Monday, February 15, 2010

One last Valentine

Hello!  Well, I am still celebrating my birthday today.  Susie was over today for a visit and to bring me  a birthday gift, and my friend Mike, from Germany called today to wish me a Happy Birthday.  He never forgets.  It doesn't always work out for him to call on the exact day, but he always calls sometime the week of it.  It is so great to be loved by so many people!  I got a little bit of crafting done in between things.  I sewed the buttons on the 9 pin cushions I started yesterday, made a birthday card, and did a stamped/paper pieced magnet that I will show you soon.  During my rest break this afternoon, I watched an episode of House and worked on punching up scraps, the ongoing saga.  I went to the Fibromyalgia support group tonight and just finished eating supper.  Right now I am trying to head up to the sewing room but someone from Oregon is detaining continuing to IM me.  We won't name any names, the guilty party knows who they are!  LOL  I'd better run before she discovers that I am still on here!  Until tomorrow...have a good night!

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