Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutting Edge Quilt Shop

On Friday afternoon we sewed, and I took a nap from about 3:30 till 5 when we had dinner.  We met some stamper's at dinner and after dinner Diane and I decided to take a walk to the Canteen and check that out.  They had a dozen station's set up for the stamper's to rotate through and we walked around and looked at the different stations and the cards they were making.  We also saw the coffee shop, gift shop, and the Great room with a fireplace, couches, and over stuffed chairs.  A very beautiful building.  Then it was back to sewing, snacking, and laughing.  People went to bed as they felt like it and got up when they wanted to and would go to the chapel and sew.  I woke up at 3:30 and looked out the cabin window to see if anyone was over there but it was dark.  I had thought about going over to sew, but went back to bed and fell back to sleep. We had breakfast with everyone in the dining room.  After breakfast, Diane and I headed into town to the quilt shop the Cutting Edge.  Another group went to Good Will, and in the afternoon, another batch of gals went to the Casino.  Diane and I thoroughly enjoyed poking around the quilt shop.  This shop had long arm quilting machines, and lots of embroidery machines.  We have seen booth's of both at Quilt Expo, but had never been a shop that had so many of these on display.  We poked around looking at quilts, purses, wall quilts, fabrics, notions, and  pattern's.  I bought this baby book as I saw lots of cute things that I would like to make for our new little bambino, especially the bibs.  I really liked the one that says "I've had it...I am going to Nana's house!"  I also bought these two jelly rolls of fabric from in the back of the store in the clearance section.  They are Moda fabrics which is one of my favorite fabric maker's.  They have such beautiful fabric's.  I love their lines.  Mom gave me a Jelly Roll Quilt Book for Christmas this year.  Maybe I will use these to make something out of it.  The fabric with the pink ribbon's on it is for Susie.  Angela's Aunt Sonia was using this to repair a quilt that her mother had made for her.  She was using Angela's big shot with the butterfly die and fusible web to repair the whole's in the quilt.  I had asked her where she had found the fabric and she had told me Joann's.  That she had bought a remnant there.  I had told her about Susie's friend that does all the fund raising for breast cancer and that they were looking for pink fabric like this so at the end of the weekend she sent this home with me to give to her.  Wasn't that sweet!  To be continued.....

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