Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snowman Star Towels

Good Evening. I am sitting here eating left over pizza and listening to John Denver play on my stereo. Some of you may know that I have an extensive music collection. I have 2 - 300 CD disc changers. One is full and the other one is over half full. In the first one that I bought I put them in there in random order, mixed them up with all sorts of different kinds of music. The second one has a big section of just Christmas, and another section of 50, 60, and 70's and then a section with my latest music. I added the latest Rascal Flatt's CD today so Lady Di could listen to it while she was here. We are big Rascal Flatt's fans. Right now I have the 1st one on and it is always a surprise when the next CD comes up and I like that. Otherwise I would probably only play certain one's a lot and I really enjoy the mix. Annie's song is playing and when I got married, I had Kris Schaetzka play it on the guitar and sing it. She was set up on my folks front lawn under the Pines and I can still see her singing it. Do I remember anything else she sang. NO! LOL.. John Denver was always a favorite of my sister's and I. We spent a zillion hours singing and listening to him on 8 track on our family vacations to Montana and back. I remember Mom and Dad throwing us in the back of the truck one time under a topper, on the interstate. We always had to take a 4 wheel drive out there so we could go up in the mountains mining, and we would be crammed in the truck like sardines and it would be hot going across the Dakota's. I imagine you would get arrested if your kids were in the back of the truck now. And we sang on top of our lungs....good times. Now Di and I do it in my van singing Rascal Flatt's on road trips. Ask her sometime to do the "Rain" song....LOL. I am going to be in the dog house again! :D

Today while Di was here I was finishing up some towels that I had started stitching. I finished 4 of them today. They are all a little bit different but decided that I would only shoot a picture of 2 of them as I didn't want to bore you to tears! "You light up my life", sang by LeAnn Rimes is on right now. Another good song. You all light up mine...have a good night! Me

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