Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tags, Tags, and more Tags!

Today's project was working on tags.  I had cut a bunch of them out awhile ago.  And I had stamped a bunch of little words and says .  I also have been punching up my scraps.  So I had all these little container's of things all ready to go, ready to assemble.  If you would like to see more of the detail on them, click the picture to make them larger.  Diane surprised me this afternoon and stopped over for a visit.  After she left, I packaged up the tags I had finished.  I had decided that I would do some cutting while watching a DVD I have home from the library on Excel.  I was all into watching the DVD and the audio on it started going bad and I got sleepy around the same time.  I stopped the video and thought I would just close my eyes for a moment, and 2 hours later...I am waking up to the phone ringing!  Phooey...I did not want a nap today.  But oh do I feel good!  I must have needed it.

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