Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hugs & Kisses

Good Afternoon!  If you were at Doris's party, you probably recognized the scalloped piece of this card which is one of the new "hugs" you can buy from the Occasion's mini.  They come 20 to a package and are $4.95.  You can also purchase glassine envelope's to match.  I had decorated a few to show the gals and this is one of them.  I decided to show how they can be used on a card.  This was a very quick card to assemble as I had the majority of the work done!  I just added the stamped heart from the stamp set Best Wishes & more and popped that up on a dimensional to give the card some depth.  I recently acquired this stamp set in a trade I made.  I have wanted this set for a long time.  I love the curved verses in it and the fact that it cover's so many different occasions.  And the really cool thing about it is that the embellishments like this stamped heart will fit inside the scalloped circle!  Woo HOO! You will be seeing that sometime in the future!
I have been doing the dreaded "C" word this afternoon.  Cleaning!!!  I have to do that occasionally so that I can do the "S" words....stamp and sew!  LOL  Colleen and I decided while we were iming this afternoon to have a friendly contest to see who could get the most done.  No one actually wins, but it gets us motivated as we have to do something, to be able to write something...ha ha. As I am writing this, Taffy is playing under the computer desk with her mousie, and she has knocked some Stampin' Up! invitations on the floor for me to pick up.  Hmmm....I wonder if Colleen set her up to that one.  Do I detect a conspiracy!?!?!?  LOL  I have been doing things and dashing back to im them to her, and she must just be working and will tell me later as I haven't seen anything from her yet.  Does that mean I am winning.....hee hee!  Later!  Me

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