Friday, May 8, 2009

Pick a Petal #1

Good Morning...or Good Evening Morning....LOL I am not sure what the correct greeting is when you are posting in the middle of the night! Dear little Molly touched me ever so gently on the face and said "Pet me mama". How can you be mad at your baby when she touches you like that!

I should take some pictures of the cats again so that you can see them. Usually it is Taffy waking me up in the middle of the night with her climbing antics. She has decided that her favorite past time in the middle of the night is to hop up on the window sill, then to a wall a shelf, up on top of the TV on the dresser in my bedroom, then get up on top of the window valance and precariously try and walk on it, which in turn rattles the plates hanging on the wall above the valance! By this time, she has me awake, and telling her to get down! She is a little dickens....that is for sure! She just staggered out right now and looked at me like what are you doing up!?! Payback....tee heee. Any that it officially the "next" day...I can post another card! Today's sample is using the stamp set Pick a Petal. I really love all the things you can do with this set. You will see some more samples of this one coming up! Make it a great day! Boo

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  1. Cute Pick a Petal Card. Will have to give it a try.