Monday, September 22, 2008

Cinnamon, Walnut, Oatmeal Mix

Good Morning! I am catching up on my email right now and one of the newsletters that I subscribe to is the Dollar Stretcher. I was reading a thread on making food gifts for Christmas. I am not a hot cereal fan but even this sounded good to me, lol and I thought that I would share this recipe with you this morning.

Cinnamon, Walnut Oatmeal Mix

1 - 7 oz package dried apples
1 - 18 oz. container quick-cooking oats
1 - 3 oz. jar non-dairy creamer
1/2 cup brown sugar; firmly-packed
1/2 cup walnuts; chopped
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Place dried apples in a processor; process until finely chopped. Add remaining ingredients and process until well blended. Store in airtight container. Give with serving instructions. .

Attach this to the jar:

Apple, Cinnamon, Walnut Oatmeal Mix

Stir 2/3 cup boiling water into 1/2 cup oatmeal mix until well
blended. Let stand until thickened.

Come on stampers.....send me some pictures of your finished jars and I will post them on here!!! Not a stamper!?!?!...come see me and I will give you some ideas's on how to decorate them! Make it a great day! Boo

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Santa Tea Bag Holder's

Hello! Can you tell that I am really needing breaks tonite!?!?! I have been working on and off since 3pm on these tea bags holders. I decided to take a picture of them so that you could see them Aren't they cute!?!? You can leave comments...(hint, hint!). LOL I taught my stampers how to make these a couple of years ago and they were a big hit. I put them on Christmas packages and everyone loved them. I also had some in my purse that year and passed some out to people I knew for a little gift. I sell these for $1.50 each. They make great little gifts for your favorite beautician, waitress, coworkers, teachers, etc. If you want some...let me know! The little elf is busy at work! Boo

The Lunch Bunch

Today was a busy day. I got my haircut this morning,and stopped in at the library to return some things and pick up some more stuff. Then I chatted with the gals at Community Quilting while I was at the Community Center. At noon I headed to Joyce's Finer Diner to have lunch with the lunch bunch. We meet once per month for lunch. While I had my camera out shooting a picture of Jeannette, Fran wanted a group shot so we had the waitress shoot a group picture of us. From left to right it is me, Jeannette, my mom, and Fran. Fran will soon be leaving for the winter. She has one more month of lunches with us for 2008. Jeannette and I plan on going to see her Hula girls perform tomorrow night. Fran teaches hula dancing and line dancing. Sarah and Zach plan on taking line dancing lessons from her next year. After lunch my mom and I went to see a rental that Jeannette is fixing up. Her renter of 13 years pasted away so she is taking this opportunity while it is empty to do some work on it. The new renters will be moving in October 15th. I love to look at old houses. This one needs a lot of work yet but I loved it as I could see the potential and the floor plan in it was so cool! Then I dropped my van off at the garage by my house to have the brake light repaired and to have the oil changed and the van winterized. Since I have been home I have been working on tea bag holder's and am in the process of making 25 of them. I am getting tired and am wishing for I took a break to load these pictures up on the computer. I also forgot to mention that my dearly beloved cats had flipped off the power switch that my vonage line and internet were plugged into while I was gone this morning. I figured this out after I could not get on the internet after I got home this afternoon and when my phone was not working!!! It took about a half hour of checking all the cords to find the problem. If you could see all the cords in this would understand why it took so long. After I got working... fortunately...both Melissa and Diane called and I was chattering with them with my head set on so I could talk and work and that does make the time go faster while you are working. Plus as an added bonus.....Melissa sent AJ over with pumpkin cheese cake and more tea bags for me to do! The cheesecake was oh so yummy....and I still have more left. good it is to have friends! Have a great night! Boo

Woo Hoo! Jeannette Batko receives a $5.00 gift certificate from me!

Hello! As my stamper's know, I started something a couple of months ago that if you bring someone new to my stamp camps and if the person likes it and wants to come consistently...I will give the person who referred them to me a $5.00 gift certificate to be used towards there Stampin'Up purchases (or for craft items, Tastefully Simple, etc., anything that I sell) after the person has came to two stamp camps. Well...Jeannette isn't even a member of my stamp camps but she referred Marilyn Broeske to my stamp camps so she received a certificate today. She said that she plans on using it for some scrapbook paper for a gift. She has purchased gifts from me before. She did not know that I offered this and was tickled pink to get her certificate. She let me take her picture with it for the blog but was teasing me that her hair looked terrible that she was planning on getting a perm in two weeks and that I should wait till then to take the picture! LOL Too late! Here it is!

Women's Night Out

Hi! I just thought I would share this information with you all about Women's Night Out. I will be set up there selling Tastefully Simple and a few craft items. Stop in and say hi! Boo

Mark your calendars….The sixth annual "Women's Night Out" will be held Thursday, November 6, 2008 at Adams-Friendship High School . Registration and a $7.50 fee are required by Thursday, October 30.

This event is sponsored by Moundview Memorial Hospital & Clinics, Adams-Friendship Area School District , Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, Memorial Healthcare Foundation, Meriter, University of Wisconsin Heart and Vascular Care, Wall Chiropractic, and Wisconsin Heart and Vascular Institute.

Doors will open at 4:30 p.m. with a vendor fair, dinner, and door prize sign up. From 6:15 -6:45 p.m. will be a health presentation by area health care providers.

The keynote presentation, "Balancing Act” by Barbara Bartlein, will begin at 7:00 p.m. A humorist, professional speaker, business woman and author, Barbara has been described as a modern day Erma Bombeck. Her keynote will teach you to laugh your way to better balance, realigning life’s many demands. She uses stories, real-life examples and personal experiences, offering take-home content participants can use immediately to improve their lives. Barbara is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and a contributing author for the “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series”. Her book, “Why Did I Marry You Anyway? 12.5 Strategies for a Happy Marriage”, received a five star rating from Amazon and is a bestseller.

The event will draw to a close with free gift bags and door prize drawings including:

· Complete Vehicle Detailing Package (interior and exterior) valued at $149.95 from A-F Motors

· Adams County Shopping Spree (including gift certificates from: Blossom Shop, Carole’s Fashion Delights, Dill Pickles Children’s Store, Sportz N More, and Three Bears and a Cub)

· $50 Gift Certificate from AF County Market

· Plus much, much more!

Last year close to 500 women attended this event which gave them a chance to get away for the night, have fun, and learn something in the process. For more information about Women's Night Out, call Tammy, Com munity Relations, at Moundview Memorial Hospital at (608) 339-8328. A registration form is available online at the hospital’s website at On the home page, click on the article “Register for Women’s Night Out” and you will find a link at the end of the article.

Tammy Lowrey

Community Relations Director

Moundview Memorial Hospital & Clinics

(608) 339-8328

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rainy weekend....time to stitch!

This weekend the weather has been very yucky. I was at the flea market wrapped in a rag quilt I made and was stitching towels in between customer's coming in the stall. Doing needle work down there is a great thing to do as you can pick it up and put it down quickly. I sell these towels for $5.00 a piece. They make nice gifts and sell pretty well. These are the three that I got done on Saturday. I finished two more today but they still need to be pressed.

Quilt Expo in Madison

Hello! On Thursday, Sandy Renner, Diane Dilworth, and I went to Quilt Expo in Madison. This is the third year in a row that I have went to it and for a is an event not to be missed! It is hosted by Nancy's Notion's from Beaver Dam and is held at the Alliant Center. We arrived about 8:30am and waited in line until it opened at 9. We made a plan to meet again at 11:30 for lunch. We shopped some together but then went our separate ways. Around 11 I was very thirsty and tired and needed to sit so I headed for the food stand. I had just got in line when Sandy appeared behind me. She was starving and had come for food! So we decided to get our sandwiches and watched a quilt trunk show while we were eating and were showing each other what we had "bought"! By now it was 11:30 so we started hunting the back area for Diane. We found her at the other end where another trunk show was going on. So she went and got some food and we sat and watched this gal. She was into making purses etc from other objects. Such as purses out of potholders etc. When this show was done, we were recharged and ready to shop again. We decided to meet at 2 and see if we needed to stay longer at that time. Diane and I both had about the same area left to do so we started wondering around...buying more stuff of course! I can only tell you that it is quilter's heaven there. There is fabric and quilts galore...ton's of patterns and books for sale (that is my downfall...tee hee!, every gadget and tool imaginable, vendor's demonstrating new techniques etc. I just love it! I just took two pictures there. I was too busy to even think about taking more. But I took a couple of pictures of a couple of items that I bought pattern's for. Sometimes the original pattern maker has a picture on the pattern that is lousy, or made up in bad colors. Well this was the case with the pumpkin/sunflower pattern. If I showed you the pattern, you would never know it was even the SAME pattern! If you tell the vendor that you are going to purchase the pattern, and then ask if you can take a picture of there sample... they are very good about letting you shoot a picture of it. The pattern of the snowman is made up real cute in the book with a blue background but I decided to shoot a picture of this one with the darker background as it looks more folk artish and that is the kind of look Rae likes at Artisan on the Square in Brodhead. It is a folk art gallery and sometimes I send stuff down there to sell. Now to find time to sew! This week should be better I hope! Make it a great day! Boo

News from Quilt Corner in Sparta

“It’s Water Under the Bridge”

We are happy to announce that Water Street will be open for traffic some time during the day of Monday, September 22. Sparta is having an Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20.

Quilt Corner will be selling ALL of our previous shop samples at 20% off. There are over 200 samples and they will go quickly with this kind of a discount. Samples include everything from bags, table runners, wall hangings, and bed quilts. We will be set up downtown in front of Mike’s TV and also, as always, our basement is FULL. Take advantage of this sale and get plenty of gifts for your family and friends. Pass the word along to anyone who might like to have a little something for themselves also.

The schedule of events for Sparta’s Water Street Celebration are as follows:

Friday, September 19:

3:30 Architectural Walking Tour of Historic Water Street

5:00 Ribbon Cutting on the Bridge

5:30 Bank Drawing for $1000 Cash

6:00 – 9:00 Street Dance with Music by DJ MAXX

Saturday, September 20:

8:00 – 11:00 Pancake Breakfast

11:00 Children’s Bike Parade – Bring your kids and grandkids. Decorate their bicycle/tricycle/wagon. Line up behind Quilt Corner.

11:30 Audrey Ambelang Memorial Bike Race

12:00 – 3:00 Brats-N-Brass on the Bridge

***In-Store Shopping Specials***Store Open until 8 P.M. Friday Night***Rummage Sale at Morrow Home***

***Food Vendors***Farmers Market***Photo Exhibit at Park Bank***

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

True Friend Candles

Hello! I gave a couple of these candles that I decorated for door prizes this month. Danna Petersen and Lori Ferkans were the lucky winner's of them. This one is from the batch I am working on to sell. They make a cute little friendship gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just any time your friends need a little pick me up! I shot the front view and side so that you could read the message, which says, A True Friend is You Friend!

Bee Card

This is another sample I made using the Garden Whimsy stamp set. I used the butterfly antenna's for the bee's antenna's. The bugs on the bottom of the card and the circle verse are from Garden Whimsy and the petal's were stamped with Pick a Petal.

Dream De Jour

When I do my stamp camps I usually make up a few extra samples of cards using the same stamp set. These are the extra ones I made using Dream De Jour. The floral paper is from the Bella Rose Designer Paper. I just LOVE that paper. You will be seeing more of that! Boo

Day Stamp Camp Card Challenge

Yesterday the day stamp camp met and we had lots of new people join us. It was a lot of fun as usual. I had two people participate in the card challenge and here are there entries. The brown card was made by Dana Dioro and the flower card which was the winner was made by Susie Smith. I just got the Embrace Life set that Susie made her card with so I can make some of these too! I had demonstrated Diane's Embrace Life set a few months ago. Have a great day! Boo

Monday, September 8, 2008

September Card Challenge - Night Group's Entries

Each month I have a card challenge and I have decided to start posting pictures here of the cards that are entered. I pick out one of the cards that I have taught that month and then next month they are to bring a card that they made using the same layout for the contest. They can use whatever colors or stamps that they wish to use but they must use "the challenge sketch". It is strictly voluntary whether or not they wish to participate. Sometimes people do it and FORGET to bring them too! Tee hee! Any hoo...we had 3 people remember to do the challenge and bring there cards. Then the group anonymously votes on the cards and the winner gets to take home all the cards! Well this month it ended up being a tie between two cards. I am glad I didn't have to vote as they were all so cute, I don't which one I would have chosen. So to break the tie...I drew a number. So Beth Griffith was the winner. Her card is the Halloween one, Diane Dilworth made the one with the butterflies (she used our rubon's on the squares instead of stamping which was a clever idea), and Tammy Renner made the card with the chair on it. If you want to look back on what card they were challenged to make...look under August stamp camp in the archives. It is the card with the coffee cup on it that says Love You Latte. It is in shades of brown's and red. If you live far away and would like to do the challenge....make the card and email me a picture of it to and I will post it on the blog! Have a good night ! Boo

Sandy Renner and the Puppy Quilt

Tonight I had my evening stamp camp. We had a great time. If you do not want to be picked on...let me tell you...this is not the camp to come too! They tease, and harass each other unmercifully! But it is goodhearted fun and everyone laughs all night long which is good for the soul! Sandy Renner is a quilter to and she will bring in projects she has finished to show us sometimes. She made this adorable puppy quilt and I had to take a picture to show you all. It is so darn cute! I also have some pictures here of some of my night stamp camp. We were missing some people tonight due to other obligations but here is some of the "gang"! Boo

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Shot Approved Materials

Big Shot Approved Materials

Cut through the following 50 materials using steel rule dies and your Big Shot machine. Please note the maximum thickness of several materials.

* Brass (.055)
* Light weight steel
* Aluminum (.016)
* Tin (.008)
* Aircraft plywood (1/64")
* Basswood (1/16")
* Balsa (3/32")
* Paperwood
* Mat board (adhesive or none)
* Chipboard
* Fabric
* Silicone
* Foam with chipboard (.1)
* Corrugated pad
* Adhesive-backed cork
* Fine sandpaper (.00)
* Strene
* Extra thick template plastic
* Template plastic
* Plastic canvas (7 mesh)
* Bubble wrap
* Sheet foam
* Friendly (jewelry) plastic
* 100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on top & bottom of beeswax)
* Adhesive and non-adhesive rubber
* Ruffleboard

* Static cling vinyl
* Warm & natural batting
* Fusible fleece
* Quilt batting
* Adhesive and non-adhesive flexible magnet
* Heat n' shrink plastic
* Adhesive and non-adhesive felt
* Pop-up sponge
* Shiny self-adhesive and non-adhesive paper
* Iron-on fabric
* Poly foam adhesive and non adhesive
* 3-D illusionary plastic
* Glow in the dark adhesive and non adhesive
* Suede paper
* Funky fur
* Personal Embossing Plastic (PEP)
* Shaggy plush felt
* Canvas
* Vinyl flooring
* Shelf lining
* Placement
* Embossing rubber
* Thin leather
* Gasket material

Raw Materials Now Available For Big Shot

Raw Materials for the Big Shot

Whether you want to create a vinyl die cut for your wall or a chipboard cut out for a special project, you can now do it using Stampin' Up! products! Stampin' Up! is now offering four colors of Décor Elements Sheets (Dark Gray, White, Kraft, and Chocolate) as well as specially-shaped chipboard to fit into your Big Shot without any trimming!

Décor Elements Sheets
Each package comes with two (2) 12" x 24" sheets of vinyl in specified color, along with two (2) 12" x 24" sheets of transfer tape to make using your vinyl pieces easy to use. Instructions for use are included in the package.
Item Product Name Price
114334 Dark Gray Décor Elements Sheets $12.95
114335 White Décor Elements Sheets $12.95
114336 Kraft Décor Elements Sheets $12.95
114337 Chocolate Décor Elements Sheets $12.95

On Board Long Board
Each package contains six (6) sheets of natural colored chipboard (5-3/4" x 13-3/4"). This size is perfect for sliding into the Big Shot without needing to trim or cut pieces. Use with rule-based dies (Originals, Bigz, and Bigz XL dies).

Item Product Name Price
114320 On Board Long Board $6.95

Country Living Magazine Special

Special Subscription Offer

Stampin' Up has partnered with Country Living magazine to design the Country Living Holiday Collection Stampin' Kit that will be featured in the December 2008 issue of Country Living. As an added bonus, Country Living is offering Stampin' Up! demonstrators and customers a special magazine subscription rate:

Demonstrators: Subscribe to an entire year (12 issues) of beautiful Country Living magazine for just $5--that's 89% off the cover price!

Customers: Subscribe to a year of Country Living for only $12 and get a FREE mini stamp kit! For just $1 an issue, you'll receive great craft projects, articles on collecting, makeover features, recipes and entertaining ideas-all delivered to your home each month. PLUS, Country Living will include the exclusive Stampin' Up! mini stamp kit. Use it to design note cards, menus and anything else that inspires you!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

3 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Hi, My friend in Florida sent me this and I immediately thought of you Elaine. I haven't tried it so don't know if it works or not. Hope you had a good day at the flea market! Corrine

3 MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE...the most dangerous cake recipe in the world.

4 tablespoons cake flour or all purpose (plain, no self-rising)
4 tablespoons splenda
2 tablespoons baking cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips(optional) A small dash of vanilla flavoring
1 microwaveable coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips and vanilla flavoring...and mix again.

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired. EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).

And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world? Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Now is this a good friend or what!?!?!?! Hugs!!!
Thanks Corrine !

Friday, September 5, 2008

September Scrapbooking Class

Last night was my September Scrap booking Class. We had a fun time as usual. The gals enjoyed playing with the new Big Shot. They cut the title's for there pages with it. We talked about sketches. What a sketch is, how to follow one, making your own file box of sketches, creating your own, etc. I also showed them how to make a chrysanthemum using punches.
I just put a batch of beer bread in the oven and made onion onion dip for tomorrow. Stop down and see me! Boo

Activities Going on in Wisconsin in September

As usual...I am awake in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping! I was cleaning out my bookmark's folder on the computer and stumbled upon a website that I had forgotten that I had bookmarked, the Wisconsin Events Calendar. So I thought you all might find it interesting to know some of the events going on in Wisconsin this month so I am posting it here on my blog! If you go to something...write and tell me all about it! Boo

1–30 Corn Maze—Thorp. Every week Fri.-Sun. 8 a.m. 715/669-5451.

3–7 Richland Co. Fair—Richland Center.

3–7 Rustic Lore Days—Glenwood City. Variety show, tractor pull, kickball, dance, more. 715/643-4211 or

3, 10, 17, 24 Nature and History Tour—Cable. Telemark Resort. Explore the logging days. 715/798-3999 Ext. 547 or

5 Music on the River Cruise—Prairie du Chien. St. Feriole Island, departs 2 p.m. 877/647-7397.

5–7 Dairy Days—Platteville. Legion Field. Antique, craft, flea market. 608/348-7019.

5–7 Sheep & Wool Festival—Jefferson. Fair Park. 608/868-2505 or

6 Benefit Hike—Phillips. Corner Connection, 11 a.m. Proceeds to bone marrow disease research. Music, raffles. 715/332-5320.

6 Car & Motorcycle Show—Willard. Ernies Rock Dam Saloon, registration 10 a.m. 715/267-6539.

6 Meditation Stone Placement—Neillsville. The Highground, 1 p.m. 715/743-4224 or

6 Community Harvest Dinner—Viroqua. High School, 5:30–8 p.m. Tickets: 608/637-3615.

6 Schuetzen Fest—New Glarus. Tell Grounds. Competitive target shooting. or

6 Blues Fest—Eau Claire. Owen Park. 715/877-2372.

6 Fly-In—Tomah. Bloyer Field. Airplane rides, exhibits, demos. 608/372-4728.

6 Moonlight Moments: Owl Prowl—Cable. Telemark Resort, 8:30 p.m. Call barred owls. 715/798-3999 Ext. 547 or

6, 7 Carriage Classic—Prairie du Chien. Villa Louis, St. Feriole Island. Arena and cross-country events. 608/326-2721 or

6, 7 Quilt Show—Gilman. Elementary School Gym, Sat. 10–4; Sun. 11–3. 715/447-5402.

7 Fall Festival—Reedsburg. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 9–3. Entertainment, auction, classic car show, country market, kids games, and more.

7 Fall Festival—Mondovi. Trinity-Norden Church. Raffles, team autographed Packers football auction. 715/926-3344.

7 Fall Harvest Breakfast—Marshfield. Jeff Hoff farm, 7 a.m.–1 p.m. 715/654-5329.

10 Focus on Energy Informational Meetings—Fennimore. Southwest Tech. Campus. 800/822-1131.

11 Spaghetti Feed—Eau Claire. VFW Post 305, 5–8 p.m.

11 Congressional Salad Luncheon—Boscobel. 11 a.m.–1:30 p.m. 608/375-5348.

11 911 Remembrance Program—Cambria. W1441 Vaughn Rd. Candlelight ceremony, potluck. 920/348-5220.

12 Pork Chop Dinner—Clyman. Park Hall, serving 5–8 p.m.

12, 13 Cannons & Redcoats—Prairie du Chien. Fort Crawford Museum, Fri. 8:30–4:30; Sat. 8:30–4. American Camp, candle making, bowl carving, cannon firing, more. 608/326-6960.

12–14 Fall Festival—Brackett. St. Raymond Parish. Chicken dinner, golf, raffle, games. 715/877-3400 or

13 Grass Drags & Swap Meet—Wautoma. Lake of the Woods Campground. 920/229-9711 or

13 A Country Afternoon—Brantwood. Knox Creek Heritage Center, 1–4 p.m. Baking contest, auction, crafts, music, more. 715/564-2520.

13 Catfish Fry—Genoa. American Legion Clubroom, 4–8 p.m. 608/689-2222.

13 Fungus Fruits Workshop—Necedah. National Wildlife Refuge Ellen Allan Learning Center, 8 a.m. Learn about mushrooms. Registration required, 608/565-4412.

13 Beach Sweep—Cable. Natural History Museum. Shoreline clean-up. 715/798-3890.

13 Walk for Paws—Menomonie. Wakanda Park’s Lion’s Club Pavilion, 10 a.m. Raffles, silent auctions and more. 715/232-9790.

13 Fall Pork Dinner—Cashton. St. Mary’s Ridge Church, mass 4 p.m.; dinner 5 p.m. 608-337-4610.

13–Oct. 31 Festival & Orchard Tours—Bayfield. Scarecrow making, hayrides, fresh produce. 800/447-4094 or

13, 14 Maple Fall Fest—Marshfield. Wildwood Park & Zoo, Sat. 9–5; Sun. 10–4. Arts & crafts, maple syrup judging, vendors, sundaes. 800/422-4541 or

13, 14 Fall Festival of the Ages—New Lisbon. The Aquarian Garden. 608/562-5433 or

13, 14 Quilt Show—Mauston. Boorman House, 10–4. 608/847-7661.

13, 14 Sesquicentennial Celebration—Oakdale. Games, baseball, parade, dance, fireworks, quilt show, historical display. 608/427-2201.

14 Fall Harvest Dinner—Phillips. St. Therese, 11 a.m.–1:30 p.m. 715/339-222.

16 Diversity Day—Neilsville. The Highground, 9–3. 715/743-4224 or

16 Fundraiser—Rice Lake. Days Inn. Buffet dinner, auction, games. Call 715/234-2460 for reservations.

17 Beef Stew Supper—Boscobel. St. Johns Lutheran Church, 4:30–6:30 p.m. 608/375-5855.

19–21 Oktoberfest—Chippewa Falls. Northern WI State Fairgrounds (Hwy. 124). Music, entertainment, food. $12/button for all 3 days. 866/723-0340 or

20 Threshing Bee—Coon Valley. Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center, 10–4. 608/452-3424 or

20 Mississippi Historic Cruise—Prairie du Chien. St. Feriole Island, 2 p.m.. Storyteller “Don’t Forget Zeb Pike”. Reservations required. 877/647-7397.

20 Growing Green: Seed Collecting Field Trip—Cable. Natural History Museum, 9 a.m. Learn to clean, store, germinate seeds. Register by Sept. 19. 715/798-3890.

20 Whooping Crane & Wildlife Festival—Necedah. Lions Park. Tours of wildlife refuge, whooping cranes, other wildlife.

20 Chicken & Biscuit Dinner—Bloomington. United Methodist Church, dinner 11–1; country store, 9–1. 608/794-2624.

20 Harvest Meal—Adams. 4–7 p.m. Call 608/339-3827 for location.

20, 21 Antique Tractor Show—Hatfield. Flea market, craft show. 608/989-2275.

20, 21 Victorian Breakfast—Prairie du Chien. Villa Louis, St. Feriole Island. Reservations required, 608/326-2721.

20, 21 Driftless Area Art Festival—Soldiers Grove. Fine art, music, regional food. 608/624-3600 or

20, 21 ATV Trail Ride—Pine Creek. 608/535-5391.

21 Polish Dinner—Hawkins. St. Mary’s, 11–1. Raffle, bazaar. 715/585-6513.

21 Fall Festival—New Lisbon. St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Polka mass, bingo, raffles, bake sale, more. 608/562-3125.

21 Fall Festival—Dorchester. Memorial Hall. Dinner & auction. 715/654-5485.

21 Fall Festival—Mondovi. Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. Polka mass, food, auction, raffles, crafts, games. 715/926-3941.

21 Chicken BBQ Dinner—Boscobel. Immaculate Conception Congregational Church. 608/375-4257.

21–23 Red Hat Getaway—Cable. Telemark Resort. Casino night, pontoon cruise, water aerobics, golf, more. 715/798-3999 Ext. 547 or

24 Fish Boil—Hayward. Senior Center. All you can eat. 715/634-4680.

26–28 Octoberfest—New Glarus. Live music, kids games, rides, much more. 800/527-6838 or

26–28 XC Ski F.I.T. Training Program—Cable. Learn how to ski. 715/798-3999 Ext. 547 or

26–28 Cranberry Festival—Warrens. Tour of cranberry marshes, arts & crafts, flea/farmers markets. 608/378-4200.

26–28 Pioneer Rendezvous Days and Gun Show—Westfield. 608-296-4146 or

27 Autumn Home Tours—Chippewa Falls. Cook-Rutledge Mansion and 5 unique private homes. 715/723-7181.

27 Block Party Street Dance—Fennimore. Lincoln Ave. & 8th St., 7–11 p.m. 800/822-1131.

27 Fall Harvest Festival—Phillips. Downtown, 9–4. Arts & crafts, music, farmers market, movie. 888/408-4800.

27 Trail & River Challenge—Hilsboro to Elroy. Run, canoe, bike triathalon. 608/462-2245.

27 Kilby Supper—New Glarus. Swiss United Church.

27 Swiss Steak Supper—Cleghorn. Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church, 4–7 p.m. 715/878-4151.

27 Christmas Tree Festival—Ogema. Ats & crafts, flea/farmers markets, parade, Ek Log Home tours. 715/767-5836.

27 Old-Fashioned Potluck Picnic—Mauston. Stewart’s Chapel, 11–3. Bring dish to pass. 608/847-5820.

27, 28 Fall Foliage Cruise—Prairie du Chien. St. Feriole Island. Departs noon both days. 877/647-7397.

28 Heritage Day—Fennimore. Railroad Museum, 9–4. Antique tractors, farm equipment, Old World demos. 608/822-3446.

28 Pancake Breakfast and Farm Toy Show—Fennimore. Memorial Building/Legion Hall. Breakfast, 7–noon. 608/822-3245 Ext. 3205. Show, sale, trade, 9–3. 608/822-7806.

28 Open Speed Show—Cashton. Western Saddle Club, 10 a.m. 608/337-4653.

28 Fly-In Breakfast—Boscobel. Municipal Airport, 8:30 a.m. 608/375-5001.

28 Swiss Historical Village Events—New Glarus. Cheese, sausage, quilt, broom making, blacksmithing, more.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carte Postale Sympathy Card

I made 10 of this card last night using the stamp set Carte Postale. My friend in Oregon, Colleen wanted this set and I picked it up for her. It was suppose to be sent directly to her but came to my house instead. So now I am playing with it until I send her package out and she is threatening to hold my stamp set "Punch Pals" as ransom until she get's her Carte Postale. Oh the fun we have....tee hee. I am so glad that she came into my life! She is a blessing! It is a gloomy icky day here today. The weather has flipped flopped and it is so cool that I have a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and tennis shoes on! It feels so strange to have shoes on as I haven't worn anything but my sandals and capri's for months now. But it feels good...I like the cooler weather.

Today my upline Chrissy from Tastefully Simple was here and we had a meeting with a potential recruit that I have. If any one else is interested in signing up...this is a good time to do it as you receive alot of extra goodies besides what comes in your kit.

I am working on 39 mini notebooks to sell at the moment. I got the pattern paper cut and covered them last weekend and was cutting and tying ribbons on them this afternoon. Now I just need to finish decorating them.

Sarah and Zach have found a house that they like and are very excited about it. Please keep them in your prayers as they have had many disappointments over other homes they have looked at. A lot of homes they have looked at have been trashed...etc. The house they are looking at needs some updating but is structurally in good shape. I remember looking at houses when I was there age and it is so hard because you can't afford a lot but want your own place so badly. So please keep them in your prayers that if this is meant to be...they will get it!

Tonight is my scrap booking class. I am eating a salad right now and I am about finished so better head out. We are having Tastefully Simple's Banana Rum Cheese ball tonight with the Twisty Grahams! Yum! Have a good night! Boo

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Thoughts Simply Sent Kit

In our last catalog we had a Simply Sent Kit called Three Thoughts. I had purchased this kit and demo'd it at some parties. Well now that it is retired I thought I would make up the rest of the cards in the kit to sell. So I just finished doing that. The Simply Sent kits are very nice as they have everything you need right in the package. They make a nice gift to and are especially great for people just starting out in stamping as they are quick and easy. I also made some other cards today but you will have to wait to see those till after my stamp camps! Can't spoil the surprise! Boo

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cookie Dough Brownies

This recipe was posted on one of the stamping groups I belong to and I think it sounds heavenly!!!! I will have to try it out one of these days. I am sure it is something that my girls would like to as we all love eating cookie dough and cookie dough ice cream. When Jenna was in high school and was working at the local IGA, she was always bringing home cookie dough ice cream! Enjoy! Boo

Cookie Dough Brownies

2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup baking cocoa
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup oil
4 eggs
2 teaspoon vanilla

combine ingredients and beat a medium speed for 3 minutes. Stir in 1/2 cup nut if desired. Pour in a greased 9 X 13 inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees or until brownies test done. Cool completely... or you can also use your own favorite brownie mix .. cool completely

1/2 cup soft butter (no margarine)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup flour.

Beat sugar/butter together. Add vanilla and milk. Mix Well. Add flour..spread over cooled brownies. Chill until firm.

1 cup chocolate chips
1 tablespoon shortening

Melt together and spread over filling..sprinkle with 3/4 cup nuts if desired.

Your friends will either love you or hate you because these are amazing.

Tips from Country Quilter's Newsletter

Man...can you believe it....2 posts in one day! I just received my e-newsletter from Country Quilter's and I thought you would enjoy reading some of the tips in it.

Deer Repellant from Carol Carr

1 Egg, beaten well

2 TBSP. Mongolian Fire Oil (Asian foods part of store)

Add 24 oz water and keep in spray bottle.

Use once a week on your "dear" plants.

Also stopped the slugs on the Hostas and the rabbits weren't a problem either.

I found this recipe in Birds & Bloom (A/S 2002) - Pam T.

Insect and disease repellent for plants

Mix 2 TBSP of baking soda with 1 gallon of warm water, then add 1 tsp of baby shampoo or dish soap and a tsp of vegetable oil or horticultural oil. Test the mixture on a small area of leaves before spraying.

Fons & Porter tips –(I did not try out either one.)

¦ Combine three parts rubbing alcohol, one part water, and a squirt of CLEAR dish detergent to make a solution to remove pencil marks from fabric. Saturate a cotton ball with the solution and rub over the pencil marks.

¦ To make environmentally safe spray starch, combine 2 cups cold water and 1 tablespoon cornstarch for light starch or 2-3 tablespoons cornstarch for heavy starch in a spray bottle or plant mister. Since starch tends to settle, shake well before using.

This tip found at Quilting Community

¦ A tip from a repairman: The most common problem with machines is the thread tension going bad, and one thing that causes it is repeated misuse of the tension discs.

When you change your spool of thread, you most likely take the spool off and just pull the thread out of the machine. By doing that, you are actually forcing the thread to go backwards through a path that it is only meant to go forwards. Instead, you should snip the thread up near the spool, then grasp the other end of the thread and pull it out of the machine so that it follows the same path as it does when you're sewing.

Yes, you might be "wasting" several inches of thread by doing it that way, but the small waste is much cheaper than taking your machine in for service more than should be required.

Websites – 108” wide backing for $6.95 - They have a daily deal posted early in the morning, and sell till it's gone; usually it's gone early in the day; regular fabric is also at a steal. – different interests

Garden Whimsy

Hi! Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. I wasn't feeling very good last week. I have migraine type headaches all week long. I did some stamping in between resting. We had great weather for the flea market last weekend and it was a busy weekend. I am kind of tired today after 3 days of it. Here are the Garden Whimsy cards I promised you that I would post.