Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Magnet

Hello!  This little stamper girl is tired tonight and I am sure will fall fast asleep when she hits the bed, especially since she has just taken her Tylenol PM!  I was up early today, at 5 am on the computer as usual but by the time I got sleepy enough to go back to sleep I had to get up because Breezy was coming so set the alarm for 7.  I don't think they actually got here till after nine to bring the stove.  His friend Mike helped him bring it.  Mike bought a house and they did not want an electric stove so they bought a gas one.  Sarah wanted electric so she took the electric one, and I got their gas one.  So it has been a game of musical stoves.  And my old one, my dad is junking out so I didn't end up having to pay a dump fee which was great!  You would not believe how different it looks in my kitchen.  I did not expect that.  Mine had a black glass door, and black glass on top, and the rest was almond colored.  This whole stove is a off white color and it really brightens up the kitchen and it doesn't stick out as a far either.  So it is like my kitchen got a mini make over!  LOL  Breezy and Mike also screwed the book case at the bottom of the steps to the wall so that is all taken care of.  They have some projects at Mike's house this week and then will be back here next week to do some things here.  I did a bunch of coloring today with a new digital image I bought and the matching tree stump with mushrooms.  Absolutely adorable and I just finished putting together 9 magnets with Emma sitting on the tree stump.  Maybe I can get some photo's of her taken tomorrow.  Too tired tonight.  A lot of cutting on today's project and I did that while resting and watching Bones, then went to the fibromyalgia support group tonight.  It is good to be going to that again.  It is a nice group of people and good to talk to people with similar problems.  Well, I need to glue the magnets on the back of Emma and then I am off to bed!  See ya tomorrow!!!

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