Friday, November 30, 2012

Mittens for baby V

Here are the little mittens that I told you I was working on for Valentina.  I finally ran across the pattern on Pinterest.  I had this pattern when my girls were little.  Jenna was rattling off all the places she remembered wearing her's when she was a little girl.  It is the easiest mitten pattern out there, and the very best part is that they have cuff's that you can stick up their coat sleeves so that no snow goes up their arms when they are playing in the snow! 

I have been busy crocheting all day trying to finish up some orders, and Carol stopped in and we had a nice visit.  I am heading off to bed now.  I have to get up very early for the craft show!  Have a great weekend!  Love, Elaine

New Lisbon Craft Show

I will be set up at the high school in New Lisbon for a craft show this Saturday, December 1st from 8 am to 2:30pm.  Stop over and say "hi"!

Grammies pride and joy!

Time to show you some new pictures of the little rascals that I took yesterday.

Grand daughter Valentina who is now 8 months old!  

Grandson Mason who is now 27 months!

Valentina loves to "Get" Mason and play with his hair.  Mason pretends not to like it and "get's away"!
Valentina will laugh and squeal as she goes after him!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Green Bay Packer Hat

I just finished this Packer hat in size 4T to Adult, and also finished one in size Adult.  I do have some smaller sizes available but I would need to check my inventory to see what I have left.

Greetings to all!  As usual I am burning the midnight oil as the old saying goes.  I got some much needed sleep last night and this morning.  I have been exposed to the flu as Dexter had it when I was babysitting so I wanted to make sure I got enough rest.  Jenna and the kids were over this afternoon and Jenna treated us to Papa's pizza and bread sticks which was very yummy!  It has been along time since I have had there pizza.  I entertained the kids while she was working on the computer on a job application.  They were very good and Valentina and I had a little snooze until we were woke up by the phone ringing.  Valentina is on the verge of crawling and she is so fun to watch as she pivots around, and rolls to where she wants to go!  She did give me quite the scare today though as she had rolled over by the stereo, and managed to push the button to turn it on, plus opened the door to the CD player and the carosel inside started spinning and her hand was inside there!  I quickly ran over there and got her out of there.  I was so afraid she was going to get her hand caught or dragged into it.  I can already tell that she is going to get into twice as much trouble as Mason did when she gets mobile!!!!  Of course all the different toys at Grammies house, and Netflix's keeps them very happy here!  Mason came in the door saying "Thomas the Train", and I told him he had to say "hi" to Grammie first!  I did some bill paying for the church before going over to babysit tonight.  After I got Mason to sleep I started working on a pair of mittens for Valentina.  I have one of them done now.  I ran over to the church to drop off pay checks and other checks into people's mail boxes before heading home.  Now I am trying to wind down to go to sleep.  It takes me a couple of hours after I get home to get sleepy so most of my blogging will probably be done around this time of day.  Stay warm!  Elaine

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Owl Hat

This is the latest owl hat I crocheted.  It is size 4T to Adult.
Sorry it took me so long to post again.  It has been a crazy week...or should I just say past couple of years!  I did the Holiday Taste Tour craft show in Westfield on Friday and Saturday, and saw lots of familiar faces.  It was just like Christmas to me!  I couldn't bend by the end of Sat. and fortunately some of the other vendors were so very kind to help me tear down, and get loaded up to head home.  Diana was here and Antonio was off so they had a mini Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night which they invited me too.  Yummy food as usual!  Sunday morning was the quarterly voters meeting at church and I am church treasurer of Immanuel so I had to go and give a report.  I was still in pain so headed right home after it to rest up and relax.  Later in the afternoon I was feeling better and back to my normal self again and I was so thankful!
Yesterday and today I helped Heidi Homp Ides out with watching her kids in the afternoon, came home for a few hours last night and then it was off to watch my grand kids.  Tonight I had supper with Jenna and family as Antonio is off.  He made a Mexican soup.  First time I ever had soup with a piece of corn on the cob in it!  It is always something new to try when you eat over there!  Now I am in my jammies, in the recliner, all snuggled up with a quilt, ready to fall a sleep.  I am still trying to get rid of the cold I started on November 2nd, sure wish it would go away completely!  Have a great night!  Elaine

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Little baby bibs!

Hello everyone!  I'm back!  I decided to bite the bullet and pay a monthly fee for more picture storage as I was locked out of word press, and I really do like blogger better.  And, the good news is that they have added lots of new features since I left, plus uploading this picture was super fast!  So I hope that you are happy that I am back and that you will leave me "lots of love" in the comment section!
These are some little baby bibs that need to be finished up.  All that is left to do on them is add the velcro which I don't seem to find the time to do.  Too busy crocheting I guess!
I had a nice Thanksgiving down at Sarah's house.  It was good to have everyone there, except that Antonio had to work today which was a bummer!  I hope you all had a wonderful day!  Love and hugs!  Elaine