Friday, March 26, 2010

Show and Tell - Part One

On Saturday night, starting at 8:30 pm we had our Pajama Party, and we began it with Show & Tell.  The first picture I took shows all the stamper's that came over to watch it.  They were Ewwwing...and Ahhhing....and asking lot's of questions.  Lady Di is sitting near the 8 foot table I had to work on. You can see some of my stuff sitting there.  Angela was first up showing the binding that she put on the table runner that Janet made for her.  The next picture is of Cheryl showing some sking wall quilts that she made.  She is an avid skier and is on the ski patrol.  Next up was Janet with her quilts.  Janet was Angela's surrogate mother when she lived up North, and helped her out when her babies were born until her mother arrived.  Sandy is showing a runner she made and a teddy bear is in her other arm.  She is part of a  hospice group.  They make memory bears out of family member's clothing.  The bear she was holding was made from a robe that her mother wore for 50 (?) years.  What a nice keepsake to have to remember her mother by.
Sorry that I did not post yesterday.  I was just too tuckered out when I got home.  I took Carol to Marshfield for her 2 weeks post op checkup.  She had her 16 staples removed yesterday and is healing nicely but is still in a lot of pain.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  After her appointment we went down stairs to look for her folks as her mother had an appointment with internal medicine.  We found them and her mother did not look very good and her mom wanted Carol to go in with her to her appointment.  We ended up waiting along time for them to get her in and by the time she was finished with her appointment 3 hours had past.  I kept Carol's dad company and we talked just about the whole time.  I always get such a kick out of him as he has such mischievous eyes and it is easy to make him laugh!  They headed down stairs for a cat scan and we headed to Perkins for lunch.  We made a stop at Shopko and then headed home.  After I took Carol home, I stopped at the library and Family Dollar.  I hit the bed immediately after I got home.  A long day, but fun.  Carol and I always find lots to talk about!
Today I made a trip to Practical Cents and I found some really good treasures today.  Lots of fabric and crafting supplies so I was a happy camper.  The cat's were just about out of cat food so I picked up some Meow Mix, Popcorn, and Cheez Whiz, that  were all on sale.  I decided to work downstairs after I got home as I knew that Beth Griffith was going to stop over so started working on some new butterfly notepads I am making.  I finished 2 out of the 15, that I have started.  I have so many different projects in progress at the moment.  Some up in the sewing room, hand stitching to do in bed, and others in the stamp room.  Never a dull moment around here.  It is so good to feel back to normal (or at least my normal) again today.  It has been a long week!  More show and tell picture's tomorrow!!


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