Friday, May 1, 2009

Another RAK

Hello! Today I have a picture of another card that I received as a RAK. This one also came from a gal I don't know, named Judi Parker. It says: Hi Elaine, Just a note to let you know someone is sending you a sunny day and wishes for a happy day! Judi. A very pretty card. I actually received this one before the other RAK but it got put in a pile on the kitchen counter the week Breezy and Riley were here working and I didn't do any posting during that time period. I was too busy. Speaking of the two of them....Breezy's wife, Nancy's mother just passed away. This would be Riley's grandma. Please keep there family in your prayer's during this difficult time and Lady Di in your prayers as she has some health issues going on. I took her to the doctor in Tomah today and then we went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping. We had lunch at Arby's and then headed home. They have the most delicious Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwiches......yummy....try it if you get the chance! Lady Di was so kind to treat me to one today!!! We unloaded groceries at both house's today after we got back, dropped off her prescription and then I headed to the flea market for some last minute work. I was glad that I had went down there as I left things a little messier than I thought! I also thought of some more things that I needed to bring down there so made a list after I got home. After phone calls, Im's, and emails....I watched a little TV and fell asleep. I hadn't planned on doing that...but I was out...down for the count....and surprised when I woke up as I didn't realize I was falling asleep. Do you ever do that? Now I will probably be up late :-( Oh well.....whatcha gonna do!?!?! I made some chili dogs after I got up and boy were those sure yummy! Now I think I will go make a sympathy card for Breezy and Nancy. Have a great weekend! Boo

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  1. Nice sympathy card! I just may case it as I need to make some more for myself and have been putting it off too long.