Monday, January 11, 2010

A Warm Hello!

A Warm Hello!  Even though it is not too warm out!  Susie and Diane were over today and we had a good time.  Susie brought a whole bunch of new stamps she had bought of old ladies.  They are pretty funny and we had fun making up sayings to go with them.  Susie is a natural at it.  She was really on a roll with it for awhile.  I stamped a bunch of her images and then I started coloring some digital images.  Here is one of them.  They were teasing me about how I like to color.  Yeah, I do like too.  It is kind of relaxing to me just to focus on the image and what color's I am going to make things as they all turn out so differently depending on the color's you choose.  I was trying really hard to stay up tonight but just couldn't do it.  I fell asleep around 7 as I was so tired that I could hardly breathe.  The chronic fatigue can just be unbearable at times.  Of course Molly and Taffy did not mind one bit as they curled up right with me.  Molly has taken to sleeping on my shoulder when I work on the lap top in bed and she stayed there tonight the whole time I was sleeping and Taffy was down by my legs.  But after snoozing till around 9, I was ready to get up for awhile and crawled out about 9:30.  I decided I needed to make something to show you so here you go!  And guess what I did...on the way over to the computer, and camera, I dropped the card face first on the floor with the Stickles on her still WET!  Fortunately it really didn't mess it up.  I was very lucky!  The little turquoise felt button is from a package of Doo dad's that Lady Di gave me.  Thanks Di!  It really worked out cute on here!  Until tomorrow...Stamp Your Heart Out!  Elaine

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  1. Now this digital is really cute. So many of them are not and I don't really like a lot of them. May I ask where this one is from?And then will you tell me? LOL! Seems you gals "up north" are having fun even though it is cold out!