Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a very long day....but fun!

Wow!  Carol and I had a marathon long day today.  We left here at 6:30am to travel to Marshfield for her appointment with the neurosurgeon.  While she was in her appointment, I was crocheting flowers and finished 15 of them.  She came out around 10:30 and the verdict is that she has to have neck surgery.  She has a disk that split off and is pinching a nerve, causing arm and neck pain, numbness, and increasing weakness in her left hand.  Her surgery will be next Wednesday, the 10th.  Please keep her in your prayers.  We decided to go to AppleBee's for lunch and she 
needed to be back to the clinic by noon so they could run tests on her and get everything done while she was there that needed to be done before surgery.  Carol thought I should take the vehicle and go shop as she had 4 appointments and wouldn't be done until 3.  So I dropped her off and went to St. Vinnies, Good Will and Hancocks.  I got back a little early and was looking at my new book when Carol came out.  I had birthday money from Lenore and Susie and I used Lenore's to buy the book and Susie's to buy the beautiful bundle of fat quarters on the left.  They are called brown works and all coordinate, in chocolate, pink, blue, and cream.  They are absolutely yummy looking and I will probably just gaze at them until I decide on the perfect project for them.  I got them with a 40 percent off coupon.  I was showing Carol the book before we left the clinic and she could not believe how stinkin' cute the pattern's are in it.  There are 25 patterns in the book for clothing for girls and boys, and accessories ages 0-5.  I decided that my up coming grand baby needs some things out of the book and I think I also will make some clothes to sell.  Any how, after we went over to the hospital to do the final paper work, we headed back to Hancock's and Carol decided to buy one of these books too along with some other stuff!  She has the cutest little grand daughter's, and it will be fun for her to make some things out of there for them.  Our last stop was Culver's drive thru for ice cream and I thoroughly enjoyed my cookie dough, concrete mixer on the way home.  We yacked all the way up and all the way back, and I am sure we still forgot to tell each other stuff!  Oh...and I almost forgot to tell you that I found a little ceramic Easter bunny holding a Chocolate Rabbit for Carol at Vinnies.  She really likes chocolate rabbits and thought it was cute.  We blew in here at 6pm...and after Carol left, I washed my face, got on my jammies, grabbed the lap top and was in bed by 6:15.  There was no way I could stay awake, and I kept dozing off, oh well.  I should sleep well tonight!!!  Thanks Susie and Lenore for the birthday gifts....I will treasure them!  Hugs!  Elaine

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day but I am not so sure about Carol. So sorry to hear she will be having surgery and I don't even know her, but I have seen her pictures. Will keep her in my prayers. You will have the best dressed grandchild around...it is so fun to make clothes for them. How exciting for you. You always seem to find such good bargains too!