Saturday, March 13, 2010

Couple Magnet

Good Morning!  I started working on this post last night before I went to bed but the Tylenol PM kicked in and I had to go to bed!  LOL  I was just to sleepy to finish it.  
Yesterday, I had a call from Lady Di.  She invited me to come out and play with them.  Her sister Judi and nephew Richard are visiting at her house right now.  She tells me that Richard wants me to bring my Chocolate Chip bars.....and I say "yeah, right", knowing full well that Di loves them, thinking it was her idea and that she is just blaming it on Richard!  It turns out that it really was Richard that wanted them, and he tells Di to tell me that his mom will pay for them...she just doesn't know it yet!!!  Those nuts!  So I got out the stuff for the bars and let the butter unthaw while I took a shower and got my other stuff ready to take.  I stirred them up, and I baked them out there.  I took my scrap bin and punches along and punched out scraps for hours while visiting and watching TV.  I still have not hit bottom, but I am getting closer!  After supper, I worked on making some embellishment with the punch outs.  I put center's on some of the flowers and tied tiny little bows on top of them so I have a bunch of them all ready to work with now.  I had a fun day and Di made a fantastic supper as usual!

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