Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Herb Expressions

I made this card at a swap I went to.  It is all stamped on glossy white card stock with the stamp set Herb Expressions.
I made 4 sample cards last night after my nap for Nadine's party.  They turned out very pretty, I think you gals will really like them.  Today was kind of a rest and relax day.  I slept in late as I was up late last night.  I paid bills today, and worked on the computer, and made some trades.  I ended up turning on the air late this afternoon as it was getting too warm in here.  I went upstairs to sew and the sewing room was 85 degrees!  I had the door shut though and in the ten minutes I was up there it already went down two degrees.  But I decided to set up a table in my stamping room for sewing as I only have a couple of weeks to get the baby quilt done.  So I moved a bunch of stuff around in there and in the bathroom and the machine is now all set up.  I need to cut some strips and then I will be able to start sewing.  I know I will get a lot more sewing done in general with a machine set up on this floor.  It will be comfortable temperature wise and the problem with being upstairs during the day time is that I can't tell if someone has stopped over as I don't have any windows that face the driveway.  The one window I do have in the sewing room, faces the street, and by the time you see them from that window, they have left.  So this should work out better for now.  Well, break time is over for me!  Have a good one!  Elaine

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