Friday, February 26, 2010

Owl Magnet

Hello!  Lady Di and I took a little road trip today to Stevens Point. We were going to pick up some fabric for Community Quilter's at Hancock Fabrics but after we got there we didn't like the looks of the sale fabric, that it was too thin so we did'nt buy any.  But, the good news is, that I got the rest of the fabric that I needed for the I Spy Quilt.  Jenna had requested turquoise and I found a really nice print for the back, and a different print for the front, and binding.  It is so pretty and will be great for either a girl or boy.  Hopefully in about a month, we will know what she is going to have.  Then Di decided we should go to Cold Stone Ice Cream and we had some ice cream. I have a feeling that we will no longer be able to make a trip to Stevens Point without stopping there.  Hee Hee!  We just discovered it was there this month. Then we decided to head towards home and stopped at the Scrapbook store at Coloma.  I had picked up some Animal Cracker's baby kits last summer and their were still 4 of them on the shelf, 2 girl, and 2 boy kits and they were marked down further so I took the last of them.  I made the most adorable baby cards with them last summer and they flew out so I wanted to get more of them while I still could. I have never seen them anywhere else, but I did see some cards made with them in CARDS magazine.  Each kit has 100 buttons, prima flowers, die cuts, chipboard letters,a total of 235 pieces per kit, and it worked out to less than 3 cents per item.  You sure can't beat that.  Normally I never buy kits as they are too expensive and I have felt from day one since I started stamping that it is way cheaper in the long run to buy tools and make your own flower's and letter's, whether you use punches or die cutting machines, or stamps.  You can make your own embellishments way cheaper than you can buy them and it is also a good way to use up scraps. I am a big fan of both punches and the Big Shot and use mine on a daily basis.  But this was too good to pass up and for the most part, colored button's usually run about 20 cents each or did when I was buying them to put on pillows that I made to sell when I had the store.  I haven't priced them for awhile.  I either buy mine now from Stampin' UP! or a thrift shop if I can find a good deal on them which is rare.  You would think button's were made of gold, and I am sure glad I have a good supply of them stashed away! So the button's alone were worth what I paid for the kits.  But I bought them for the die cut animals which couldn't be cuter!  Di was teasing me, she said you sure love your button's and I said "Yes"!  She says "You must have thousands of them", I said Yeah.  But I sure use a lot of them and she said "Yes you do!"  So...when I got home I rested awhile and after I got up, I combined the 4 kits and the previous 2 I had bought last summer (what's left of them) and sorted out all the elements so they will be easy to work.  Taffy and Molly for some reason were quite fascinated with the sorting process and were up on the stamping table watching.  After I got done with that, they took off.  Then I made 4 cards tonight that I will be showing at Danna's party and I just ate supper.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget to eat.  I just finished taking some pictures of the magnets I have been working on.  Finally you will get to see all the coloring I have been doing, or I should say did.  As most of the images were colored last summer or fall at the flea market.  But it sure makes the assembly work go a lot quicker when that much of the work is done. Coloring images is very time consuming, but can be quite relaxing and almost a form of meditation, because you can just kind of let your mind zone out. I just focus on the technique and picking the colors I want to use, shading, etc.  I just love this owl to pieces and am so sad that this digital image was stored on my external hard drive which crashed about a month ago!  Hopefully at some point I will be able to get some one to try and retrieve some of my stuff off of it.  I hope they will be able too.  If you would like to go back to the post to see the baby cards I made with the elements from these kits I bought today, look at the right side bar and under Labels.  Then click on the one that says baby and it will bring up the baby card posts.

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