Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stamping Room Pictures #3

Tonight is the last of the stamping room pictures. The next time I show you a picture of it will be a shot of the whole room. Right now the blue glass is boxed up while they put the roof on. When they are all finished and I put it all back up...I will shoot a picture of the whole room for you.

I just had someone knock at the door. It was Lori Ward's husband. They are here to pick up bricks from the chimney. What they don't take they are going to throw in the dumpster. I guess Joyce from Joyce's Finer Diner wanted some. They don't know what she is going to do with them. It will be nice to have them off of the lawn. Right now they have 2 piles of them, one in the yard and another pile by the chimney.

Any who....the first picture is of the table by the window where I have my marker's set up. Then there is my new Circle Scizzor's Plus and Glass Cutting Mat that I haven't had time to try out yet. Maybe soon! The large sewing machine is my computerized one and that will be going up in the sewing room when that is done. The little sewing machine I use for sewing on card stock. You don't want to sew on paper with your regular sewing machine as the dust from paper is so fine that you can ruin the machine. The next picture is a picture from inside one of the drawer's that I use to store my stamps in. I have used this storage system, 29 quart sterilite drawers, for the past 3 years and it works really well for me. I store the stamps by the size box they come in and then put them all alphabetically. The tower of drawers on the left are my current stamp sets that are in the current catalog, and the tower of drawers on the right are my retired stamps. For along time....I had the retired's contained to one drawer. Now that I sell greeting cards, it is harder for me to part with the retired sets and the retired collection has grown. But I just cleaned out a bunch of them and they will be in my stall at the fleamarket. So come shop away! Only one more day...the flea market starts on Saturday!

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  1. Love, Love the stampin room. Now I will have to have Dave build me one downstairs!!! He is going to kill you!
    It is looking fabulous, good for you!