Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Wow is all I can say about the weekend! The flea market was packed! Jenna came home and brought her 2 future nephews, Roberto and Dusty. We had a wonderful weekend and the boys were so good. They loved the flea market and loved it up here. Roberto, the older one, asked me on the way to the flea market if there was a school near by my house on Monday morning. You see, they only live a couple of blocks from their school and I have walked with Jenna there to pick up the kids after school and we went one time to watch Diana's and Roberto's chorus concert also. So I knew where this was heading...and I had to chuckle inside to myself. So I took them past the school's and showed them which one they would go to if they lived here and which one Diana would go to. And...I warned Jenna about this so I don't get into trouble when they ask there parents to move up here...LOL Too funny! Anyways, it was a great fun weekend and I thought I would put some picture's on here so you could see the boys, Jenna, and Breezy. Breezy is the guy that has been helping me with my home improvements and is quite the character. Every time he came by my stall this weekend, he would say to the boys, "You are bored, aren't you." He can be a little trouble maker. We would all laugh. Any ways I had asked him to go see if this guy had any more magnetic clips as I use them to hang the Tastefully Simple banner on the building and I was having trouble keeping it up because of the wind. He took the little boys with him and when they came back they had sucker's and soda's. Breezy likes to spoil kids too, probably because he is like me, and we never really want to grow up! LOL So here are some pictures of everyone! These were taken on Monday afternoon when it was pretty quiet around the flea market as everyone was headed back home. I had bought the boys a basketball to play with and to keep at my house when they visit. They had fun shooting buckets in my hoop at home and playing catch at the flea market. They were already scheming that they would have lots of time off from school soon and could come back! Miss you all already! Love Mom...aka known as Aunt Elaine

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