Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Snowball girl

Hello!  I just love this Pure Innocence girl and it is another example of paper piecing.  If you look back further in the archives to last week, you will see that I made a card with this same image.  This one is a magnet.  I had picked up several bags of these mat cut out's before Ben Franklin's in Plover went out of business with the intention of making magnets with them.  I worked on a bunch more today and made 10 different magnets this afternoon after I got back from the library board meeting.  The board had asked me to come and give them an update on how the scrapbook is going.  They are very happy with what I have done so far.  I will have to take some pictures and show you the latest pages.  I slept in this morning and got rested up again.  Tomorrow I am headed to Stevens Point to visit a friend so plan on hitting the hay early tonight.  Wasn't the snow falling down today just lovely.  I could have sat all day and just watched it.  Such nice big flakes and they were slowly swirling down from the sky.  I love to watch it snow!

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