Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Star Flower Towel and Sunflower Towel

Good Evening! Today I took Diane to her dentist appointment and while I was in the waiting room, I finished stitching these two towels while listening to an audio book on my Nano. When Di came out...she wanted to know how many hundred towels I got stitched while I was in there..or something to that effect. She thinks I work so fast...I don't think so and she does not like to do things over and over so it amazes her how I always make multiples of things. I rarely make just one of something. Any hoo...we zoomed over to Mauston after her appointment to pick up my new glasses and then headed back to town. Di wanted some soda so we stopped at Pamida and I was looking around while waiting for her (then she ended up waiting for and I found a few more packages of towels like these so I was tickled about that. I had high hopes of getting a lot done this afternoon but couldn't get motivated so after doing some piddly stuff, I laid down and looked at some magazines. I zonked out for awhile till the phone rang at 5 and now I have been pretty productive since I have been up. I enlarged some patterns to stitch on towels on the computer and started a felt pin cushion which I plan on finishing tonight. So looking at the magazines was a good the nap. Energy, and Inspiration, works every time!!!

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  1. Love those towels....I think I need the sunflower one LOL! Are you sick of me commenting all the time yet?