antonio says to Jenna all excited, "See he remembers your Mama", and she nodded her head, while smiling.  I was telling this to Di tonight and she kind of laughed, not really believing me.  But it really is true.  I love this middle photo where I caught him on film smiling at me.  He is such a cutie pie, that is for sure.
Today was a busy day around here.  Sandy Wellumson spent the day with me, stamping and visiting.  We had a really fun day, getting to know one another better.  Susie Smith stopped over to visit a bit too and picked up the rest of the elk they had stored in my freezer.  I have it defrosting right now and Taffy is quite fascinated with the falling ice and dripping water!  Sandy Renner also stopped in to pick up her order.  Sandy and I made a really adorable card, I am mass producing this one and will have 20 of them when I am done.  Perhaps I will post it tomorrow night.  I am too tired to do it tonight and plan to head down to bed soon.  I have been making myself stay up, as I have wanted to go to bed since about 6 o'clock!  Till tomorrow...night!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Determining Yardage

Good Morning!  I just did a google search for the measurements of a king size quilt.  I didn't feel like getting up and looking for a book.  Look what handy information came up!  Copy, and paste this information into Word and keep this information handy!  I hope my sewing friends find this helpful!

Determining Yardage

How Many Blocks Are Needed?

Twin Size Quilt

Block Size

Total Blocks

Total Size without Borders

(Blocks Wide x Blocks Long) (Width x Length)
12" 54
(6 X 9)
72" x 108"
15" 35
(5 X 7)
75" X 105"
16" 35
(5 X 7)
80" x 112"
18" 24
(4 X 6)
72" X 108"

Full Size Quilt

Block Size

Total Blocks

Total Size without Borders

(Blocks Wide x Blocks Long) (Width x Length)
12" 72
(8 X 9)
96" X 108"
15" 42
(6 X 7)
90" X 105"
16" 42
(6 X 7)
96" X 112"
18" 30
(5 X 6)
90" x 108"

Queen Size Quilt

Block Size

Total Blocks

Total Size without Borders

(Blocks Wide x Blocks Long) (Width x Length)
12" 72
(8 X 9)
96" X 108"
15" 42
(6 X 7)
90" X 105"
16" 42
(6 X 7)
96" X 112"
18" 30
(5 X 6)
90" X 108"

King Size Quilt

Block Size

Total Blocks

Total Size without Borders

(Blocks Wide x Blocks Long) (Width x Length)
12" 90
(9 X 10)
108" X 120"
15" 56
(7 X 8)
105" X 120"
16" 49
(7 X 7)
112" X 112"
18" 36
(6 X 6)
108" X 108"

Strips that can be Cut from 44" Wide Fabric

The following chart shows the approximate number of strips that can be cut from 44" wide fabric. Please allow extra yardage for errors.

Strip Width

1 yard fabric

1/2 yard fabric

1-1/2" 23 11
2" 17 8
2-1/2" 13 7
3" 11 5
3-1/2" 10 5
4" 8 4
4-1/2" 7 3
5" 7 3
5-1/2" 6 3
6" 5 2
7" 5 2
8" 4 2

Squares that Can be Cut from 44" Long Strips

The following chart shows the approximate number of squares that can be cut from strips of 44" wide fabric. Please allow extra yardage for errors.

Strip Width

Number of squares that can be cut

1-1/2" 28
2" 21
2-1/2" 16
3" 14
3-1/2" 12
4" 10
4-1/2" 9
5" 8
5-1/2" 7
6" 7
7" 6
8" 5

Standard Measurements - in inches




Dust Ruffle

Crib27" x 52"
36" x 60"
Day Bed39" x 75"
69" x 90"
Twin 39" x 75"81" x 110"69" x 90"57" x 89"
Full 54" x 75"96" x 110"84" x 90"90" x 110"
Queen 60" x 80"102" x 115"90" x 95"102" x 115"
Dual/King 76" x 80"120" x 115"106" x 98"120" x 115"
California King 72" x 84"120" x 115"106" x 98"100" x 98"

Bedspread sizes include standard drop of 21"

Dust Ruffle sizes include at standard drop of 14"

Bed Pillow Sizes

Standard20" x 26"
Queen20" x 30"
King20" x 36"


52" x 52"
52" x 70"
60" x 84"
60" x 102"
60" x 120"
60" x 144"
70" Round
90" Round


Dinner16" Square
Luncheon14" Square
Cocktail12" Square

Monday, September 20, 2010

The birthday cards

Hello!  I am back!  I got a tiny nap in, Sue Bartels was here to pick up her stamping order, and I got 3 of this card made.  The birthday gals both love Purple, so I thought it would be fun to try out our new "In color".  I love how this monochromatic card turned out.  I will have a recipe sheet with color photo available for sale on this card for $1.00.  This is recipe sheet #2 if you would like to request it.  It includes step by step directions to make the above the card, a color photo so you don't need to keep your original card, card stock and ribbon measurements, and item numbers of all supplies used so you will know what to order.  Store these sheets in a 3 ring binder, and you will be able to flip through them for immediate inspiration and you will be able to quickly "pop" out a card when you need one!  Once your payment is received by check, cash, or paypal, I will email you the file and you can store it on your computer or print it out. Email me at quilter16@frontier.com to get yours now!

Monday, Monday....

I started the day out on the wrong foot.  I realized that I forgot to go to Bible study around 10:30 this morning, just as it was ending.  Oh well, I missed so many classes while I was gone, haven't been able to go since I have been back, and won't be able to go due to other commitments for about a month!  The order from Sue Bartels party arrived this morning and I got that all sorted and packed up.  I have a to do list for the next two weeks a mile long and got a few things checked off on that.  I decided to make a run up to Practical Cents as I had seen this shadow box on Saturday while I was there.  I was thinking about it but decided to see if there was anything else I was interested in and left the store without buying anything (a rare event), and forgot about the shadow box!?!?! Can you tell I am in a fibro-fog???  Any who, lucky for me, the box was still there, and today I got it for half price.  Yippee!  I have seen Archivers advertising something similar they are selling to alter and I believe they want $15.00 for them.  I bought this little treasure for $2.00. My whole pile of stuff came to $8.70 so it was a good shopping day.  If any one out there knits or crochets and has any small amounts of  yarns that they can't use for another project, I am interested in them.  I need small amounts to make some crochet flower pins.  I hate to break into full skeins as they take so little yarn, and it is better for me to have a wide variety of nice colors for selling them.  The funnel I bought for filling canning jars with things, and the spiders are for another project I have cooked up.  I thought you might enjoy seeing my latest treasures that will be going into future projects.  And the knit pants are like new and will be great for lounging around here in.  I just finished wrapping Diana's birthday gift, and I need to make a birthday card for her yet, and for another friend who's birthday is tomorrow.  But right now I am going to take a quick nap!  Have a great day!  Elaine

Rag Quilts

Hello-  I am really tired so this will be short tonight.  I was at the flea market today, and then made some stops on the way home.  I got a few groceries, headed home to put my ice cream away, then headed back to the laundry mat to wash these two rag quilts that I made while I was in Milwaukee.  If you are looking for a very nice gift for some one for Christmas, Anniversary or Wedding Gift these are great.  They was and wear so well.  These pictures don't do them justice.  I probably should have waited till day time to take photo's of them.  The lighting wasn't the greatest. My cats love them, the minute I laid them out to photograph, they both had to get over there and I had to tell them to stay down, as they wanted to hop on them.  8-D   Speaking of cats, I saw a teeny tiny kitten pop out of my garage tonight.  I was out there breaking down boxes for recycling and the little squirt squeeze through a tiny crack.  She is white mostly with a little black but she has a calico tail, and her tail looks like Taffy!  She wouldn't come near me at all (which is good) as I can see how people end up with cat houses....as I am a sucker for a kitten.  But 2 cats is my limit.  She is little, I am guessing about 4 weeks old or so.  She was probably born while I was gone.  Adios.  Have a great day!  Elaine

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Cakes is coming to town....do da...do da!

Jenna called me today at the flea market, and they are coming to town on Tuesday!  I am so excited.  I can't wait to see them, and little Mason.  It has been a long 3 weeks!  When she was saying goodbye on the phone, she said to me, make sure your camera is fully charged Grandma!  And she laughed.  As she knows it will be.  Mason will have another "photo" shoot with Grammy.  I sure hope he remembers me.  Any whoo...on my "to do list" was to make these "Pee Pee Tee Pee's or Wee Wee Wigwams" for Mason.  So I popped out a batch of them tonight.  They are quick and easy to make and I plan on making some of them to sell.  I am not sure how many she wants so maybe a few of these will be for sale.  When she knew she was having a boy, I had told her that I had found this pattern for them (a couple of times).  She wouldn't really say anything, and frankly, I think she thought it was a kooky idea, until she had her baby boy and got squirted on, and squirted on.  LOL  She has been using wash clothes to put over him while changing him, and now thinks they are a GREAT idea.  So I have to chuckle about that one.
Yesterday, was a busy one, and the day was not at all how I had planned.  I had emailed Kate at the Craft Mall in the Dells to see if there were any available spaces on Thursday.  I wasn't sure if she would remember me, I rented down there years ago when I had the store.  Any how she emailed me back late Friday morning and said of course she remembered me, and to give her a call.  So I did this around noon, and we talked about what kind of stuff I was currently making, she looked at pictures of my booth at the flea market, and she told me she had a small space available and could give me a bigger one when something opened up.  She bumped me up on the list because I had rented there before.  She told me that she would really like some stuff in the space because it was their big weekend in the Dells.  I told her that I had a doctor's appointment in Mauston and would see what I could do.  So I quick hopped in the shower, grabbed a small table from here, a little red ladder that Sarah had given me for Mother's Day that I thought would look cute with towels displayed on them, made a quick stop at the flea market and tried to quick pick a variety of stuff.  I would have taken more but needed to leave for my appointment at 2 so headed out with what I had.  I went to my doctor's appointment and got down to the Dells around 4.  All my stuff had to be coded so I sat in the van with the window open and I would write down the items and code them, then take them into the mall to my space.  I did this over and over again till I got done around 7:45.  I signed the paper work, looked around a little bit till they closed at 8.  So it is set up.  I still need to put more stuff in as I have wall space left, but at least it is not empty and hopefully I will sell some stuff this weekend.  I will go down sometime next week and fill it up.  I knew it would be too busy down there this weekend to even try to do it.  It is fun to be back in there again.  I enjoyed it when I rented there before.  If you get a chance, stop in there and check it out.  Just ask the gals at the desk and they can show you where it is located.  As you walk in the front door and towards the checkout, it is the last aisle before the desk.  It is very close to the desk.
I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Elaine

Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Planner gets a Makeover by Little Miss Night Owl

Artsy Fartsy Angle of Front Cover
Inside Cover of Planner

Front Cover

Good Evening, or should I say Good Middle of the Night.  I just finished recovering my beautiful daily planner that I bought in Milwaukee that had the ugly cover on it.  I have never seen such a thing where the company uses the back and front cover to advertise their product and you are suppose to look at that for the next year and a half while you are using the planner!  I was so disgusted about it that I almost did not buy the planner.  But I love how it is set up on the inside, so I bought it, knowing that I could doll it up.  I do love my planner and use it every day,  I write all sorts of stuff in it, and it sure beats having tons of pieces of paper lying around!   I can just grab it and go and have all my important information in there. I used all Stampin' UP! from the Play Date Line on this project.  I love this line.  The colors are beautiful in it and mix and match so well.  It is easy to throw a project together.  No guess work because it all matches.  The only things I added were a couple of buttons, and I took a sponge dauber to the words, task, idea, and notes to give them some definition and soften them up a bit.  I will explain more why I design the cover the way I did and why it appeals to the eye, at our next class.  I bought the Play Date items online in the digital format, and printed them off at home.  You do not have to own my digital studio to use our digital line.  They keep adding more and more things for sale in digital.  Digital scrap booking is a big thing!  If I decided that I needed another element or another sheet of paper while working on this project, I just hopped on over to the computer and printed it out.  How cool is that!  Wait till you see this in real life, you won't believe it that this not "real" pattern paper.  I printed it off on Whisper White Card Stock.  Our Whisper White works so well for printing off digital images, papers, and brushes.  And it runs through the printer with easy, no chance of jamming it up.  So if you love this and want to make a project with it, go to http://love2stampsewmuch.stampinup.net and push shop now and it will take you to the ordering section.  You can look at the digital images there or order them right out of the catalog  like you normally do and they will ship them directly to your home. When you order them digitally, once you have completed your order and paid, you can down load them immediately.  The nice thing about digital is that you can resize them to any size you want, and you can print them to your hearts content (the prices on digital are WAY cheaper too, less than half most of the time and you will never "run out" of them.  But if you aren't brave enough to try that yet, let me tell you where they are in the catalog.  Page 176, Play Date Quick Elements, 117172 $8.95; Play Date Designer Series Paper 117168 $9.95; Play Date rub-ons  118760 $7.95.  I am sure you are going to be seeing a lot more of this line in future projects.  I am thinking of all kinds of ideas.  Would you be interested in doing a notebook project?  This would make a cute one.  I think I will make one up for Diana.  She turns 13 tomorrow.  She will officially be a "teenager"!  And if I can find some RSVP pens, I will make her a bunch to match her notebook.  Hmm..maybe that will be tomorrow's project.  Nighty-Nite!  Elaine        

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovely As A Tree Cards

It has been quite the week.  It has not went at all like I had expected it to go, but that is okay, in many ways, it has went better!  I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying about my life the past few months and I feel like now that I have "sat still" and listened to God that I am hearing his answers, and that I am being guided in the way I should go.  So I will be making some changes, and most of them won't affect you but they will affect me a lot!  One thing I have heard loud and clear is that I need to put my main focus back into my stamping business.  I have had numerous calls and people stopping in.  Picking up catalogs, placing orders, etc.  Also I am working on some new marketing ideas and I am very thankful and feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be starting a new stamping group!  I was asked about a week ago to do this, and the plans are now finalized for our first get together at the church on Thursday, September 30, starting at 5:30 to make two Christmas cards.  Right now they have about 12 people that are talking about coming which is absolutely great!  And if anyone wants to come from my other group, they are welcome too.  Just email me.  I will be sending out more information on that later.  I designed one of my cards for it today and it turned out oh so cute!  To be continued......

Recipe:  Stampin' UP! Stamp Sets: Lovely As A Tree, and God's Blessings

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grandma has been shopping for babycakes!

Hi! I thought you might enjoy seeing a few things I have picked up for Baby cakes.  These are the first things I have bought since Mason has been born.  I have been showing real restraint. Hee Hee. It helps not to have extra money at the moment....LOL  Isn't this little dog hat just the cutest thing!?!?  Mason has some little onesies with dogs on them in browns that this hat should go perfect with.  And my absolute favorite is the elephant.  The elephant is really cool.  The head has a rattle in it, the belly makes a crinkly sound when you touch it, and the feet are teethers.  I thought he was absolutely adorable and would be so cute with the quilt that I made him.  I think I feel another photo shoot coming on.....LOL  
My girls had teether beads similar to these and loved them.  I think he will like hanging on to these and probably could hold them in his mouth now.  When I was there, and he was two weeks old, the little stinker would wrap his hand around the ribbon holding his pacifier, and he would yank it out of his mouth.  Then wonder why it was no longer in his mouth!  And the other thing he would do is try to keep his pacifier in his mouth, even though he didn't have the hand eye coordination skills to do so at a couple of days old..  He is going to be a smart one.  That little whipper snapper.  Can't wait to see him again.  Only a few more weeks and I will be going to Milwaukee to pick up Colleen from the air port and I will get to see him then.  Ahh...the joys of being a Grandmother!  Love it!  Elaine

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you heart

Hello- Boy it sure is hard to get back into the blogging routine when you aren't feeling good.  I have been suffering with dizziness this weekend.  I went through this years ago and it sure is a pain.  So I have been steaming and sleeping and attempting to get a few things done in between.  I am hoping I can get into the doctor tomorrow, and nip this in the bud and we will have Sue Bartels stamping party in the evening.
This is a heart collage that I put on Diane's thank you gift.  My mom and Diane were both over about every other day to see the cats and pet them while I was gone.  I started one of these for my mom too but never got it finished due to the diziness, so mom got her gift without a card on it.  I was feeling so rotten Sat morn, that I didn't even think to go find a card out of my stall, but don't think I could have even lifted up the door if I had wanted too.  I opened today from about 10 till 2 and the neighbor gal helped me get my stuff out.

The daisy on the left was cut out with the Big Shot and Daisy die, bird from the bird punch, and the verse is from the stamp set Simply Said.  The flower's and heart shape were made with assorted contraband.  The flowers all came from scraps.  I am off to steam and to take a snooze.  Have a good week!  Elaine

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Cakes Scrapbook Page

What a great day!  One of my favorites.....staying in my PJ's all day, and munching on peanut butter Halloween kisses, with the sun shining in my windows, while making my first scrapbook page of my grand son, Mason.
I am going to offer a scrapbook class on Saturday, October 2nd at 1pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church on how to make a  scrapbook page like this. Everyone has some little cutie pie like this to show off, it could be a current picture or one from the past.  These would make a great gift for someone.  It could be put in a 6" x 6" album, or put on a larger sheet of card stock and framed.  Adding magnets on the back would be another cute option so that it could be hung on the frig or at the office.  I  also have these wood scrapbook stands available for sale for $10.00.  Susie's husband, Wayne Smith makes them.  If you are interested in signing up for this class, the cost is $5.00 or free with an order of $25.00 of merchandise or more.  Email me at quilter16@frontier.com (Please put Scrapbook Class in the subject line) or stop down at the flea market to sign up and pick up a stand.  They are so stink'in cute!  I love them.
I had a wonderful time at Quilt Expo.  It was a really fun day, and I got some new goodies.  Quilter's heaven, that is for sure. Make it a great weekend!  Hugs!  Elaine

Here is the recipe for today's project: All products are Stampin' UP! Bashful Blue, Whisper White, Certainly Celery, and Chocolate Chip Card Stock.  Bashful Blue Brads, Mat pack and piercer, Chocolate Chip, Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery, and So Saffron Markers,  Bashful Blue Ink Pad, Chocolate Chip Ribbon,  Short and Sweet Stamp Set, Baby Tee's Wheel and Jumbo Wheel Handle,  Big Shot, Billboard Letter Die, Punches: Modern Label, Photo Corners, Arrows (retired) 6"x6" page protector and Certainly Celery ribbon to hang page protector with..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Morning Grandma!

Good Morning Grandma

This is me smiling at Momma yesterday afternoon...  :-)  Right after I pooped thru my diaper all over my cute over alls she got me.  I'm quite amused with myself!



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There!

This is one of the two pillows I made for Mason's room.  I also made a matching dresser topper too.  His room is done in a jungle theme and is adorable.
The days have been flying by, and as you can see it has been several days since I have posted.  On Sunday night I had another FM flare up which lasted all of Monday and into Tuesday.  I also think I may have had a touch of the flu as I had slight chills, and very weak legs.  Any whoo...I am glad to be past that, although I feel some aching coming on again so am headed to bed.  I have had several batches of company the past few days.  Beth Griffith was over yesterday for a visit to see how "Grandmahood" was going.  I have now joined the "elite" club which she has been enjoying for a year now.  Her little Kaylee will be a year old soon,  and they are having her 1st birthday party this Saturday.  How the time flies!
I went to the Hwy 13 & 21 restaurant Tuesday night with my neighbor Debi Wehby and we each enjoyed omelets and a long visit.  I also got our second project ready for next Monday's stamping event and we will be making an adorable buckle card as one of our projects.  Today I made a couple of sample cards and have spent quite a bit of time the past few days talking to my girls on the phone, emailing, and iming.  Sarah and I are making some plans to do some things together and of course I have to keep up on the latest with Mason.  This weekend he tried to grab a toy that Diana was holding out to him so that is his latest trick!  Jen gave her notice to Olive Garden yesterday and that was a big event in her life to give her job up but she feels this will be best for her taking good care of her family and when the time is right, she will go back to work.
Lois Christensen came over for a visit this afternoon, and bearing gifts.  She brought me a bag of wool as she knows that I make things out of it.  So that was really nice and we had a long visit.  Tomorrow is Quilt Expo in Madison and I am really excited about going to that.  It is one of the highlights of my year!  Have a great day!  Elaine

Friday, September 3, 2010

Still Strange to be Home

Good Afternoon!  This is a card I finished a little while ago.  I needed to make a thank you card to send to someone who referred a new customer to me, so I popped this card out.  A simple layout but cute.  I used the stamp set Cute and Curly and the matching punch.
Yesterday, I finished clipping the other rag quilt I finished while I was in Milwaukee.  Taffy had a great time sitting on it while I was working.  I would have to tug on the quilt and ask her to move so that I could clip the next row.  She was good about doing that.  I think she thought I had made the quilt for her. LOL   My cat's love quilts so much.  In the evening, I crochet a little baby hat for Mason.  Antonio had seen a picture of a baby wearing one in a book he was flipping through while Jenna was in labor and  he said that he wanted one of those for his son.  He wanted a couple of white one's and a blue one, and some other colors.  I told him that I would make him one.  His mother is not here, and I feel like I need to be a mother for him too.  And he is so good to me, you can't help but want to please him.  So I hunted around on the internet and found a similar pattern and I had picked up white baby yarn while I was in Milwaukee but I didn't have time to get it done before I left.  I have a bag of stuff already started for the kids, actually for Mason mainly!  Goodies from Grandma!
Lady Di just stopped over for a visit.  It is the first that I have seen her since I have been back but we have been chattering on the phone.  Have a great weekend and stop down and see me at the flea market if you get a chance!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Hello!  Sorry I have been missing in action.  I started flaring up over the weekend and decided to come home on Sunday night.  I got in about 10:30pm.  I have been resting, unpacking, and trying to get things caught up around here, which still hasn't happened!  The cats are thrilled that I am home and they keep following me around.  Especially Molly, she wants all the lov'in that she can get!
On Tuesday, I had lunch with Jeannette, Fran, and my mom.  We ate outside during the rain in Jeannette's screen porch.  This is the second time we ate out there this summer and I really like it.  Maybe some day, I will have a screen porch.  That would be fun.  You all can come visit me and we will sit, drink, yack, and eat chocolate all day long...lol  I made a quick stop to Practical Cents after we finished lunch.  I did not want them to think I had died..hee hee.  Sarah told me on the phone last night that my friends and family didn't think I was going to come back.  That I was just going to stay there.  The thought did cross my mind.  At Practical Cents, I found a few fabric napkins.  I have decided to switch to them.  I plan on making a bunch of them but until I get that done, I have a few to get me started. 
Wednesday, I worked a lot on the library scrapbook.  That is going to be my focus this month.  I want to get as much as I can done before the meeting at the end of the month.
But, I have been itching to make a card since I have been home.  I missed Zach's birthday while I was gone so I just finished wrapping his present and made him this birthday card with the new level 2 hostess set Long Fellows.  I just love it.  It is so stink'in cute!  And the saying on this stamp was so appropriate as the card is late, and they have a pet turtle that Sarah has had for years.  His name is Mr. Mean Green.  I think Sarah has had him for about 8 years now.  Cute little thing.  I also used the stamp set Itty Bitty Bits to make the faux buttons for this card.  I stamped the image, punched it out with the matching punch, then punched out 5 more circles out of card stock and glued them all together for each button.  It really adds some dimension to the card.  A fun masculine card.  I hope you like it!  Elaine