Sunday, March 7, 2010

You're Stuck With Me

I made this little cutie yesterday for Diane.  The minute I saw this stamp on line and matching verse, I just thought she was just too stinkin' cute and that Lady Di would love her and I had to order her.  This little sweetheart came all the way from Canada.  I made her into this magnet.  Her name is Drucilla but she so reminds me of Pippy Longing Stockings!  I loved that book growing up.  Pippy was outrageous, and I loved that about her, she did and said things that I never had the courage to do as a kid.  I colored 5 more of this image yesterday that I will be making up into something.  I may put her in a picture frame, we will see.  A very time consuming image to color as everything is so detailed that you have to work very slowly so that you do not go out of the lines, but oh so satisfying when you get her finished.  A great gift to give a spouse, friend, or family member and of course I love anything that is sewing related.
I have been working on stitching card stands today and so far have 10 done.  It is a good project to do while watching TV.  I have been catching up on some of the episodes of Bones that I have recorded.  I also have everything all packed for Danna's party tomorrow night.  It should be a fun night, we have 13 people signed up to come right now which is wonderful!

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