Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pin cushions

Hello! As I told you yesterday, I was working on a pin cushion. I finished the pink one last night and made 3 more today. They are fun to do and I plan on making some more. The day flew by fast today with phone calls and a lot of computer work. We are working on things for the design team and if you click on the Owl on the right you can see a few cards I have made. I got a third set today that we will be releasing on the 8th so I will be busy creating some more things. You can go to and download the free image from each set if you would like to try them out and you can also purchase the sets if you are interested.
I had a pleasant surprise tonight. My friend Carol popped in out of the blue to visit and to see if I would like to go to Antler's Ridge with her. We had cheese curds, Ha wain Pizza and I discovered that I like Captain Morgan's Pina Colada's, Pineapple Coconut! I usually don't drink, just a wine cooler or Strawberry Daiquiri occasionally. But boy...that was yummy, and strong! I wanted a second one but they only had the one so was stuck with Mike's Lime. It was ok but after the Pineapple Coconut, there was no comparison! Any all was a very nice treat and so good to spend time with Carol!


  1. Pin Cushions are really cute!

  2. Those pin cushions are really cute. Such talent!!!!