Sunday, May 10, 2009

All Holidays, Tart & Tangy

Happy Mother's Day! I stopped and saw my mom today at the flea market and took her card and present to her. She loved it all. I gave her a set of cards that I stamped and a pink t-shirt that has pink swirls on it and the bible verse A Mother's heart is always with her children. I didn't stay down there long as it was raining and cold. Jen called me today and later a little girl came bouncing to my door with a bouquet of yellow roses. I was really surprised as she told me that she would bring my card and gift when she came on Memorial Day weekend. She is bringing Diana, and Roberto with her, and hopefully Antonio too if he gets off. It reminded of me when the girls were growing up. They used to like to walk to the Blossom Shop which is only about a block and a half from here and they didn't have to cross Hwy 13. They would pick me up some flower's or a little gift for Mother's Day or my birthday and the gals there would fix it up for them. They thought it was so cute that the girls would come in there. So this little girl skipping to the door....flooded me back with fond memories.

Jenna was making cupcakes for her team today and had gotten permission and money to buy food for the staff today (picnic type food) from her general manager. Yesterday they served 1556 people and last year on Mother's Day they had served over 1800. By having the staff making there own sandwiches, grabbing potato salad, cupcakes, etc. the cooks wouldn't have the extra burden of preparing food for the help too. She said she would have 50 people working at all times today. I have been to her restaurant and it amazes me when she tells me how many people go through there in a day. She said that last night was crazy and that they had served over 800 for dinner. A lot of people go out on Saturday night for Mother's Day she said, and they also had proms going on and a lot of large parties. She had taken Diana to the mall yesterday before work to get a gift certificate for Diana's mother for Mother's Day. It is so fun to watch Jenna becoming a mother to Diana. She does such a good job with her and takes raising her so seriously. She loves her like her own and that is truly beautiful to see. My girls are both so incredibly happy, and as a mother....what more could you want!

I finished Nadine's hostess gift today and I need to shoot some pictures of it before I forget to! I have been cleaning out some kitchen cabinets tonight and the freezer and throwing out old food. I took the trash out and put some stuff that was on the front porch out to the road also. I think I will go sweep the porch before it get's dark and maybe wash off the lawn chairs so I can sit out there. It is suppose to warm up this week. It is great to be able to do some of these projects right now. Keep your fingers crossed that it lasts!

Today's sneak peek is with the stamp set All Holidays, (My Dear, Kind & Wonderful Friend) and Tart & Tangy (the orange). I just love this verse and it was the reason I got this stamp set and I have used it a lot. The other sayings in the set are great too. An all around good set to have. It's a keeper! I hope you all enjoyed your day! Elaine

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