Friday, February 12, 2010

I (Heart) Quilts !!!!

Today was a fun day....Lady Di and I did our annual "let's go shopping for Elaine's birthday day".  We started out the day with some errands Di needed to do, and then we were off to Plover.  Our very first stop was St. Vinnie's and I am beyond thrilled at what I found there today!  Look at this!!!!
Isn't this a beauty!?!?!  It is all hand quilted.  It isn't very thick, a thin quilt but I love it!
 And guess what the best part of all is....!?!?!?  I only had to pay $6.00 !!!  What a steal.  It does have some rough spot's on the edges, small holes, but all in all it is in very good shape.  I collect quilts when I can find deals on them and have them scattered around the house over chairs, etc. and even have a few packed away that I need to get out.  I really love quilts, they give such a warmth, a well loved feeling to a home.  Here is where I decided to display this one.  I also fell in love with a couch they had there.  It was red leather and oh so 50/60ish and would look so cute with my table and chair set, even though the couch was a deep red.  It had those metal legs underneath that go at an angle that are so cool.  But, I had to leave it there.  It was a very good deal at $185.00 as it is mint condition.  Any one want to buy me some lottery tickets for my birthday!?!?  Maybe I will get lucky and win a couple hundred bucks and can go back and get it!  LOL

We had a great day.  We hit Michaels, Hancock Fabrics, and Good Will.  Charcoal Grill was my choice for lunch today, and we had yummy food.  Before we headed home we had to hit Cold Stone Ice Cream and by that time we were bursting at the seams!  Di surprised me with her birthday gift to me.  She paid for my ticket to a stamping event in Milwaukee in April called Year of Cards.  I have not been to that before and I am real excited about going to it!  It should be a great time.  Thanks for the great day Di!!!  Love ya...Boo 

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