Sunday, January 31, 2010

The two little cutie pies

These are the two little cutie pies that I whipped up the butterflies for this morning.  They had a blast with them.  They absolutely loved them, they were a big hit.  We had breakfast at Friendship Cafe and then headed out to Carol's house.  It was a lot of fun visiting with Carol, Erin, Jordy, and playing with the little girls.  It was the longest amount of time that I have ever spent with the little girls, I didn't get home till 8 o' clock tonight.  We hit it off famously.  And Darcy  their cat decided that she adored me too.  She hopped right up on my lap several different times and would lay there for at least an hour at a time.  As soon as I got there she plopped right down.  Campbell had to make sure that I had Hershey kisses to take home with me...ha ha....and she didn't even know that I love them.  Too funny...she must have just sensed that I was a Hershey's kisses girl!  Carol gave me my birthday present today.  She got me a beautiful earrings and necklace set that will look wonderful with all my brown tops.  I just love it.  She said it was fun to pick it out for me as their are so many pretty things to choose from and she never wears stuff like that.  You did a great job buddy...I couldn't have picked out a more beautiful set myself!  Thanks, and thanks for a wonderful day!

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