Saturday, March 27, 2010

Show & Tell - Part 2

The next gal up on Show & Tell was Karen.  She is showing the Easter egg, table topper, and quilt.  She is a quilt instructor at a Technical College and the quilt was part of a year long class that she taught this past year.  The large panels are all hand embroidered and were beautiful and the blocks were blocks she taught them through out the year to make.  Next up was Faye, Angela's mother.  She is showing two of her projects.  The first one was a cowboy quilt.  Cute fabric!  I had a note from her today and she bought a new sewing machine and is going to go to a class on how to use it.  How fun!!!  The last quilt in this batch of pictures was made by Sandy.  She has only been quilting for 2 years and made this beauty.  She put crystals on it.  I think with a bedazzler.  Everyone loved this quilt.  You may want to click on the pictures to see things larger.
Today I have been talking on the phone and working on the butterfly notepads.  I finished the other 13 today so this batch of 15 is all done.  I am going to need to make more of them, but will work on that later on.  They turned out so cute I am sure that they will fly out the door!  I just finished resting and eating some macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs, so think I will go upstairs and do some sewing.  Have a great weekend!  Me

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