Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hummingbird Magnet

Here is a picture of a Hummingbird magnet that I made.  This morning I put in the stamping order, and in the afternoon, Barb Cook stopped over to pick up her order from last month, and to visit.  I had to go to Pamida and pick up my prescriptions this afternoon as I was out of two of my medications.  I started working on 4 baby boy cards and finished one of them.  Just wasn't in the right mood for it today so spent hours punching scraps out laying on the bed watching Dr. Oz episodes that I had taped.  Someday, I hope to hit the bottom of the scrap bin.  This is the farthest down I have ever gotten it in the four years I have been stamping.  The problem is that you are always creating MORE scraps!  Oh keeps me out of trouble, I love using them, and my stamper's love receiving them!

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