Saturday, May 16, 2009

Janesville Quilt Show

Today I had the pleasure of going to a small quilt show at Janesville. Doris Kolberg was our chauffeur today, with Mary Raschke, Lady Di, and I riding along. I should have been at the flea market today, but both Mom and Di said it was suppose to be cold and windy today and that I probably wouldn't be able to stand it. It didn't take much to convince me of that when the alternative would be a road trip to a quilt show and I would be nice and warm! When we arrived at the show, we looked at the quilts first. I saw a couple of embroidered quilts that I have the patterns for and when I had my store, I had embroidered the individual squares and made into pillow's and had sold lots of them. So it was fun to see them made up. One was of snowman's all through the year and the other was of different flower baskets. Jenna has one of them with the baskets. I decided today that I would just pick a few quilts to show you. The one with all the little square's is a postage stamp quilt and it has 3000 different fabric square's in it. Di and I joked that we would have to show the picture of this one to Arlene at Community Quilting as she saves ALL of the scrap's and they get made into scrappy quilts. Those are my favorite to work take all the scraps and make them into something cool looking. My favorite quilt at this show was the Northwoods quilt. It was very pretty and I really liked and appreciated all the applique in it to create the scenes. Lots of work in this quilt and I love needlework myself so this one ranked number one in my book today. Then I had to show you the large quilt that the kids from the Janesville school made. I have seen projects done like this on Simply Quilts TV show but I haven't seen one in person. all know how I like kids so this one was quite fascinating to look at and to see how kids view the world. After we viewed the quilts we looked at what the vendor's had to offer. Then we drove to Milton to see where Doris lived with Harlan, ate at the restaurant, now turned into a coffee shop where she was a waitress, made a quick stop at her daughter Connie's house, saw the farm where she milked cows on with her first husband, and then we went to a quilt shop in Milton. We stopped at Dairy Queen in the Dell's and by this time we were all pretty silly (over tired probably) but we had a lot of fun and a lot of laugh's. There was a car show in the Dell's today and there were TONS of cool cars parked and driving around in the Dell's and that was fun to see, although it was bumper to bumper traffic in the Dells, and that was not fun. I hit the hay as soon as I walked in the door and had a little snooze before the phone rang with Jenna calling around 7. I decided that I would get up and post this but I am headed back to bed. I have a headache and that is always a sign that I have done too much and am over tired but it was a very fun day.

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