Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fifth Ave Floral and Top Note Quilt Card

It was a busy day today. Breezy was here at 9 am to mow my lawn and trim it. It looks wonderful and I can tell already that he is going to be the best person I have ever had to mow my lawn. It looks really nice. I went to library to pick up some books that came in and took the Community Quilters the Thrivent grant check. I then popped into Practical Cents to see if I could find a coffee pot as mine went capootz but no such luck, today they didn't have any. But in the 15 minutes I was in there, I found a brand new, oblong, fabric lined basket that I immediately put by my paper cutter to hold paper when I got home, a really nice picture frame, and a great deal on fabric. Yes...I did buy some more...it was too good of deal to pass up and I hope to be sewing soon. I popped on out to Susie's and picked her up and we headed to Mauston for my eye doctor appointment. After much discussion, I decided that I would try again to get use to bifocals and we are hoping that this pair will work better than the last ones. We stopped at the other eye doctor's office and I picked out frames and I should have the new glasses in a week and a half. Then we were off to Festival Foods and we did some grocery shopping and then headed home. By the time I got home, I wasn't feeling so hot and after supper, chit chat with Lady Di, and iming with Colleen, I layed down, looked at one of my library books and fell asleep with Molly laying on my shoulder. Mom called at 7 and woke me up which was a good thing so that I am not up all night! I started working on 4 of these cards and some body....that we will leave nameless....but lives in another state....... and could that state be Oregon??????...was begging and wanting to know WHEN she would get to see the quilt card. I told her that I would post it tomorrow as I had already posted today, but I just finished one of the four so thought I would surprise her and post it tonight. I may get rewarded with chocolate for doing this...time will tell! Ha Ha! I absolutely love this card and some lucky person is going to get this one in the mail who has a birthday...but we shall keep that a surprise too! The rose on it is from Fifth Ave Floral. My favorite stamp set at the moment, and uses the textured Parisian Breeze designer papers, top note die, and the chocolate background is textured with the embossing plates. Everything on this card I love...all my favorite things and colors. Let me know what you think! Click on the comments and leave me a note! I am headed to bed as I am NOT feeling good again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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