Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Digital Stamp from Owl Whimsy

Hello! Today I went with Lady Di to Tomah to her doctor's appointment. Then we headed over to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and I think I now have enough stuff so I shouldn't have to go for another month. Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things to do so I stock up when I do go. I did pick up a pack of coffee towels that I am going to alter and make into hanging towels. I got a new pattern to do this at the quilt show. We had lunch at the Chinese buffet there. I enjoyed the ride there and back. You can see so much more when you are not the one driving and everything is so nice and green right now. After getting my groceries put away, I laid down and watched TV for awhile. I am not like most people who relax and watch TV in the evening, I watch it when I need to rest, or when I wind down to go to bed, or in the middle of the night when every one else is sleeping! Early this morning I discovered that Owl Whimsy's Blog that is Stephanie Sullins (another SU demonstrator) is going to start creating digital stamps to sell. For those of you that don't know what a digital stamp is, it is an image or words that someone creates on the computer, usually with a drawing pad. They make it into a file that can be emailed or into a compressed zip folder (if it is a large file) that can be downloaded on to your computer after you pay for the image. Then you in turn can make the image any size you want and print it. Then you just color in the image like you would a rubber stamped image. Her first set will be for sale on Monday and she is offering a free image to try out. If you post your creations on your blog and then put the link to your blog on her website, you are in the drawing for the set for free. So I printed out 9 images and colored 3 of them tonight and here are the first two projects I made with the image. Hope you like them! Me

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  1. You have done an awesome job with these!!!:)